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Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Examine all the terms and conditions carefully and read the breakdown to have a general understanding of Spirit’s cancellation policy.

The cancellation policy of Spirit Airlines states that there are no obligations for passengers. Whether your plans have changed or you are unable to go due to illness, you can easily cancel your trip up to one hour before takeoff. Furthermore, Spirit offers a free cancellation policy if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the precise booking time for a flight that is seven days or longer out.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy Highlights

Prior to canceling their ticket, a passenger must review the key points of the cancellation policy. A consumer could become stranded throughout the cancellation process if these rules aren’t taken into account. Consequently, take a look at the salient features of Spirit Airlines’ cancelation policy:

  • According to Spirit Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy, a traveler may be charged a fee for last-minute cancellations.
  • In the event that inclement weather forces the cancellation of a flight, there is no cost to the passenger.
  • If the ticket is canceled within 24 hours and the departure date is seven days or more from the booking date, there won’t be any fees.
  • There are cancellation fees that the consumer must pay after the risk-free period.
  • Your reservation may be canceled by Spirit Airlines the same day it was made. Nonetheless, the airline will provide the traveler with complimentary lodging.
  • Spirit Airlines’ bereavement cancellation policy states that the airline will not charge a fee if the passenger cancels their flight due to a death, theft, illness, government order, or military order.
  • International routes will incur higher cancellation fees than domestic ones, per Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policy.
  • Within 24 hours, a consumer can request a change of flight. Visit to view the entire policy for additional details.
  • After the risk-free time, a traveler with a non-refundable ticket is required to pay a Spirit cancellation fee.

Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation Situations

There are numerous reasons why tickets can be canceled. Nobody can control any of these reasons. You must understand when cancellations of tickets are permitted under Spirit Airlines’ reservation policy, though. The passenger may occasionally cancel their ticket. In some cases, a customer’s reservation may be delayed or canceled by the airline.

  • There won’t be any fees if a ticket is canceled due to inclement weather.
  • As per the cancellation policy of Spirit, customers are required to get prior notification of any flight delays, cancellations, or preponed flights.
  • Following the cancelation, the airline will grant a seat on the subsequent aircraft departing from the same location.
  • Travelers have the option to change or cancel their flights and receive a complete refund.
  • In order to get additional benefits, the customer must still abide by Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policy guidelines even after receiving compensation.

Certain events, like the death of a relative or a passenger, are beyond anyone’s control. Spirit Airlines’ bereavement cancellation policy does not impose any fees in such a situation. Upon filing of the death certificate, a passenger or nominee may potentially be eligible for a refund.

Can I Cancel Spirit Flight Within 24 Hours?

Yes, Spirit Airlines does not impose additional fees for ticket cancellations made within 24 hours of the original booking. Regardless of selected pricing, you can cancel your flight up to 24 hours after the original booking without incurring any additional fees. Additionally, clients are eligible for a full refund within 24 hours of making a purchase.

Spirit Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines permits cancellations up to 24 hours after the original reservation. The following are the terms and conditions that passengers must understand regarding Spirit Airlines’ cancelation policy:

  • On the same day of booking, a traveler may cancel their ticket without incurring a cost. The flight needs to be booked to depart one week from the reservation date in order to accomplish this.
  • Customers who have non-refundable tickets may be eligible for a refund under Spirit Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • As per the cancellation policy of Spirit, travelers can obtain a refund without any unanticipated deductions or penalties.
  • In order to obtain a refund beyond the risk-free period, a passenger may be required to pay a cancellation fee of $90 to $110 on Spirit Airlines.
  • Since the non-refundable reservation is not refundable, the traveler will need to purchase a refundable ticket.

How To Cancel Spirit Flight Within 24 Hours?

One of the simplest things to accomplish on Spirit Airlines’ official website is to cancel a flight within twenty-four hours. To proceed with a flight cancellation, take the following actions:

  • Go to the official Spirit Airlines website first and foremost.
  • Press the “My Trips” menu item.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and the flight confirmation code.
  • Click “Continue” once all the flight information has been entered.
  • Locate the flight reservation information and choose the cancellation option.
  • To finish the process, adhere to the additional on-screen directions.

How to Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight Ticket?

