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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is and How Its Works?

Ans. HowContact world largest database of company, business and manufacturers contact details which provide authentic and right contact person email, phone number, company physical address, fax and other details also gives insights about company product and services with a place where users can express their views after using any company product or service.

Q. What Are Services Of for the Users?

Ans. HowContact collects information about the newly launched company as well as having their establishments for a long time, updating all information round the clock so the users can get the right details. Also listed more than 1M+ business of various verticals like accounting software, consultants, airports, Airlines, Solar companies etc. Also the Blog section provides information and guides how to cancel or get a refund from companies if not satisfied.

Q. Can I Add My Company In HowContact?

Ans. Yeah sure, you can contact US or see above the top bar menu you can see the details for submitting company details.

Q. Who Can Add Company Or Business In HowContact?

Ans. Only company or business representatives can add their company, a person should have a valid company email ID, we will verify Email before approval, moderator can also contact via phone number, toll free number to check its connection to the right people. If you are a digital or marketing company you have to provide sufficient proof that you have the right to publish or manage the company details.

Q. How Do I Edit My Company Or Business Details On HowContact?

Ans. If you had submitted you’re company earlier you have login details, if you have not created you’re listing Contact US, We will create login details for you to manage your company or business details.

Q. Can I Advertise On HowContact?

Ans. Currently we are not accepting any advertisements on HowContact, in future We will come with section how to advertise on How Contact

Q. How Do I Contribute My Ideas On HowContact?

Ans. You are welcome. We have space for Social influencers, press, media, content writers, bloggers who have unique ideas or views to share on HowContact. You can contact the US via the contact US section. But we have certain guidelines before making content live, So please check and make your content accordingly.