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Aeromexico Infant Policy | Fees/Fares

This page contains comprehensive information about your baby seat, the cost, and the facilities available to you while in flight. So you may book your vacation with Aeromexico Airlines and travel with your baby with peace of mind.

Any girl or boy under the age of two is considered an infant with Aeromexico and will not occupy his seat unless you have reserved a separate seat for the child and have made sure your child is safely buckled up in a car seat. The Aeromexico Baby Policy states that a baby can only ride on your lap or the lap of an adult companion. However, you will need to buy an extra seat from the airline if you are traveling with more than one infant.

Aeromexico Infant In Lap Policy: Rules & Regulations

The AM baby policy is designed to address all of the questions that parents may have while organizing a trip for their infants. The following factors will assist you in better comprehending the Aeromexico infant travel policy:

  • It is imperative that a passenger who is younger than two years old travels with an adult companion.
  • Ensure that your child’s passport or birth certificate is brought together with their airline ticket when you fly.
  • As an Aeromexico infant, one baby is allowed per adult.
  • You will need to purchase an additional seat from the airline if you are traveling with multiple lap infants. All you need to do is call the airline agent at 1-800-237-6639 (the official customer support number) or +Get Help
  • (an additional number) to secure a seat for your extra child.
  • Aeromexico does not charge a seat and baggage cost for infants traveling on domestic flights.

Aeromexico Child Seating Policy 

According to Aeromexico policy, if you are traveling with more than one infant, you must carry a car seat for secure onboard travel and purchase a separate seat for each child under the age of two. The following are some considerations while bringing a car seat in accordance with the policy:

  • Only those car seats that are intended for use in cars and on Aeromexico are allowed to travel with them.
  • According to Aeromexico’s kid seat policy, uncertified seats and those that only increase in height without a backrest are not allowed on board.
  • On morning flights, the car seats are supposed to be positioned in the center of the window seat.

Aeromexico Child Seat Policy Guidelines

If a traveler needs or wants to utilize an infant car seat on the airplane, they must notify Aeromexico in advance and adhere to these rules in order to receive a separate seat for their child.

  • Only child car seats that are certified for use in automobiles and aircraft are permitted to be used on board.
  • It is mandatory for car seat labels to bear the following text: “The restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft.”
  • The middle of the window seat is where the seats must be positioned. It cannot be placed in the rows in front of or behind the emergency exit row, or in the seats in that row.
  • The Aeromexico kid seat policy and the manufacturer’s operating instructions must be followed while attaching the seat to the aircraft seat.
  • Toddlers and infants (those under 1 year and 11 months old) are allowed to use baby seats.
  • If a seat is a booster, it cannot be approved.

Please include the newborn’s name, birthdate, and the details of any accompanying adults when adding an infant to your Aeromexico travel ticket. To finish the procedure and submit any necessary funds, adhere to any instructions.

As an alternative, you can call 1-800-237-6639 to speak with a customer service representative at Aeromexico about adding the newborn to your reservation. In addition, you can call this extra number, +Get Help
, to speak with travel experts right away and save time about the Aeromexico Baby Policy.

Aeromexico Travel With Infant Fee & Fare?

Go ahead and read if you’ve been curious about the infant flight fees. According to Aeromexico regulation for children under two, AM Airlines charges different amounts depending on the destination of the flight. The information is listed below.

Flights To/FromCharge Per Segment
Domestic (within Mexico)No charge, no taxes
International flightA reduced fee will apply
The United StatesNo charge, but some taxes may apply
Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America10 % of the adult fare and some taxes may apply.

Aeromexico In-Flight Amenities For Infant 

Aeromexico offers a range of in-flight facilities to ensure the comfort of its youngest customers, even if they are not flying in your arms. Usually available on a first-come, first-served basis, the airline offers bassinets to help babies sleep through the voyage.

Moreover, restrooms with changing tables typically accommodate Aeromexico infants in lap policies, making diaper changes easier for caregivers. These considerate extras show how committed Aeromexico is to attending to the many needs of its customers and make traveling with young children more enjoyable.

Aeromexico Child Seating Policy: Crib Services

Aeromexico prioritizes the comfort and safety of you and your family as you travel. In order to ensure that customers may travel comfortably and easily, the airline provides the crib service in accordance with its Aeromexico child seat policy. The following information is essential to have before purchasing a plane ticket for you and your child:

  • Upon request and depending on availability, a restricted quantity of infant cribs are offered.
  • Although they are free, cribs are not always available.
  • During check-in, the availability of cribs will be verified.
  • You will need to board priority.
  • For babies weighing up to 24 pounds, Aeromexico Baby Policy offers cribs.
  • During takeoff and landing, infants must be held on the lap.
  • The crib seat is only available to adult passengers who purchase an AM + seat.

One baby in an infant stroller and one adult passenger are allowed per Aeromexico baby policy. There is no cost to be paid at the time of booking, and there are no additional seat or baggage fees. This is only valid for domestic flights inside Mexico; foreign trips will incur a lower cost. The information below provides specifics about traveling to Aeromexico with an infant fee:

  • For flights that are to and from Mexico, the infant charge is $174 MXN.
  • For flights that are to and from the United States, the charge is $35.
  • For flights to Asia, Europe, and South America, the infant charge is 10% of the adult fare.

Will I Need To Pay For My Infant To Travel With Aeromexico?

A child under the age of two who is seated on an adult’s lap is eligible for the Aeromexico travel with infant cost.

Domestic flights within Mexico cost 350MXN including tax each flight.
From/to the USA: $35 USD plus tax per section

To and from Europe, Asia, and South America: 10% of adult fare + tax

Do Infants Fly Free On Aeromexico Domestic Flights?

Infants under the age of two usually travel free on Aeromexico domestic flights inside Mexico. But if an adult is traveling with more than one child, there is a charge for each extra child that goes along with the flight path. In addition, the extra baby will have a designated seat and associated baggage allowance. Aeromexico infant in lap policy and pricing data are subject to change, therefore parents should double check. It’s important to make plans to ensure a good travel experience with a baby on board, taking into account the airline’s requirements.

Do Babies Fly Free Under Aeromexico International Infant Policy?

No, Aeromexico typically abides by industry norms, meaning that infants under two do not travel free on foreign flights. Although infants can usually ride on their parents’ laps without requiring a separate seat, there is usually a small fee to cover taxes and other costs related to the infant’s flight.

Additionally, in addition to the two free items permitted on international flights, additional luggage up to 25 kg in weight and 1.15 m in size is permitted. For additional information about Aeromexico International Infant Policy, call 1-800-237-6639 to speak with a live agent. Additionally, if you’d want more prompt assistance from a travel specialist, you can reach them at Get Help

Do Passengers Need To Reserve A Seat For An Infant?

As to the Aeromexico baby travel policy, children who are not yet two years old (24 months) are exempt from having to have a seat; they are allowed to sit on an adult’s lap. Any adult passenger is only permitted to have one lap infant. A seat must be purchased for the second infant if an adult is traveling with more than one child under the age of two. Furthermore, if you have the appropriate child restraint device, you may decide to purchase a seat for your baby.

Get 24/7 Assistance On Aeromexico Infant Policy

Please call the airline directly at 1-800-237-6639 if you have any questions about how to add your infant to your AM reservation or if you require information regarding the infant cost. To get help right away, call Get Help
. The number for the consolidation desk is open around-the-clock to help travelers.

Additionally, you have the choice to contact someone via social media if you would rather talk to them but are unable to do so over the phone. Sending a direct message will allow a customer service agent to assist you with the Aeromexico Infant Policy.

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