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Cancel SLING TV Subscription


Just like Netflix, Sling TV is a subscription-based, contract-free streaming service from Dish. It gives a live viewing experience similar to a cable or satellite TV but over an internet-connected streaming box. It is often seen as a de-facto to cable replacement and its prices are still lower than the conventional cable TV bills. But if you are exasperated with frequent lags or slow internet speed or want to distance yourself due to a rather limited offering in Sling; then here’s how you can cancel Sling TV subscription.

Would You Like to Pause SLING TV Service Instead?

  • As an advice, if you are double-minded about whether to cancel your Sling TV subscription, then you can easily take a break from the service instead of really cancelling it. To pause your you just need to log-in your My Account section at >> >> Select Pause Subscription

Then choose how long would you like to pause the service from 1-3 months >> >> Then follow the on-screen instructions to pause your subscription.

Note: : Your service will be paused from the beginning of the next billing cycle.
Pausing Sling TV subscription is not for customers who are taking advantage of any promotional offer (like free trials, prepay bundles, or annual plans), or for customers who use gift card only as a mode of payment and for those who have signed-up through an affiliate retail partner or are using Amazon Pay.

How Do I Cancel SLING TV Subscription

  • Click on the My Account Dashboard (This is a little human icon between the language selection and the Sigh Out option.
  • You can also access the account menu by clicking on the Settings Cog-Wheel at the top-right corner
  • Then from the My Account dashboard >> >> Select Cancel Subscription

(The My Account dashboard includes all the important info such as auto-renew time and date, billing and subscription information, next charge date and more).

  • When the pop-up menu appears >> >> Confirm that you want to cancel your subscription & follow the on-screen instructions to cancel the Sling subscription

Do note that Sling would attempt to avert you from leaving, of course, and may throw some incentive such as a free HDTV antenna to remain intact.

Leave Feedback for Sling Before Leaving
Sling would like to know why you are leaving and as a last ditch attempt their team will try to resolve the problem you are facing, or would like you to check the resource page for simple solutions before you take your call and in some way, your feedback will help them improve their services. So do leave your suggestions and feedback.

Make Sure You’ve Received a Cancellation Confirmation

Once you are done with cancelling the service, you will get a confirmation email intimating when the cancellation will take effect, and also if you like to reconsider them anytime, how to resume the Sling service.

Check your email from Sling TV to ensure that the cancellation has taken effect. In case you haven’t received the email or if it’s not there even in your junk folder, you can call Sling TV customer service Toll Free (855)729-0069 to ensure that everything went through as expected.


What If I Have Cancelled My Subscription But I Can Still See Charges?

Ans : You Need To Make Sure That Your Account Was Actually Cancelled:
Log in at

Here you can easily confirm if your service has been cancelled –

If your account is actually cancelled – Your My Account page will show the option for only resuming the service (however, do not select this)

In case the account hasn’t been cancelled – Your My Account page will display info such your next billing date and other options such as change your subscription.

In case of the latter, follow the instructions above properly to cancel your subscription and recheck later

  • You Can Also Check If You Have Opened Another Account By Mistake
  • Go to the Forgot Username/Email page
  • To confirm your identity by entering the first & last name and the last 4 digits of the cards you use
  • It will show you the account linked with the info
  • In case its none of the above case, you can call Sling TV support directly on (855)729-0069

When Will My Sling TV Subscription Actually End?

Your current paid subscription is going to be active until the end of the current billing cycle or any prepaid period. Note that if you cancel during a free trial, the service gets terminated immediately.

Can I Still Watch Programs After Cancelling Sling Service?

Unless you’re on a free trial, in which case the service gets terminated immediately and you are not able to watch further, you can still use Sling TV until the current billing cycle ends. And even after your subscription is over, there are still some free shows via networks like HGTV, Food Network, History Channel, and TBS that you can watch.

Am I Entitled To A Refund For The Remaining Time Left On My Subscription?

Sling does not provide any refunds for the partial month or for the remaining prepaid period. For example, if you are cancelling your service even on Day 1 at the start of the month, you won’t get the refund for the remaining 30 days.

Does Deleting the App From My Device Equate To Cancellation Of Subscription?

No, simply deleting the app is not sufficient. The Sling TV service has to be cancelled via the website else they will keep charging money for the services even if its unused.


Maybe Sling TV didn’t have your favorite channel on the list or may be you are looking at a better price point or few other add-on services. Any which ways, here are some of the Best Live Streaming Services you can take a look at:

  • PlayStation Vue
  • Hulu
  • YouTube TV
  • CBS All Access
  • fuboTV

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