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How To Correct A Misspelled Name On A United Airlines Boarding Pass?

The name on your ticket and your government-issued ID should match when purchasing a journey with United Airlines, but what happens if you submit the wrong name? While traveling with United Airlines, you are on the handy side of things, which must be confusing for other customers. Therefore, there’s no need to worry if you want to travel with United Airlines but make a mistake when naming yourself on your ticket because the airline’s name change policy provides the most convenient online or offline option to replace it.

We’ll look at how to fix United Airlines’ misspelled name on boarding passes in this article, covering how to modify your name after getting married and what to do if your middle name is not shown on your ticket.

The Process to Correct United Airlines Misspelt Names on Tickets.

For some airlines, changing the name could be challenging, but not for United Airlines, so you can easily make minor changes. You can use the United Airlines website or get in touch with customer support to begin the process of having your misspelled name on your boarding pass corrected. Examine all of the options listed below and select your favorite approach to begin the name change process:

Method 1: Change your misspelled name through the United website

  • First, open your browser and go to the official United Airlines website.
  • Find the “Manage booking” option by searching. After you click on it, you can alter your schedule.
  • Next, enter the passenger’s last name and your confirmation number.
  • Make all the necessary adjustments and, if necessary, pay the United name change fees.
  • The airline will send you the amended flight booking on your registered email ID as soon as you save all the changes.

Method 2: Change the United Airlines misspelled name on boarding pass via call

  • Make sure you give United Airlines’ official helpdesk a call first.
  • To establish a live connection, adhere to the IVRS instructions.
  • Next, ask the executive to correct the spelling error on the boarding pass caused by United Airlines.
  • The airline executive will request specifics about the flight. After you provide him all the details, he will verify your eligibility for the fare.
  • Therefore, in the event that your airline ticket qualifies, the executive will handle your request.

Method 3: Change your name through chat or email

  • Email: Send an email to the customer support team’s registered email address to request that your name be changed on the ticket. For a better and quicker response, include your name, flight number, and trip date in the subject line of your email.
  • Chat: Using the United website or mobile app, you can have a conversation with the representative. The service, which lets you know the status of your flight and make changes to your reservations, is available around-the-clock.

Is It Possible To Change The Name of United Airlines After Marriage?

After getting married, changing a misspelled name on your boarding pass with United Airlines is a really simple process. Making the effort to request a name change on your ticket from the United Airlines customer support team is the first step. United Airlines may need legal papers, such as a marriage certificate. Customer support will provide information on the most efficient way to change your name after the name change has been verified.

What if The Middle Name is Missing on The United Airlines Boarding Pass?

According to United Airlines’ name change policy, as long as your first and last names match the name on your official documents, you won’t be prevented from boarding the flight due to a missing middle name.

However, it is advised that you get in touch with the Airlines customer service team as soon as possible if you still like to add your middle name to the ticket. The group will provide additional guidance on the most effective approach.

Final Verdict

In general, travelers are allowed to modify their name on their ticket under United Airlines’ name change policy. Hopefully, the following guidance will make the process of changing your name on your ticket simple. If you have any queries about the procedure or policy, contact the airline’s customer service representatives at their official hotline number.

Additionally, in the event that technological difficulties prevent them from connecting with you, use this number: Get Help to receive proper answers to all of your questions.
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