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Air Canada Name Change/Correction on Ticket

If you travel with Air Canada frequently, you may be familiar with their name changing policy. On the other hand, if you are a first-time traveler and made a typographical error on your airline ticket, please follow the instructions for name correction as quickly as you can.

What is Air Canada Name Change Policy?

It provides a name correction service where travelers can request, within 24 hours of booking, that an airline correct their misspelled name on a ticket for free. Depending on your ticket type, you will be responsible for the fees if you request a name change after the first 24 hours of your reservation.

Air Canada Name Correction – Highlights

To reduce the likelihood of a name error, all travelers should carefully understand the change name guidelines before making their reservations.

See the brief but crucial instructions on name errors on airline tickets. –

  • Minor name spelling errors can be corrected by passengers at no additional cost.
  • Passengers are required to abide by certain legal requirements connected to the airline if the incorrect last name appears on their plane ticket.
  • Both online and offline, passengers are permitted to amend their incorrect name.
  • The airline prohibits some changes, such as changing the flight date, destination, gender, birthdate, etc.
  • Airline tickets with misspelled letters may be processed with minor adjustments of up to three letters.

Air Canada Change Passenger Name Eligibility 

It makes it easier for travelers on both domestic and international flights to correct their misspelled or incorrect name. The following lists all of the most significant name change eligibility scenarios:

Typographical Name Errors

Typographic errors are spell check errors. According to Air Canada’s name correction policy, you are able to alter up to four characters in your name if you made a spelling error when making your reservation. If there are significant typos, you might want to consult an expert.

Legal Name Modifications

Passengers who officially update or alter their name on their airline tickets in accordance with name adjustment regulations are those who legally change their name through marriage or court orders.

Name Change due to Marriage/Divorce

It provides a “Air Canada name change marriage” policy in the event of a name correction appeal brought about by marriage. Those who need to amend their travel reservation ticket to reflect a new name after getting married can do so. You can also get in touch with professionals in a divorce dispute if you have all the necessary paperwork.

Required Documents For Air Canada Ticket Name Change 

All requests for name changes must be properly verified by the airline. Documents must be gathered by passengers and sent to the airline using their official mail ID. The important documents listed below are needed in order for Air Canada to modify the name on a ticket:

  • You have submitted an application to change the name.
  • The previous ticket, from which a new name needs to be issued.
  • a new name accompanied by identity documents.
  • legal records such as divorce court orders or marriage certificates for name changes.
  • Further documentation evidence, if needed.

To modify your name on a ticket, you have multiple options. By supplying your booking credentials or the airline customer service number, you can access the official website. Let’s examine each technique in more detail below:

Method 1 – Correct Name On The Ticket Via Website

Follow the below-listed steps to request a change in passenger name –

  • Go to the official airline website.
  • Go to the area labeled “Manage Booking”.
  • Input the last name of the traveler together with a six- or 13-digit ticket number.
  • Please amend your misspelled name on the following page in accordance with the Air Canada change name on ticket rules. (Your updated name needs to match the ones on your official government identity).
  • Attach all official identification documents from the government for important validations.
  • If the free name correction process is not available for your reservation, you will be required to pay an Air Canada name change cost.
  • Within 24 hours of submitting the request, the traveler will receive the correction confirmation upon payment.

Method 2 – Change Name Via Phone

Another way to get a name change on a plane ticket is to call the contact number. You can have an open discussion with the airline’s officials.

  • Locate the customer support number on the airline’s website.
  • Press the number for customer service, then wait for the agent to answer.
  • To enable the agent to access your booking, give them your 13-digit ticket number or 6-digit reference code.
  • Request that the ticket’s name be corrected by the agent. A floppy copy of your passport or any other government-issued identification that accurately spells your name will also be required.
  • According to the policies, pay the name correction fee.
  • After the payment is received, the agent will email you a confirmation of your ticket.

Please take note that you can reach an independent help line at Get Help for prompt answers to your questions.

Air Canada Name Change on Ticket: Different Fare Types

Policies regarding the Name modification process may vary throughout fare categories. Go through all the relevant details below:

Change Name on Latitude Fares

As per the airline’s policy, passengers can change their names at no cost, and all Latitude prices for Air Canada Express and Rouge flights to destinations in the US and the USSR are name change fee-free.

