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British Airways Infant Policy | Fees

This page describes the infant policy of British Airways, including the rules, how to add a lap child to your reservation, the price of an infant ticket, and the amenities and services that are covered.

Here are some details on British Airways’ infant on lap policy to guarantee a smooth and hassle-free experience for you and your child:

  • Age restriction: To travel on BA flights, infants (under two) must be at least 48 hours old.
  • Infants do not currently need to have a seat, but they still need to have their ticket. Nonetheless, infants under the age of two can travel free on an adult’s lap for flights within the United Kingdom.
  • Infants are allowed to travel with a minimum of one piece of hand luggage, such as a car seat or stroller that folds fully.
  • Infants must ride on an adult’s lap the entire time they are in the air. For extra security, BA offers seatbelt extensions.

British Airways Infant Policy: Rules & Regulations

In order to accommodate infants traveling with their parents or guardians, British Airways has made explicit indications in this regard. It is essential that you familiarize yourself with British Airways’ baby seat policies prior to starting your journey if you are traveling with an infant.

  • British Airways requires newborns to be at least 48 hours old in order for them to travel.
  • You must always have a plane ticket for the trip with your baby.
  • It is not permitted for infants to have their own seats. But you have to have told the airline that you plan to travel with a baby on your lap.
  • For infants (those under two), each extra infant will require the purchase of a ticket.
  • For any flights on or after their second birthday, your child will require their own seat if you are traveling with an infant who turns two during the trip. You only have to pay the infant fare for the entire trip; there is no additional cost for this.
  • On the official BA website, you can make your baby’s first reservation. Then, simply call the consolidation desk at British Airways at (800) 247-9297 orGet Help
  • (an other number that is accessible around-the-clock). When your child turns two, they will take care of the rest to guarantee them a seat.
  • If a passenger has the appropriate child restraint device, they may additionally purchase a seat for their infant. The kid fare that you pay for your child on British Airways will vary based on where they seat. Passengers who are at least fifteen years old are only permitted to hold one lap infant.
    Each passenger is limited to one lap kid. A BA baby seat must be purchased for each subsequent infant if an adult is traveling with more than one child.

British Airways Child Policy: In-Flight Amenities 

The British Airways airline offers a range of facilities to ensure your youngster has a comfortable flight. These facilities include baby blankets, cushions, and bassinets for small children. To ensure that these amenities are available, it is best to make your request in advance. In order to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort during the trip, British Airways provides bassinets that are specifically made for infants and can be fastened to the bulkhead seats.

British Airways’ child policy includes baby blankets or cushions in addition to bassinets to ensure your youngster is comfortable during the flight. With an additional layer of comfort provided by these plush items, your youngster will feel safe and at ease throughout the flight.

British Airways Child Fare

British Airways offers special prices, known as the British Airways child fare, for infants under the age of two traveling abroad. Compared to favored growth fares, these fares are often less expensive. It is crucial to note that infant rates may only be offered on specific flights, and that their availability is subject to special rules and limits regarding fares:

  • Pay 10% of the adult rate for infants who are not occupying a seat (ticketing code = base fare code + IN, passenger type INF).
  • When a child is seated, they pay 75% of the adult fare (ticketing code = base fare code + CH, passenger type INS). For more details, read the section on babies in car seats.
  • Infant fares are not subject to the fuel fee (YQ), unless an infant is occupying a seat.

Adding a little one for your British Airways reservation is easy. Regarding that, you have two choices:

Method 1 – Online Booking

During the booking process on the British Airways website, you have the option to board a baby by selecting the best option at a certain point. Give the necessary information, such as the baby’s name, the date of delivery, and any requests.

Method 2 – Contact British Airways

If you have already booked and would like to add a baby or request individualized service, you can use your smartphone to call the airline’s agent at (800) 247-9297. To prevent waiting, call Get Help
, and a flight expert will respond to you right away. They will assist you in updating your reservation and navigating the British Airways infant on lap booking process.

British Airways Child Policy Services

British Airways offers a selection of services designed to satisfy the needs of families taking little children on vacation. By making use of these services, you can enhance your journey in general.

1- Using The SkyFlyer Activity Pack

To keep your child occupied during the flight, British Airways offers a wonderful resource in the form of the SkyFlyer activity pack. With games, novels, and coloring puzzles included in the package, your lap baby will have lots to occupy their time.

