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Spirit Airlines Name Change/Correction Fees

In order to request a name adjustment on their ticket, a traveler must adhere to the established regulations and guidelines. If you meet the requirements, you can change the first, last, and middle names.

Passengers on Spirit Airlines are not permitted to board the aircraft using an inaccurate name. Therefore, make sure you are flying with the name listed on the reservation before boarding the flight. If there are problems with your name, you can use Spirit Airlines’ name change policy to get the issues fixed.

You must be aware of the following guidelines under Spirit Airlines’ name change policy before submitting a modification request:

  • The ticket’s name correction is valid for the entire trip, not just a portion of it.
  • Only minor changes to the ticket are permitted under the name change policy.
  • You must submit specific legal documentation with your request for any changes to the details.
  • Spirit Airlines permits you to alter your first, surname, and middle name by no more than three letters.
  • If there is a legal change, the request to alter the name will be approved.
  • Changes to information such as birthdate, contact, sex, and passport details can only be made upon presentation of official documentation confirming the information.
  • The name on the ticket and the name on the official paperwork should match.
  • Therefore, you should add any suffixes or prefixes that appear in your name on your government ID on your travel ticket as well.
  • A request for a name change may only be submitted for the Spirit Airlines segment if the traveler has made reservations for more than one segment. 095 must be the initial number in the Spirit Airlines ticket inventory.

Types of Name Change Under Spirit Airlines Name Correction Policy

Spirit Airlines’ flight name change policy covers a variety of alterations, including misspellings and legal name changes. The following lists the two major categories of name changes:

Modifications Due to Spelling Error

If travelers need to make small changes to the ticket name, Spirit Airlines’ name modification policy might assist them. A spelling error in the ticket could have caused the small problem. Through the name change policy, a passenger can conveniently correct a tiny inaccuracy.

You must notify the airline at least seven days before to the planned departure if you wish to change the name in any way. Additionally, the updated name must correspond with the information on the government-issued ID or passport.

Spirit Flight Name Change Due to Legal Reasons

Passengers who have legitimate reasons to change their name may also be permitted to have their name corrected on their reservation. Their name change may have been from a divorce, marriage, legal dispute, etc. A passenger seeking this type of name change must provide supporting documentation.

Spirit’s name change policy only permits the adjustment of a few letters, therefore it does not support full name changes. Therefore, in order to reschedule your travel using the proper name that was put on your ticket, you must read Spirit Airlines’ flight change policy.

For legal reasons, a full name change on Spirit Airlines tickets may be feasible, as permitted by the court.

What If I Find Spirit Misspelled Name On Boarding Pass At The Airport?

If you discover Spirit misspelled name on boarding pass at the airport, it is essential to address the matter promptly. 

1 – Inform the Airline Staff 

Inform the Spirit Airlines employees at the check-in desk that your boarding pass has an incorrect spelling of your name. They are trained to manage such circumstances in a couple of minutes and are well aware of the rules regarding Spirit changing the name on airline tickets.

2 – Request for Spirit Name Correction

Find out from the airline employees whether the Spirit name correction on the flight ticket may be started. Depending on the request, they might be able to fix the issue for free.

3 – Be Prepared for Potential Delays

Remember that changing the name on a ticket with Spirit can take some time, and it might even delay the boarding process. Please be patient as the airline personnel helps you through the appropriate processes.

Issues Associated With Spirit Misspelled Name On Boarding Pass

You may experience some issues prior to or during boarding if Spirit misspelled your name on your boarding pass.

1 – Security Concerns 

Spirit Airlines takes great care to ensure the safety of its passengers at all times. A misspelling of Spirit Airlines’ name during the check-in procedure may cause security issues.

2 – Denial of Boarding 

The airline has the right to refuse boarding if the name on your boarding card doesn’t match any identity documents. Similar to that, this will cause other annoyances like missed flights.

3 – Limited Change Options 

Travelers should be aware of every facet of Spirit Airlines’ stringent name change policy if they discover that the carrier has mistyped their last name on their ticket. Spirit Airlines prohibits changing the name entirely. Only little changes, such as changing three or four letters in your name, are permitted.

4 – Additional Costs

In certain circumstances, like as a full name change, correcting Spirit’s misspelled name on the ticket may incur additional fees. The type of ticket and pricing regulations will determine what you need to cancel your ticket and book a new one, potentially incurring fees or price differences.

Essential Documents for Spirit Change Name on Ticket 

No airline, not even Spirit Airlines, will process a passenger’s request for a name change without receiving the necessary paperwork. An essential component of the name change procedure are these legal documents. There are situations in which producing legal documentation is not necessary. In other circumstances, though, a client must present the following paperwork:

  • The divorce decree, the court order, and the marriage certificate
  • Additional proof of intent to change the legal name

How to Change Name on Spirit Airlines Flight Ticket?