Business Class Flexible Fares

Name changes are complimentary for customers who purchase Business Class Flexible flights with an airline Corporate Rewards (PN) tour code or a Corporate Contract Number (CCN). Air Canada Express or Rouge should be in charge of its flights to the US.

Business Class Lowest and Flex Fares 

For an additional $60 CAD, customers can change their name when purchasing Business Class Lowest or Flex prices with an airline Corporate Rewards (PN) tour code or a Corporate Contract Number (CCN). To go to the US, their flights must be run by Rouge, Air Canada Express, or Air Canada.

Flex Fares Name Alteration

Customers booking Flex fares with airline Corporate Rewards (PN) or Corporate Contract Numbers (CCN) can also alter their name on Air Canada Express and Rouge flights for $60 CAD.

Air Canada Name Change Fees

The passenger will not be charged any name reversal fees by the airline if the request is made within 24 hours of the original booking; however, the airline will charge an Air Canada name change fee of about $200 USD per ticket, plus any applicable fare difference.

Can I Board With An Air Canada Misspelled Name on Boarding Pass?

The flight ticket/boarding permit you have with the misspelled name on it will not allow you to board the aircraft.

Airlines are aware that these errors might lead to a variety of issues. This could lead to the flight being canceled or denied boarding. The name-changing policy has been crafted to ensure that you may make the necessary modifications and that the hassle of having the incorrect name on a ticket is eliminated.

Can I Board With Air Canada Wrong Middle Name on Airline Ticket? 

Since the airline does not require your middle name to appear on your ticket or boarding permit, you may board. Your ticket and boarding pass must only include your first and last name correctly, per the most delinquent ticket name change criteria.

Tips to Avoid Air Canada Wrong Name on Airline Ticket

Take into consideration the following advice to avoid running into problems with misspelled names on airline tickets:

1 – Double-check information

Verify the accuracy of all the data you supplied throughout the reservation process, including the names. Any error, regardless of size, can lead to problems.

2 – Use Full Legal Names

Provide names exactly as they appear on any official identity documents (driver’s license, passport) that you wish to use for travel. Avoid using acronyms or nicknames.

3 – Contact Customer Support

If you find out after booking your reservation that there was an error, get in touch with the airline customer service as soon as possible to have your name changed. They are able to guide you through the steps needed to correct the problem.

4 – Know the Policy

Study the Air Canada policy about name changes. There may be fees or restrictions based on the kind of ticket and the estimated time of repair

5 – Book Early

If you book reservations far enough in advance, you will have ample time to make any necessary adjustments without feeling rushed as your vacation dates get closer.

6 – Online Account

Register online before making a reservation. Managing reservations and making required adjustments may become easier as a result.

Limitation of Air Canada Name Correction Policy

Customers should be aware of the various constraints associated with Air Canada’s name change policy, even though it is rather accommodating.

  • Fees and Charges: Depending on the fare type, destination, and change date, changing the name on an airline ticket is often subject to fees that can have a big impact on your travel budget.
  • Time Restrictions: You may only submit a name adjustment request within the time frames specified by the policy. It’s possible that your requests for adjustments won’t be granted if they are made near to the departure date, which might leave you with an incorrect ticket or need you to purchase a new one.
  • Document Verification: Documents requesting name changes and identification confirmation are frequently required. It could be more challenging to quickly gather the necessary paperwork if the error is found closer to the departure date.

What is the Air Canada Name Change Contact Number?

Please call 1(888)-247-2262 to speak with an Air Canada Airlines official directly about name changes. However, there are times when it can be challenging to get in touch with the officials because of poor connectivity or a weekend internet rush. Please contact Get Help if you would like to discuss change requests regarding passenger names with another informed independent support desk. They can assist you and get past any worries you may have about changing your name.

Note: The purpose of Flying Rules is to inform travelers about airline regulations. As a result, everything of the material offered here is real and comes from reputable sources. Still, no matter the airline, we work hard to improve your travel experience as a service provider. Please be aware that Flying Rules is not responsible for, and will not be held accountable for, the acts of the recognized airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I modify my name on an Air Canada ticket?

Go to the official website of Air Canada > Go to the area labeled “Manage Booking.” Enter the booking reference number and your last name. Access the option to change your name. Fix the spelling error in your name. Save each and every modification. If you want to alter your name after the first 24 hours of booking, you must pay.

