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Delta Ticket Name Change: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

Did you enter the wrong name when booking a Delta Airlines reservation? Relax, you may simply change your name on a ticket with the airlines. You can alter errors in your name on your ticket with the Delta ticket name change option, but you must ensure that the name on your ticket matches the name on your government-issued ID. If it doesn’t, you won’t be allowed to board.

To ensure a hassle-free travel experience, you must have precise information about changing your name on a Delta ticket if you have already booked it and are looking for assistance. Accordingly, this blog post includes all the pertinent information regarding the name change policy and the process by which travelers can modify their names.

What is Delta name change on Ticket Policy?

Everyone can make a mistake while entering their details on a ticket, and Delta Airlines is well aware of this. For the convenience of passengers, it thus provides a Delta ticket name change policy. For a flawless experience, you should, however, carefully review each of the guidelines below before beginning.

  • Small spelling errors can be corrected online by requesting a correction.
  • A traveler may change an inverted name in accordance with the policy.
  • On tickets, Delta allows for initial and last name changes.
  • Passengers are only allowed one reissue per ticket.
  • Changes of no more than three characters are permitted.
  • You must reprint each ticket if you would like to make additional changes after you have already requested a name change on a Delta ticket.
  • Gender and date of birth modifications are also covered by Delta’s name change policy.

How To Change Passenger Name on Delta Through Website?

It is strongly advised to submit a name change request via the official Delta ticket website. The actions you must take to begin the process are as follows:

  • In order to apply for a Delta change of name on the account, visit the official Delta Airlines website.
  • To make a reservation with Delta Air, select the “My trips” option.
  • Enter the passenger’s “last name” and “confirmation number” to view the ticket you have reserved.
  • After submitting all the information, tap the arrow to continue.
  • Selecting the “Delta name change on ticket” option is mandatory once you gain access to the flights.
  • On the reservation, enter the proper name or correct the incorrect name. You should also provide official documentation from the government to support your request.
  • Verify your modifications, then print a fresh ticket with the updated name.
  • To finish the online Delta name change on ticket, pay the relevant name change fee and the fare difference.

How To Contact Delta Airlines Over The Phone For Change Name On Delta Ticket?

Another way to modify the name on a Delta ticket is to speak with customer service agents over the phone. The actions that you must conduct are as follows:

  • To change the name on a Delta ticket, go to the official Delta Airlines website and choose “Need help” from the main menu.
  • If you choose the “Help Center” option, this page will display the customer care number. Dial this alternative number, Get Help , for 24/7 prompt support from the travel experts, or call 800-221-1212 to speak with Delta’s pros.
  • Tell the agent the specifics of your Delta bookings when you get in touch with them, and they will let you know if you qualify for a name change or not.
  • Tell the representative about your want to modify the name on your Delta ticket if you are qualified.
  • He will then ask you for the correct name information and the booking details.
  • Concurrently, the Delta representative will alter the name on your behalf.
  • Finally, honor their directions and pay any appropriate fees.
  • An email confirming the charges will be sent to you.

How To Change Name On Delta Ticket At The Airport Counter?

It is advised to arrive at the airport two hours prior to the planned departure time in order to conclude the name change process on your Delta ticket and finish boarding. Proceed as follows:

  • Inform the airline representative about the name change when you proceed to the airport counter.
  • Give the full name and confirmation number from the airline ticket.
  • As soon as they have the reservation, provide the accurate name and any pertinent paperwork, including marriage or divorce licenses, official identification, or travel documentation.
  • To finish the Delta ticket name change process, pay the relevant charge and fare difference.

How To Change Name on Delta SkyMiles Account?

It’s easy to modify your name or any other personal information on your SkyMiles account. You can use this SkyMiles feature by calling airline agents or going to the official Delta website.

Method 1: Through the official Delta Website

  • Go to the “SkyMiles login” section of the Delta Airlines website.
  • To access your account, enter your last name, PIN, and SkyMiles number.
  • Select “Manage booking” from the menu.
  • You can now change your name by hovering over the red edit button.
  • Click “Submit” once you have typed the correct name.

Method 2: Calling airline representative

  • For both new and existing reservations, the phone number for Delta name changes is 800-221-1212. Nevertheless, technical difficulties occasionally prevent the officials from being with you. If so, call the consolidation desk’s alternate number, Get Help , for round-the-clock support.
  • Provide them with the details of your SkyMiles account and the nature of the Delta SkyMiles name change.
  • To alter your name on a Delta ticket, you must approve specific court documents, such as a divorce or marriage certificate, court orders, or any other legal paperwork.

Delta Name Change Policy For Domestic & International Flights

There are restrictions and costs associated with changing the name on a Delta ticket for both domestic and international travel. The exact cost and terms that customers must meet in order to use the service are as follows:

  • There won’t be any penalties for travelers if the little changes are made within 24 hours of the reservation.
  • Passengers will undoubtedly be required to pay a certain amount if they make little modifications beyond 24 hours.
  • The Delta flight ticket and its modifications determine how much is changed for small adjustments. That being said, the cost varies from $75 to $500.
  • The fees are applied based on the amount of time remaining on the Delta flight ticket and any small or large alterations.

What Types of Changes Are Allowed Within Delta Airlines Legal Name Change?

