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Lufthansa Infant Policy

Therefore, you need to be aware of the airline’s service perks and any related charges or costs if you want to travel with Lufthansa and bring your infants along. Thus, continue reading to see if adding a baby to your flight with Lufthansa Airlines is possible or not.

What is Lufthansa Airlines Infant Policy?

The infant policy is offered by Lufthansa, the flag carrier of Germany and the biggest airline in Europe based on total passengers carried. Babies up to two years old can fly on an adult’s lap without a seat under Lufthansa’s infant policy. Adult passengers are only permitted to bring one baby on the aircraft. As a result, if you are going with a second kid, you can reserve a ticket on Lufthansa for the child and take a suitable seat for yourself.

Lufthansa Lap Infant Policy: Basic Guidelines

Lufthansa has a comprehensive infant policy to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort during the journey. Before adding a child to your reservation, take into account the following restrictions and conditions of Lufthansa’s infant ticket policy:

  • Infants do not always need to be in seats. However, if you intend to travel with a baby in your lap, you must notify Lufthansa in advance.
  • Infants are typically charged 10% of the corresponding adult fare on international routes, according to Lufthansa Infant Policy International policy standards.
  • An adult may only have one lap child. If you are traveling with more than one baby, you will need to buy a seat for each extra child.
  • If a passenger has the appropriate child restraint device, they are allowed to purchase seats for their infant.
  • There is no infant ticket price or charge for Lufthansa on domestic German routes. It is not entitled to a seat in this instance.

Documents Required To Book A Seat For Infant On Lufthansa

According to the airline’s child ticket policy, you must provide proof of your kid’s age to the airline in order to reserve an infant seat; any one of the following documents will do:

  • A valid visa for the country of destination or a valid passport or child ID card
  • Certificate of travel insurance
  • Information about any allergies the child could have
  • receipt for any pre-paid costs related to the special service, if any.
  • a statement from parents or legal guardians granting permission for their child to go alone.

The Lufthansa child ticket policy states that adding a baby to a reservation is simple. From now on, in order to add a baby, you need to do the following:

  • First, go to the LH Airlines website by opening your browser.
  • Go through the homepage and select “flights” when you see it.
  • When you see a list of flights that are available, enter all the required information.
  • Choose the mode of transportation, such as a one-way, return, or multi-city flight.
  • Include the details you’ll need for your flight. This could include things like your chosen timetable, destination, and point of departure.
  • Indicate the number of passengers and the class of travel, making sure to include adults, infants, and children.
  • Once all the information has been entered, select “Continue” to get the list of flights that are available for the trip.
  • Don’t be frugal with your money and select your flight based on your personal needs and route.
  • Press the

How To Book A Seat For Infant On Lufthansa?

Because it is practical to use, passengers can select to book an infant seat on Lufthansa online. They can accomplish this, though, if they have a working internet connection and take the following steps:

  • Visit the official Lufthansa website first.
  • Enter the trip information, such as the number of passengers—including the infant—as well as the cities and dates of arrival and departure.
  • Mention that you will be traveling with a baby when purchasing the ticket, and select an infant seat with a bassinet or a lap baby.
  • Make sure you have a birth certificate and enter your baby’s name and birthdate.
  • Enter your money, contact, and personal information on the screen after that.
  • You will receive a booking reference or confirmation email after payment is received.

According to Lufthansa’s lap infant policy, infants who turn two before the return trip and babies up to two years old for whom a seat has been reserved will be charged the child fare. There are two kinds of kid fares available on Lufthansa:

Lufthansa Infant rate: On domestic German lines, infants under two years old fly free of charge, and on all other routes, they pay 10% of the usual rate.

Lufthansa Child Fare: On most routes and all tickets, children between the ages of two and twelve can travel for 75% of the usual fare and are required to have their own seat.

Lufthansa Infant In Lap Policy: Seating, Feeding, And Meals

Families are taken care of by Lufthansa Airlines before to, during, and following their trips. What this airline has to offer you is as follows:


You should let the travel agent or employees of Lufthansa Airlines know that you will be traveling with a baby when you book your ticket. This is to book the best infant seat on Lufthansa for you and your child(ren).


  • There are bottles of water for infants on board. Additionally, infant bottles, glasses, and formula will be warmed by Lufthansa flight attendants.
  • There are no issues with nursing during flight travel.
  • There is baby food available on every Lufthansa aircraft.
  • There are limitations on the amount of formula and breastmilk that can be brought on board; airport security policies will specify what can be brought through hand luggage.


For all long-haul flights operated by Lufthansa, children’s meals are available for free upon booking or by calling the service center at (800) 645-3880 at least 24 hours before to departure. In the event that the airline’s number is unreachable, call Get Help to speak with a travel specialist right away about the Lufthansa lap baby policy.

Lufthansa Baby Policy (Under Two): In-Flight Amenities

With the following in-flight amenities, Lufthansa’s infant on lap policy guarantees that their little customer has an enjoyable voyage as well:

Entertainment Option

The in-flight entertainment systems on Lufthansa Airlines have content specifically designed for younger audiences. Films, radio programs, documentaries, and more are available to babies. Parents can also communicate with the flight crew to prevent their kids from watching other channels. To view the entertainment options available on your flight and learn more about Lufthansa’s baby ticket policy, visit their website.

Special Toys & Games

Among the nicest things about the policies for babies and children are the special toys and games. On a Lufthansa flight, the cabin crew will provide toys for your kids, like puzzles and coloring books. When your kids take a flight for the first time, they come with a logbook on board where they may keep track of all the flights they take.