Every client has unique needs. That states that they correct incorrect names on airline tickets for Spirit using a variety of techniques. As a result, Spirit Airlines offers customers several ways to modify the name on their ticket. Under Spirit Airlines’ name change policy, a passenger employs the following techniques:

Method 1 – Spirit Name Change Using Website

Through the Spirit Airlines website, customers can file a complaint against a name change. You can be specific about the corrections you wish to make in this complaint. It’s possible that the website will require you to upload a few supporting papers. The airline will begin addressing your complaint as soon as it is received. You can submit your request for a name change by doing the following steps:

  • Go to Spirit Airlines’ website.
  • Next, select “Manage My Travel” from the menu at the top of the page. You can move forward with the Spirit Airlines name change process with the aid of this option.
  • Thirdly, the name listed in the passport and the flight reservation number need to be entered.
  • Fourth, select the “Edit Booking” menu item from the “Upcoming Trips” page.
  • Fifth, you will select the name change option and enter the proper name.
  • Sixth, the website will be updated with the revisions about Spirit Airlines’ name change on the ticket.
  • Finally, once the page has refreshed, you will see the updated information.

Method 2 – Spirit Flight Name Change Over Phone

For some passengers, making direct phone calls to airline representatives is simple. Customers can contact officials about this by phoning customer service or toll-free numbers. Spirit Airlines’ toll-free customer support number is 801-401-2222, or Get Help . They can assist you in comprehending Spirit Airlines’ procedure for changing flight names.

You will be asked to provide booking information by airport staff, such as your PNR or e-ticket number. The representative will next question you on any corrections you would like to make to your name details. If necessary, you might need to provide a few documents pertaining to the name change.

You will receive an email confirming the name change as soon as you submit the required data and supporting legal documentation. Contact us at Get Help .

Method 3 – Spirit change name on flight ticket at the Airport

An additional offline option to edit the first, last, or middle name is provided by Spirit Airlines. Using this option, changing the name on the reservation requires you to physically visit the airport.

A passenger using this means of communication must get in touch with the authorities and explain why they are contacting them in order to get their name corrected on the reservation. As a result, the traveler will learn about Spirit Airlines’ name change procedure from airport staff.

You should be aware that changing the name on the airline ticket may take longer than usual if you decide to use this technique. Thus, you have to get to the airport well in advance of the scheduled departure time.

Spirit Airlines Transfer Ticket To Another Person

In addition to confirming that passengers are unable to transfer a Spirit ticket to another individual, Spirit’s contract of carriage permits some route modifications. Only the intended passenger whose name appears on the reserved ticket may travel, per the rules. Therefore, the best course of action may be to cancel the flight ticket and receive a refund rather than running the risk of being discovered using your Spirit ticket to allow someone else to go.

Spirit Airlines Name Correction on the Ticket Fees

Spirit Airlines might impose a price for the name change, or it might not. The costs associated with changing the name on a Spirit Airlines reservation ticket vary depending on the circumstances. Additionally, the price amount fluctuates based on a number of variables. Charges for name changes do not follow a set format.

Within the first 24 hours of reserving a ticket, name corrections of any type are free of charge. Depending on the kind of name change, there may be a cost if you apply for one beyond the first 24 hours.

There are additional policies to guarantee the greatest trip experience in addition to providing the simplest name change on ticket approaches. Spirit Airlines’ official website outlines their flight change policy if you would like to reschedule your reservation. Additionally, if your travel plans have completely changed and you need to revoke/cancel your flight, visit Spirit Airlines cancellation policy.

Tips To Avoid Spirit Cost To Change Name On Ticket

You can save money and effort by avoiding the Spirit fee for changing your name on your ticket. Here are some suggestions for passengers in this circumstance:

  • Verify your details one more time when purchasing your ticket. However, you might be able to correct a mistake with a ticket as soon as you notice it without incurring any fees.
  • Make your reservation directly on Spirit Airlines’ official website for a better, risk-free experience.
  • Before making a reservation, make sure you are fully aware of Spirit’s name change policy. It will assist you in making better selections and possibly help you avoid paying extra fees.
  • Give the proper records or evidence to back up your assertion.

How To Get In Touch With Spirit Airlines Customer Service?

Takeoff Reservations with minor typographical errors or modifications to the legal name are entirely free of charge. Travelers can connect with the pros who are available 24/7 for assistance with concerns regarding the Spirit flight name change. Another option is to give them a call at 1-855-728-3555.

But getting in touch with the official Spirit customer support partner isn’t always doable. Customers can contact them by phone at Get Help , which is an alternative Spirit airline name change helpline number, according to this rundown.

Note: The purpose of Flying Rules is to inform travelers about airline regulations. As a result, everything of the material offered here is real and comes from reputable sources. Still, no matter the airline, we work hard to improve your travel experience as a service provider. Please be aware that Flying Rules is not responsible for, and will not be held accountable for, the acts of the recognized airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it possible to modify the name on a Spirit Airlines ticket?