You are not permitted to completely alter the name that appears on the airline ticket according to Delta Airlines’ change name on ticket policy. They will accept slight name modifications, such as alterations to the first, middle, and last names. Check out all the different kinds of modifications you may make with Delta Airlines.

1- Adding A Middle Name To Delta Flight Ticket

Of all the name adjustments that Delta Airlines permits, this is one of the simplest. On the maintain booking page, mobile app, phone, or Delta texting assistant, middle names can be added or altered online.

The passenger’s name on the ticket and their valid photo ID must match. Even though middle names aren’t always necessary, it’s always best to have the most accurate names possible.

2- Changing A Last Name in The Case of Marriage or Divorce

You may update the last name on your Delta ticket to your spouse’s last name if you were married and made your reservation using your maiden name. Recall that in order to change your name on Delta Airline, you must have marriage licenses and official government documentation.

Similarly, in order to make requests for divorce-related adjustments, you must produce official identification documents, divorce agreements, decrees, court notices, and other relevant paperwork.

3- Correcting Minor Spelling Mistakes on Delta Reservations

If you notice that you have spelled any portion of your name incorrectly when viewing your Delta reservation, you may easily fix this issue by following the guidelines outlined in the airline’s ticket name modification or correction policy.

You most likely won’t be required to pay any form of Delta Airlines change name on ticket cost if you discover the error within 24 hours of making the reservation. You could have to pay a fee if you discover the error after a 24-hour period since the airline might need to give you a new ticket. Anyhow, a false reservation might spoil your trip, so it’s better to pay a small fee than try to board a flight with a ticket that has the wrong name on it.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Name on Delta Ticket?

You will be charged a price of $75 to $500 per passenger if, after reviewing the facts and booking a flight, it turns out that your name is incorrect. It is imperative to understand that the cost of a legitimate name change on a Delta ticket varies based on the aircraft, destination, and route.

For more specific information about the Delta name change cost, visit the airline’s website or give customer service a call at 800-221-1212. Additionally, you can get prompt support by calling this consolidation desk number: Get Help .


You should be able to comprehend the steps involved in altering the name on a Delta ticket based on the information provided above. If you would want further information regarding the name change or correction policy, you may reach out to Delta Airlines customer service at 800-221-1212. For a faster answer, call Get Help as well. If you have any questions about flights, you can reach flight experts at this additional number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I modify my last name on Delta SkyMiles?

There are three ways to modify your last name in Delta SkyMiles: completing the form for identity verification Making contact with the customer support division Just sign in using your SkyMiles credentials.

Q2. Is a middle name required by Delta on the ticket?

All you need to supply when booking a reservation is your first and last name exactly as they appear on your passport or official documents. However, as airlines occasionally adjust their rules, it’s crucial to double-check Delta name change on ticket policy.

Q3. Can a traveler modify their name on a Delta airline ticket?

Non-refundable tickets usually cannot be changed to another person’s name. Name changes may be possible with certain fees and limits on certain flexible fare options, though. For the most recent information and advice on Delta Airlines change name on ticket policy, it is imperative that you study their current policies or get in touch with customer support at 800-221-1212 or Get Help (a backup number).

Q4. Is it possible to give a Delta ticket to someone else?

It is not possible for travelers to transfer their Delta tickets to another individual. For the majority of e-tickets that you buy straight from the Delta Airlines website, there are circumstances in which you can be eligible for a refund.

Q5. Is it possible to change the name on a Delta ticket?

Although passengers can make changes to their Delta tickets, most fare kinds are typically not allowed by Delta Airlines. There may be certain exceptions for flexible or premium fare categories, but they usually come with restrictions and costs associated with changing the name on a Delta ticket.

Q6. What would happen if my Delta plane ticket had my middle name misspelled on it?

It might not always be an issue to forget your middle name on a plane ticket with Delta, according to the airline’s change name on ticket policy. For domestic travel within the same nation, middle names are typically not necessary. But if you need to use a middle name for identification when traveling abroad, it’s best to contact Delta’s customer service as soon as possible.

Q7. Is it possible for a traveler to modify their name on a printed ticket?

No, the ticket cannot have its name changed because it was originally issued under a different name. Visit the official Delta website or call 800-221-1212 to speak with an airline agent for further information. Additionally, call Get Help to get a prompt response and avoid waiting.

Q8. Does it take Delta Airlines longer than a day to announce a name change?

It takes a day for your name to appear on the Delta ticket after you make a modification to it in the document.

Q9. What is the reason behind Delta Airlines’ name change fees?

Name changes on Delta tickets need administrative labor, such as updating data and confirming that the correct passengers are listed. In addition, the fees allow airlines to recover costs while maintaining the option of name changes near departure.

Q10. Can a name change be made on a Delta ticket after marriage?

Yes, following a marriage, name changes are permitted on Delta airline tickets. To make adjustments, though, you’ll need to present a legitimate document, such a marriage certificate.

Q11. What is the cost of changing the name on a Delta ticket?

Even if it usually goes more quickly, it is finished in a day or two. If it still seems laborious, you can visit the official Delta website, give the customer support line 800-221-1212, or use the backup number, Get Help , to speak with another flight specialist.

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