Q2. Is it possible to modify the name on an Air Canada airline ticket?

Passengers on Air Canada flights are not permitted to have their names entirely changed on their ticket. Rather, individuals are limited to fixing two or three characters in their misspelled name.

Q3. Is it possible to modify the name on an already-booked Air Canada ticket?

Changing your first name is not permitted by Air Canada’s change name on ticket policy. You can, however, change your last name as a result of marriage and divorce by providing the airline with official documentation and court rulings.

Q4. Can the name on an overseas ticket be changed with Air Canada?

Yes, there is a policy in place with Air Canada regarding name changes for flights abroad. All you have to do is present valid, original identification.

Q5. What number can I call to update my passenger’s name on Air Canada?

If you frequently need to alter your passenger name on Air Canada, call Get Help to speak with specialists about your name change request and receive a resolution.

Q6. What phone number is available for the Air Canada name change?

You can contact Air Canada directly by calling the number shown on their official website. The other number for emergencies and prompt resolutions is Get Help .

Q7. What is the name change charge for Air Canada?

Within 24 hours of making the reservation, Air Canada will not charge you to have the name on the ticket changed. If not, the costs could be higher than the $50 Air Canada name change fee. Generally speaking, the price varies with the type of fare.

Q8. Can I board if my name on my Air Canada boarding pass is misspelled?

No, you cannot board the aircraft unless the name on your airline ticket or boarding permit corresponds with the name on your passport and other official identity documents.

Q9. I have an incorrect middle name on my Air Canada ticket; can I still board?

You can travel with the incorrect middle name listed on your Air Canada ticket as long as your first and last names match those on your official government documentation. No worries.

Q10. What are any pre-booking tips for Air Canada brand changes?

The passenger’s first and last name must appear correctly and match their government-issued ID, per Air Canada’s flight name change policy.

Q11. What is the duration required for a name change on an Air Canada flight?

Passengers who request an Air Canada name change will receive a confirmation in a day or two. Requests for name changes can be made by travelers up to two hours before to the planned departure time.

Q12. What occurs if the name on my passport and my airline ticket are different?

According to Air Canada’s name change policy, you must have your name changed as quickly as possible to avoid additional fees if it differs from the name on your passport.

Q13. How can I alter the name on my Air Canada ticket?

If, within 24 hours of Air Canada confirming your reservation, you discover any spelling mistakes, you can cancel your ticket and receive a complete refund. Aside from that, you can get a free name change request within 24 hours. Recall that there will be a cost if you want to change the name on your Air Canada ticket after 24 hours of booking.

Q14: How can I modify my name on an online Air Canada ticket?

Visit the official website of Open Air Canada. reach “Manage Reservation” > Click the save button after entering your reservation number and last name and fixing any misspellings. If your booking is not eligible for free modifications, you will need to pay, per the guidelines of Air Canada’s name change policy.

Q15. The travel agent I used to book my Air Canada ticket spelled my name incorrectly. How should I proceed?

Speak with an agent from Air Canada Airlines by calling Get Help . To view your booking details, provide the agent your 13-digit ticket number or six-digit reference code. Ask them to update the ticket’s name now. Hold off until you get confirmation from Air Canada that they have changed their name.

Q16. Is it possible to get a free name change on an Air Canada ticket?

If you purchased a ticket using business flex fare, you can only modify the name by three characters. If you request a name adjustment within 24 hours after booking, the process is free.

Q18. Does Air Canada charge a fee for changing one’s name?

Yes, fees in accordance with Air Canada’s name change fee guidelines will be incurred if the name change request is submitted later than 24 hours after the reservation.

Q19. How can I speak with a live person about changing the name on my ticket from Air Canada?

Usually, there are two options. Initially, you can go to the official Air Canada website, find the customer service number, and speak with an agent there. Second, call Get Help to address any problems you may be having with your Air Canada reservation, even if they are inaccessible.

Q20: Is there live chat available on Air Canada?

For customers who are unable to speak with a live representative over the phone, Air Canada does indeed provide live chat support. On the official Air Canada website, you can utilize the live chat tool.

Q21: What is the policy regarding travel agents and Air Canada name changes?

Travel agents’ access to Air Canada’s name change policy varies according to factors such as fare type, booking class, and specific ticket conditions. Travel agents should review the ticket’s tariff rules and the airline’s policy.

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