2- Taking Advantage of Pre-Boarding

Families with young children can take advantage of British Airways’ pre-boarding service, which gives you extra time to get settled in and get ready for takeoff. Use this service to make sure that getting on the plane goes smoothly and that you don’t feel hurried or overwhelmed.

3- Utilizing The Baby Changing Facilities

British Airways provides dedicated baby changing rooms with changing tables for the duration of the flight. Because of their handy location on the aircraft, these amenities make it simpler for you to attend to your child’s requirements without causing any trouble.

BA Infant Child Policy For Seating, Feeding, Meals, Entertainment

The baby seat policy of British Airways provides a selection of seats, meals, and entertainment choices to enhance the comfort of parents traveling with their newborns. Examine each of the following choices that the policy offers:

1- Seating

  • When making a reservation, you have the option to choose the seat location for a kid under two years old. If you don’t select three days before departure, British Airways will select a suitable infant seat for you and your family.
  • If you are traveling with a child (ages 2 to 11), you can choose your seat up to 25 hours before departure for £10–£60, depending on your class (first class is free). Three days before departure, if you haven’t selected a seat, one will be assigned to you. Should it not be feasible to seat the entire family together, your youngster will be accompanied by a minimum of one adult.
  • Adults (12 years of age and older): you can choose your seat for free at check-in (up to 24 hours in advance) or you can pay £10–£60, depending on your class of travel, to choose your seat between 24 hours in advance and departure.
  • A child under two years old can use an extension seat belt to ride on an adult’s lap.
  • A infant from six months to less than three years old can use a suitable forward-facing car seat if an additional seat is acquired. Children from 12 months to 4 years old can be safely restrained using the AmSafe system baby or child restraint device.
  • As to British Airways’ baby seat policy, children more than two years old must have their own seat.
  • First-come, first-served policy applies to the limited number of carrycots and infant seats that BA has available. These seats are appropriate for children aged six months to two years and can weigh up to 13 kg. Kindly ask the cabin staff on the plane for these.

2- Feeding

  • Milk and food for babies can be reheated. The limitations would be that, in accordance with BA authority regulations, liquids must be 100 ml or less in a transparent base.
  • Only food that is still sealed in its original jar may be brought.
  • It is advised that you bring your own baby food and supplies in your hand luggage as BA only carries a restricted selection of canned baby food products on long-haul flights.
  • It is not possible for British Airways to provide sterile water or sterilized bottles.
  • Nursing a child while flying is acceptable.

3- Meals

  • The “Feed kids first” approach upheld by B.A. achieves its stated goals.
  • Meals for children are nutritionally balanced.
  • To reserve children’s meals in advance, use the “Manage by booking” feature on the internet.

4- Entertainment

  • BA flights lasting longer than three hours can purchase Skyflyers activity kits. There are two different kinds of packs: a junior bag with a Paddington bear for youngsters ages 3 to 5 and a senior pack made especially for kids ages 6 to 12. A range of treats are included in each pack to help keep young travelers occupied during the flight.
  • All children have access to the children’s logbook, which enables them to document their journey and obtain a signature from the captain attesting to their voyage.
  • There is the Cartoon Network channel and at least two kid-focused movies available on long-haul flights. Note: You can use a parental lock setting to prevent your child from watching shows that you find objectionable.

British Airways Child Policy With Different Fare Class

The instructions below provide all the information you need to travel with kids on British Airways, from First class to Economy:


Families will find economy class (world traveller) on British Airways to be the most economical, practical, and comfortable alternative. If your child is old enough, try to book one of the cabin’s extra legroom seats, which provide more room. Similar to the bulkhead seats, which are utilized for the infant’s bassinet, these seats also provide additional space.

In addition, all infant economy seats on British Airways come with a blanket, pillow, and in-flight headphones. Each person traveling with the group is allowed to check one bag weighing up to 23 kilograms.

2- Premium Economy

When traveling with infants, the additional comfort and space provided by the World Traveller Plus (Premium economy) might be quite helpful. Priority boarding also facilitates procedure streamlining and a less stressful travel experience.

