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United Airlines Pet Policy: How To Travel With Your Pet?

Not only can traveling be terrifying for humans, but it may also be enjoyable for pets. It can be enjoyable to let your pet fly with you. But in order to avoid any problems when carrying your pets on board, there are certain guidelines that you have to follow, as stated in United Airlines Pet Policy 2023.

Following a few easy guidelines can ensure that your travel on United Airlines with your pet is enjoyable. We will go over everything you should know about United’s pet policy in this article, including how to make a reservation.

An Overview of The United Pet Policy

One of the most well-liked airlines for pet travel is United Airlines, which has special guidelines for dogs flying as cargo or carry-on. Below are comprehensive details of every policy:

1- United Airlines Pet Policy In Cabin 

Dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin on most domestic flights and certain international flights operated by United Airlines. If your dog is tiny enough to fit in a carrier that has been certified by the airline, this is a terrific choice. However, in order to comply with United Airlines’ pet policy in the cabin, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The pet kennel needs to be positioned just in front of you and fit under. Puppies or kittens should be two months old for domestic travel.
  • Puppies or kittens must be vaccinated against rabies, therefore according to United Airlines’ foreign pet policy, they should be kept for months. Y
  • Our pet belongs in the kennel, in the cabin, on board, or at the airport.
  • It’s crucial to fully abide by the pet’s weight limit restrictions.
  • Airlines do not provide oxygen to pets.
  • The pet tag that is connected must be used. When entering the United States from another nation, make sure to review the vaccination requirements and health declaration.
  • Before booking a flight, if you need more information, please speak with the airline representative. If you need help right away, call other travel specialists at Get Help.

2- United Airlines Pet Cargo Policy 

United Airlines provides freight service for larger dogs or those whose bags cannot fit in the cabin. For dogs who require additional room to travel comfortably, this is the greatest choice. Before making a reservation, make sure to review the following conditions of this pet cargo policy:

  • Pets weighing between 2 kg and 350 kg can be transported.
  • Reservations made in advance
  • Cleaning and handling pets would incur extra costs.
  • A pet must be transported in a strong (12 inches wide, 17 inches long, 7.5 inches high) or soft-sided (11 inches wide, 11 inches high, 18 inches long) kennel that fits entirely beneath the seat when flying in the cabin.
  • Although United’s in-cabin pet policy is stringent, the costs are comparable to those of other airlines.
  • The cargo includes a live camera and flying tracker to keep an eye on the pet while it’s traveling.

United Airlines Pet Policy: Terms & Conditions

Several guidelines are included in the United Pet Policy to prioritize pet safety. Additionally, there are no differences in this regulation between domestic and foreign flights. In order to guarantee the best possible travel experience for your pet, it is imperative that you follow some rules before beginning the procedure. Take a look at them:

  • Dogs entering the United States will only be permitted if they fulfill the following criteria:
    • a current rabies vaccination certificate.
    • are older than six years old.
    • Are in good health
    • are situated in the appropriate plane.
    • possess proof that you have a microphone
  • Service animals are only allowed when accompanied by qualified disabled individuals.
  • Pets are not permitted to travel with unaccompanied minors.
  • All sizes of domestic pets, including dogs, puppies, cats, small house birds, and rabbits, are accepted on United Airlines, according the airline’s pet policy
  • Emotional support dogs are no longer permitted on United Airlines flights.

Does United Airlines Require Pet Documents?

In fact, some countries prohibit travelers who bring pets. Therefore, the United Airlines pet transport policy will not apply if you want to travel to such countries with United. As a result, certain nations have severe pet regulations that you have to abide by at all costs. In this scenario, you will require all travel-related paperwork or documents for your pet. The principal records you require are:

  • A medical certificate issued no more than two weeks prior to takeoff.
  • Pets’ proof of vaccination.

How To Book United Tickets With A Pet?

You can include your pet in your United Airlines reservation when you make your travel arrangements. The following is the procedure for adding pets online:

  • Go to the United Airlines website and sign in using your credentials.
  • Enter the details of your trip.
  • The “travel with pet” option will appear under these choices.
  • After checking the box, proceed with the reservation.
  • You will then be prompted to confirm your United pet travel cost on the following page.
  • Pay the whole airfare and the pet cost at the time of booking if you want to include a pet.

Note: Using the United Airlines manage booking function on the website, travelers can even add their pets after making a reservation. Recall that this functionality is absent from their official mobile apps.

How Much are United Airlines Pet Travel Fees?

Pet reservations on United Airlines are subject to a $125 surcharge. When you check in, you will need to pay for it at the reservation counter. At the check-in counter, health certificates and rabies certificates are inspected. There will be a $125 fee for those trips if the layover is longer than four hours in the United States and twenty-four hours overseas.

Final Verdict!

Under their straightforward pet travel policy, United Airlines will let you bring your pet on the plane. Use the airline’s official hotline number to get in touch with a representative for further information. On the other hand, you could occasionally be unable to link them owing to technical difficulties. If so, call Get Help to speak with a travel professional right away.

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