There are multiple ways to cancel an airline ticket according to Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policy. Each traveller employs these techniques as it suits them. Therefore, you have two options for canceling a flight reservation:

Method 1 – Spirit Flight Cancellation Via the Official Website 

The online way for rescinding a ticket is through Spirit Airlines’ website. That is among the simplest methods for canceling a plane ticket. To cancel the Spirit Airlines ticket, you must take the following actions:

  • Start by using your browser to access the official Spirit Airlines website.
  • Second, click the “My Trips” tab.
  • Third, type your confirmation number and last name.
  • Fourth, after completing all the required fields, press the “Continue” button.
  • Fifth: Select the reservation you wish to cancel and click “Confirm.”
  • Now, give it a few days to see if you receive a confirmation email at the address you registered.

Method 2 – Spirit Flight Cancellation Via Phone Number 

Even though canceling a Spirit flight online is the most practical option, many travelers still get in touch with the airline to make this request. You can contact the airline representative using this approach by calling 1800-774-748. Ask the representative to cancel your reservation when you get there. The agent could inquire as to the cause of the cancellation. Next, respond with a justification.

The agent will also require you to provide your booking number, confirmation code, last name, and other details. After that, the agent will explain to you how a reservation cancellation can occur. The representative will notify you when the process is complete and when the confirmation email will be sent.

Do you wish to stay away from issues with cancelled flights? Spirit Airlines also has an answer for this. Examine the Spirit flight adjustment policy to find out how to modify your trip instead of canceling it. You are able to modify the flight and reschedule it for a time that works best for you thanks to this policy.

Should the aforementioned techniques appear confusing, feel free to reach us at Get Help . We can assist you in removing every obstacle you encounter when canceling a Spirit flight.

How To Cancel Spirit Flight At The Airport?

The procedures below can be used by customers to cancel their flight tickets at the Spirit Airlines counter at the closest airport:

  • For a refund, go to the airport where the Spirit reservation is located and submit the passenger’s full name, flight confirmation number, departure time, and any other information that may be needed.
  • Inform the airport representative of the reasons.
  • The representative’s instructions should be followed for any additional steps that may be necessary, such as identity verification or offering a return method.
  • Check to see if the cancellation of your flight was successful and if any associated refunds have been started.

How To Cancel A Spirit Flight Through Chat?

You can also use the chat feature on Spirit Airlines’ support page to cancel your trip. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the discussion part of the Spirit Airlines website.
  • When you click the “Chat now” button, a chat window will open and appear on your screen.
  • You can either type your message or choose from the pre-selected alternatives.
  • After that, in order to speak with a live agent, you must respond to a few questions and follow the on-screen directions.
  • To cancel your ticket, you must give the agent full details of your reservation as soon as you get in contact with them.

Note: If you would like to communicate your Spirit Airlines cancellation request, you may also text the airline at 48763 or WhatsApp at 855 728 3555.

How To Cancel Spirit Flight Online?

Travelers can cancel their flights as soon as possible and don’t have to wait for a person when using the online Spirit cancellation method. To cancel a flight online, adhere to the instructions provided:

  • Visit the official Spirit Airlines website.
  • Select “My trip” by tapping on it.
  • Enter the necessary data.
  • Select “Sign-in” from the menu.
  • Navigate to your reservation and select the “Cancel” option.
  • You will receive confirmation from the airline regarding your registered email address and phone number.

Can you  Cancel Spirit flight And Get A Refund?

Yes, travelers may receive a full refund if they cancel their flight within 24 hours of making their reservation. Additionally, you are entitled to a complete reimbursement of the cost of the canceled flight in the event that airlines are forced to cancel your planned flight due to an emergency. The traveler may receive a full refund if they cancel their flight within 24 hours of making their reservation.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Refund Policy

Travelers are concerned about their refunds when they cancel their tickets. whether or not they will be given a refund if their tickets are canceled. Spirit Airlines has a refund policy in case this dispels any uncertainties. The following requirements must be met in order for a consumer to get a refund under this refund policy for a cancelled Spirit flight:

  • You will not be eligible for a refund if you purchased your ticket from an unapproved website.
  • If you need to cancel your flight within a day of making your reservation, you will be fully reimbursed. It is contingent upon the departure date and the booking difference, which must be separated by at least seven days.
  • If a passenger cancels their ticket online, they can avoid paying at least $10 in cancellation fees.
  • If you paid for your ticket with a credit card, Spirit Airlines will start the refund process within seven days, per their refund policy. If you paid using a different method, your refund will appear on your account in 20 days.
  • If Spirit Airlines cancels the flight, you won’t be charged a cancellation fee.
  • Spirit Airlines waive the cancellation charges if you have canceled the flight due to a death in the family.