A bassinet is appropriate for babies under twenty-six inches and less than twenty-four pounds. Up to 52 hours prior to the departure of the flight, they can be reserved. There is a maximum quantity of bassinets per trip. There could occasionally be an extra cost associated with a Lufthansa infant ticket for the seat with the bassinets.

Lufthansa Child Ticket Policy: Important Info About Flying With Children

Youngsters under two years old can ride on an adult companion’s lap. Before takeoff, flight attendants will in this case give the adult a safety belt for the youngster. The baby may alternatively fly in a different seat under Lufthansa’s infant on lap policy. In this scenario, the adult needs to implement a child-restrained system and ensure that the youngster is safe.

Bring along a small snack that your child can eat on the way. But the airline also provides meals that are appropriate for infants under two, as well as snacks for the youngest passengers.

Additionally, it’s preferable to dress your child in several layers of clothing that they can remove and reapply as needed to accommodate

Benefits Of Lufthansa Infant Policy

Lufthansa Airlines’ infant policy is evidence of the airline’s dedication to providing families with a smooth and pleasurable flying experience. Now let’s examine the advantages of Lufthansa’s newborn policy.

1- Flexibility In Booking

The infant policy allows you to choose whether to get your baby a separate seat or to carry them on your lap. This adaptability gives parents the freedom to choose according to their requirements and preferences, making the trip exactly what they want.

2- Cost Efficiency

Lufthansa’s newborn policy acknowledges the cost implications of family travel. For parents, offering discounted Lufthansa infant fares for children under two is a major cost-saving strategy. Families may travel without having to worry about breaking the bank thanks to this affordability aspect.

3- Enhanced Inflight Comfort

For parents and infants, Lufthansa’s infant in lap policy, which prioritizes in-flight comfort, is a blessing. Infants may sleep and rest comfortably on long-haul flights thanks to the availability of carrycots and bassinets, which makes traveling easier for the whole family. Furthermore, babies carried on parents’ laps are protected by the availability of baby seat belts aboard Lufthansa aircraft./h

4- Cabin Crew Expertise

The cabin staff at Lufthansa Airlines is qualified to provide particular support to parents who are flying with young children. This knowledge goes to things like warming bottles and bringing extra blankets, which improves comfort levels all around.

5- Valuable Travel Tips

baby policy Lufthansa goes above and beyond simple transportation by offering parents helpful travel advice. These travel suggestions, which include organizing and taking into account airline schedules, provide important knowledge to guarantee a pleasant or successful trip.

Does Lufthansa Charge For Infants?

On internal German routes, infants travel free of charge; elsewhere, they must pay 10% of the applicable adult fare. In addition, infants under the age of 24 months do not need to be in their seats, and you will probably end up carrying them around on your lap the entire journey. Additionally, you must disclose to the airline representative that you will be traveling with your infant when you purchase a ticket.

Do Passengers Need To Book Seat For Their Infants?

No, children under the age of two do not need to have a separate seat according to Lufthansa infant policy. But you have to let the airline know if you plan to travel with a baby on your lap. Please be aware that only one child under the age of two may sit on an adult’s lap during a flight for safety reasons. On the other hand, you can reserve a seat and bring a suitable child restraint system, like a child seat, on the plane if you have another child under two.

Yes, it’s a simple process to include your infant on an already-scheduled Lufthansa flight. This is the method to follow:

  • Use the official Lufthansa website, smartphone application, or customer service hotline to get in contact with the airline’s reservation team. You just need to give 1 (800) 645-3880 a call to finish the reservation procedure. Furthermore, to receive a prompt response from the travel specialist, call +Get Help
  • Prepare to provide your infant’s details, including complete name, date of birth, and any further information requested by the airline, when you connect to Lufthansa.
  • It’s possible that adding a baby to your reservation can incur additional costs from Lufthansa, so be prepared with a working payment method.
  • Lufthansa will verify the addition of your kid to the flight reservation once the procedure is finished and the infant ticket charge is paid.

Under normal conditions, there are no extra fees for infants under the Lufthansa baby policy. On all recommended routes, however, travelers must pay 10% of the standard ticket if they are traveling with infants who are unable to occupy accessible seats. Remember that all domestic flights on Lufthansa are free for lap babies.

Will I Pay For My Infant To Travel Internationally On Lufthansa Flight?

Lufthansa Infant Policy International stipulates that you must pay 10% of the applicable adult fare if a kid under two years old will be riding on another passenger’s lap throughout the trip. You can give Lufthansa Airlines a direct call at (800) 645-3880 to learn more about the cost of the infant seat and the fare. Additionally, you can contact the extremely knowledgeable travel advisor at Get Help
, which is another number for consolidation desks that help travelers around-the-clock.

Do Infants Fly Free On Lufthansa Domestic Flights?

On domestic flights, there is no baby ticket price or fare payment necessary if your child (under two) will be sitting on your lap. Remember that you can only have one baby on your lap at a time. Therefore, you can reserve a seat and bring a suitable child restraint system, like a child seat or infant car seat, if you have a second child under two years old. In addition, since you have the child restraint device, you have the option to buy a seat for your baby.

Get Immediate Assistance On Lufthansa Lap Infant

With regard to booking airline tickets as well as insight services, Lufthansa Airlines infant policy strives to provide the most comfortable and convenient travel experience. However, you can reach a live representative at Lufthansa at 1 (800) 645-3880 if you need help or have any queries regarding booking your flight with your baby. Contact Get Help
for a prompt, round-the-clock response to any questions you may have about the cost, procedure, and other aspects of purchasing a child ticket on Lufthansa.

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