3- First Class

The height of luxury when it comes to traveling, British Airways First Class is unmatched. With so much private room in your own cabin, this is the best way to travel with British Airways. The greatest way to eat with your children is to travel first class. After a restful night’s sleep, have breakfast at your own dining table on a 6 foot 6 inch totally flat bed complete with a microfibre mattress topper, amenity bag, and slippers.

4- Buisness Class

Out of the four cabin classes that travelers have flown with BA, business class is the greatest fare class. Flying Club World (Business class) long haul with kids is a game-changer. When traveling in business class, a long-haul flight seems like a short one since the roomy BA infant seat chairs unfold into totally flat beds that are six feet long. Additionally, this class has expedited security access and a dedicated check-in.

British Airways Infant Policy: A Frequent Flyer Program

One of the greatest Oneworld frequent flyer programs for adding a baby to an award ticket is British Airways Executive Club. Adding newborns only costs 10% of the British Airways infant rate in Avios, regardless of whether you are flying with BA or one of its partner airlines. Infants can be added to your ticket when making your original reservation.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel With A Lap Child On BA?

Under British Airways’ infant policy, infants under two years old can fly for free on an adult’s lap on domestic flights within the United Kingdom; however, international trips incur a fee and require a separate seat. Below is a summary of the fees:

BA Infant Fare for International Flights: Depending on the destination and level of elegance of the fare, infants flying internationally are assessed a proportion of the adult fare. For more specific information regarding the costs of your flight, check out British Airways’ website or get in touch with them.

BA Infant Fare for Separate Seat: If you would want to provide your child a separate seat on an aircraft, you will need to pay the baby fare, which is typically less expensive than the adult fare.

Do Passengers Need To Buy A Infant Ticket With British Airways?

You can choose to carry the baby on your lap or buy an infant ticket when traveling with a child under two years old on British Airways. It’s crucial to remember that buying a child’s ticket individually gives you more freedom and space on the aircraft.

By selecting a British Airways infant rate, you may guarantee your child a specific seat, which will ensure their comfort and safety during the flight. But, if you choose to have a little child with you during the trip or for short-haul flights, keeping your baby on your lap may prove to be a more economical option.

Do Domestic BA Flights Offer Free Seating for Infants Under Two?

No, even if the youngster will be traveling on the lap of another passenger, children under two years old typically pay 10% of an adult fare plus taxes. If your infant (who must be between 6 and 23 months old) wants to sit in his or her own seat, you will be charged the kid cost.

It should be noted that reservations for this cannot be made online. Instead, you can call the British Airways headquarters at (800) 247-9297. Additionally, to get the most comprehensive answers to all of your inquiries, give Get Help
a call to talk with a travel expert.

What If Your Infant Becomes A Child During Travel On British Airways?

As per the British Airways infant on lap policy, if your child turns two while traveling, you will need to reserve a seat for them for any subsequent flights on or before their second birthday. You will have to pay the infant fare for the duration of the trip; BA won’t charge you more for this. Please get in touch with the airline agent directly to make arrangements as this booking cannot be made online.

What If You Are Travelling With More Than One Infant On BA?

Keep in mind that each newborn (under two) in the reservation must have an accompanying adult. This is important when traveling with multiple young children. This is to guarantee that every baby is securely perched on an adult’s lap throughout the journey.

If you are traveling alone with two infants, one of them can sit on your lap for free by paying the infant fee, and the other can pay the kid fare on British Airways to sit in their own seat. It is not possible to book a separate seat for your infant online; instead, you will need to contact the airline reservation center.

Need Help? Get Instant Assistance On The BA Infant Policy

You may ensure that your baby has a stress-free travel experience by being familiar with the services, adding your child to the reservation, understanding the price, and looking into the facilities offered by the infant ticket. To learn the most recent and noteworthy information about British Airways’ child policy, visit their website or get in touch with customer support.

Thus, all you have to do is call 1 (800) 247-9297, which is the official number for BA customer service. In addition, you can call Get Help
, which is another number, to talk to a flight specialist. They will walk you through the infant booking procedure and are available around-the-clock.

Note: The purpose of Flying Rules is to inform travelers about airline regulations. As a result, everything of the material offered here is real and comes from reputable sources. Still, no matter the airline, we work hard to improve your travel experience as a service provider. Please be aware that Flying Rules is not responsible for, and will not be held accountable for, the acts of the recognized airlines.

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