How To Get Spirit Airlines Cancelled Flight Refund?

There are several ways that travelers can submit a refund request to Spirit Airlines:

1- Online Refund Through Spirit Airline Website

When a customer cancels online, they can use the Spirit website to get a refund. The client must provide all relevant information, including the justifications for the refund request. The customer must click the “Submit” button after entering all the information.

2- Cancellation Refund Over The Phone

The first step in the refund process is for the client to give Spirit Airlines’ customer service number a call and speak with a representative. Give them all the information regarding your reservation after that. On the phone, at any time of day or night, refund requests can be submitted.

3- Refund Through Email

A refund request can be made by the client via email to Spirit Airlines. Customers must email the airline with the specifics of their cancellation, along with their justifications. The airline will then respond to the customer, and if the passenger qualifies for a refund, the reimbursement will be executed properly.

How To Rebook A Cancelled Flight On Spirit?

If you are already at the airport, you can rebook on the next Spirit flight that leaves for your original destination at the airport counter. But there are further methods as well:

  • Get in touch with Spirit customer support at 855-728-3555, or contact a travel agent right away at Get Help .
  • Using Spirit’s official website, go to the “My trips” section and cancel and rebook your journey.
  • Use the website’s message platform to communicate.
  • If you’re using WhatsApp, text Spirit at 48763 or 855-728-3555.
  • Direct message someone on social media.

Spirit Weather Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines will give you a refund, travel vouchers for later use, or a seat on the following aircraft if inclement weather forces them to cancel your departure. It is contingent upon their policies and the terms associated with flight cancellation. The Spirit weather cancellation policy, however, is a little different from the norm.

  • The airline will notify customers in advance if the flight is canceled, postponed, or preponed.
  • The airline offers a spot on the next aircraft with the same origin and destination after the cancellation.
  • The airline will not withhold any money as a flight cancellation fee in accordance with Spirit Weather’s cancellation policy.
  • Travelers have the option to cancel, reschedule, and receive a complete refund if they so choose. Additionally, they must abide by the spirit cancellation policy in order to obtain additional perks.

What Happens If Spirit Cancelled My Flight Last Minute?

As a passenger, you have specific rights in the event that Spirit cancels flights at the last minute. Therefore, if you are aware of them, you must locate the following items:

1- Contact Spirit Airlines

First thing you should do is get in touch with Spirit Airlines if your flight is abruptly canceled. For quick support available around-the-clock, all you need to do is visit the Spirit Airlines website or give them a call at 855-728-3555. To speak with an OTA, dial Get Help .

2- Rebook Your Flight

Rebooking on the next flight available, whether it be on Spirit Airlines or another airline, is advised. Spirit ought to arrange for your hotel stay and transportation to and from the hotel if the next flight that is available is not till the next day.

3- Cancellation Compensation

Depending on the grounds for the flight cancellation, you might be eligible for compensation under federal regulations. Depending on the specifics, the compensation for a cancelled Spirit flight may change.

4- Know Your Rights

Read the airline customer bill of rights provided by the US Department of Transportation. It describes the rights of passengers in the event of a flight cancellation.

5- Consider Travel Insurance

You might be eligible to recover a portion of the expenses related to a canceled flight if you have travel insurance.

What To Do When Spirit Cancels Your Flight?

The U.S. Department of Transportation states that you have two choices in the event that Spirit Airlines cancels your flight:

  • Rebook on the next flight that is available.
  • Cancel your flight reservation completely and ask for a refund. This can come in the form of a Spirit flight credit or a credit back to the original payment method.

Keep in mind that you are entitled to a complete refund of the amount of your trip that you do not utilize, including fees for luggage and seat selection, if the airline is unable to rebook or if you decide not to travel.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for Different Tickets

varying Spirit Airlines tickets are subject to varying cancellation conditions. It’s possible that you purchased an Award, Flex, or regular ticket. You must be asking now what the procedure is for canceling the ticket. Following are Spirit’s guidelines and cancellation policies for these types of tickets:

1. Spirit Cancellation Policy for Standard Ticket

The regular ticket can be revoked at any time up to sixty days or less before the travel date. But if you change your mind after these deadlines:

  • If you choose to cancel using an online method more than 24 hours after the purchase date, you will be charged $90.
  • Refunds are given to passengers in the form of Reservation Credits for upcoming trips. Only the customer to whom it was issued may use the credit.
  • In the event that you want to cancel in offline mode, you will be charged $100.