Indeed. If the name on the ticket is incorrect, you can change it. A traveller has three options for requesting a name correction on their flight ticket for Spirit.

Q2. How many misspelled characters or letters can I fix in my middle name, last name, or first name?

You are allowed to replace up to three letters from your first, middle, and last name under the Spirit name change policy.

Q3. How can I change the ticket’s name on Spirit Airlines?

In accordance with the name change policy, there are various ways to correct the misspelled name on your boarding pass for Spirit. The most common ways include going to the airport, calling, or changing your name online.

Q4. Is it possible for me to change my name’s initials using Spirit Airlines’ official website?

The official website can assist a traveller in correcting a mistaken Spirit name on their flight ticket.

Q5. What is the cost to change the name on Spirit Airlines?

There are several variables that affect the Spirit name change expenses. Rules regarding name change fees are established. To find out more about the name change fee, get in touch with the Spirit Airlines center.

Q6. Is it possible to modify the name on an offline Spirit Airlines reservation?

You can start the offline process of requesting a misspelled airplane ticket from Spirit. You can get assistance with the name change procedure from the airline authority. You must contact the toll-free customer service number of Spirit Airlines.

Q7. What paperwork is required in order to update the name of Spirit on the ticket?

A traveler may be required to submit documentation in order to start the Spirit change name on flight ticket process as a result of marriage, divorce, or adoption. As a result, you need a court order, divorce decree, marriage certificate, etc.

Q8. I have a Spirit Airlines ticket; may I give it to someone else?

No, ticket transfers are not permitted by Spirit Airlines under the terms of the airline’s name change on tickets. Usually, you have to cancel the ticket and rebook using the information of a new passenger if you are unable to travel. Refunds or credits can be available to you, depending on the fare regulations.

Q9. What should I do if my name on my boarding card is misspelled by Spirit?

Use the Spirit airline name change hotline number to get in touch with Spirit Airlines right away if you discover that the name on your boarding pass is misspelled. They might be able to fix little mistakes or inconsistencies.

Q10. Can a passenger’s name be changed on Spirit Airlines?

No, Spirit Airlines is not allowed to change a passenger’s name. Passengers are thus unable to alter the name in its entirety. Instead, individuals can ask for small adjustments or a formal name change as a result of a marriage or divorce.

Q11. If I get married or have a legal name change, can I modify my name on my ticket?

If you just had a legal name change or got married, you should get in touch with Spirit Airlines immediately to find out more about their name change policy and your choices for changing the name on your ticket.

Q12. Is there a way to avoid paying Spirit for a name change on a ticket?

In order to reduce the likelihood that Spirit will alter your name on the ticket, it is crucial that you verify the accuracy of your name when making your reservation.

Q13. Can I proceed with the ticket if the ghost misread my name?

No, if your name is completely different from what appears on your passport or other official identification,

Q14. Does a misspelled airline ticket from Spirit need to be corrected?

It is essential to fix Spirit misspelled airline tickets in order to enjoy a safe and hassle-free travel. Verify that the spelling of your name on the passport corresponds with the spelling.

Q15. Is there a way to fix the Spirit name error on my flight ticket?

Using several ways, such as logging into their account on the official website and calling the crew at the Spirit name change phone number, passengers can amend the Spirit name mistake on their travel ticket.

Q16. What happens if my middle name on my airplane ticket is incorrect?

You can board as long as your government-issued ID’s first and last names match. Make sure you write your name precisely as it appears on your identification when you travel. Make sure you update the incorrect middle name on your airline ticket before departure to prevent any more disruptions.

Q17. What are Spirit’s name rectification policy’s fundamental guidelines?

Your passport and other forms of official identification must have the same name. In accordance with the Spirit name correction policy, you must file legal paperwork in the event of a marriage or divorce, such as court orders and marriage certificates.

Q18. If my flight is cancelled because Spirit put the incorrect name on my ticket, can I get my money back?

Refunds for incorrect names on a Spirit airline ticket are subject to pricing regulations and ticket type. Get in touch with Spirit Airlines right away to talk about your alternatives. Depending on the circumstances and the spirit name change policy, you can be qualified for a refund or credit in some cases.

Q19. What happens if there is a name error on my Spirit Airlines ticket and I am unable to travel?

As soon as possible, get in touch with Spirit staff at the Spirit airline name change support number. In accordance with the tariff regulations and the nature of your ticket, you might be eligible for a credit, refund, or other choices.

Q20. When should I ask for a name adjustment on my Spirit Airlines ticket?

After realizing the error, it is advised to get in touch with Spirit Airlines right once to request a name adjustment. You will have a better chance of addressing the problem before your trip and avoiding any issues during security or check-in if you act quickly.

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