2. Spirit Cancellation Policy for Flight Flex Ticket

If you have a Flight Flex ticket, you cannot cancel the ticket for free. However, you can make modifications to your itinerary once for free. The time of cancellation also plays an important role in determining the charges.

If you cancel within 24 hours, you do not require to pay any charges. But if you cancel after 24 hours window, you will pay $90 (using online mode) and $100 (using offline mode).

3. Spirit Cancellation Policy for Award Ticket

A passenger will not be charged if he cancels an Award ticket within 24 hours after purchasing it. There is a $110 cancellation fee if the cancellation occurs after the 24-hour window. In the event that the ticket is canceled, you will be refunded for another trip.

How Much Is Spirit Cancellation Fee?

Yes, there are fees associated with canceling a reservation with Spirit Airlines. Spirit assesses a cancellation fee that ranges from $69 to $199. If, however, you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, you can avoid paying it. Additionally, if you cancel your flight within 24 hours and it leaves at least seven days in advance, you will receive a reimbursement.

You can speak with an airline representative at 855-728-3555 for additional information about the Spirit cancellation cost, or you can reach them quickly at Get Help , which will answer all of your questions.

How To Avoid Spirit Cancellation Fees?

Any flight cancellations made sixty days or more before the scheduled departure are free of penalty. Use the following tips to cancel your reservation without incurring any fees:

1- Provide Proof of the Unexpected Cancellation

You must cancel the reservation due to an unforeseen circumstance or an emergency such as a death. Thus, in order to avoid incurring cancellation fees, you must present evidence of the problem.

2- Find The Travel Waiver 

The airline will grant the travel waiver in the event of a cancellation or delay due to the unpredictable nature of fly travel.

3- Cancel Within 24 Hours 

You won’t be charged anything if you cancel the reservation within 24 hours of making the reservation. In addition, the ticket must to be bought within seven days before the flight’s departure.

4- Go With The Mileage Plus

In order to achieve elite status, passengers must enroll in the Mileage Plus program. You will be able to cancel the flight ticket for free and save money with this loyalty program.

5- Purchase The Refundable Fare

You are free to alter your itinerary at any time, but you must be flexible with the dates of any flights that work for you. You will need to buy the pricey refundable fare for your destination with this. In the event of a flight cancellation, the refundable fare is not charged extra.

How Often Do Spirit Flights Get Cancelled?

The likelihood of a Spirit Airlines flight being canceled is lower when you purchase your ticket and make travel arrangements. Its pattern of flight cancellations, however, is 3% and is brought on by weather-related cancellations, government announcements, and technical malfunctions. Therefore, if you have a Spirit Airlines reservation and are concerned about a cancelled flight, you should be prepared to choose to rearrange your trip or receive a refund shortly.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fee

When a passenger cancels their reservation, every airline levies a fee. The price is determined by a number of variables, including the kind of ticket, the departure and destination times, and the time of cancellation. The method you use to request that your airline ticket be refunded will also affect the cancellation cost.

The following table lists the Spirit flight cancellation fee amount:

Time of Cancellation

Cancellation Charges ($)

Within a day of purchase


More than 60 days before the departure


Between 59 to 7 days before the departure


Between 6 to 0 days before the departure


Travel benefits offered by Spirit Airlines go beyond its cancellation and refund policies. You also gain from Spirit’s name change policy as a passenger, which lets you update your name on the ticket. This will stop flight modifications or cancellations.

How To Talk With A Live Agent For Spirit Flight Cancellation?

Popular low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines has a staff of experts who can respond to inquiries seven days a week, around-the-clock. Additionally, the airline has a reputation for offering its clients the greatest customer service. Thus, you should give Spirit Airlines a call at 855-728-3555 if you have any questions regarding their cancellation policies or reimbursements. Additionally, in the event that their official helpline number is unavailable, you can call this other number, Get Help .

Note: The purpose of Flying Rules is to inform travelers about airline regulations. As a result, everything of the material offered here is real and comes from reputable sources. Still, no matter the airline, we work hard to improve your travel experience as a service provider. Please be aware that Flying Rules is not responsible for the actions of the official airlines and will not be held accountable for them.

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