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KLM Airlines Name Change Policy

Prior to starting any changes with your wrong name on the ticket, make sure you are aware of all the terms and conditions, documentation needs, eligibility requirements, cost requirements, etc. Keeping an eye on every aspect lowers the possibility of issues developing throughout the boarding procedure.

What is KLM Name Change/Correction Policy?

Based on the information in their passports, passengers can use KLM’s name change policy to have their misspelled name corrected on their tickets or to alter it for legal reasons. This mistake needs to be fixed. It is necessary to correct this error. Make sure to verify all the information when booking your reservation to reduce any potential issues with boarding.

KLM Ticket Name Change – Terms & Conditions 

Passengers must abide by the rules pertaining to KLM Airlines’ name correction/change policy in order to guarantee a simple and hassle-free procedure for changing the name on the ticket.

  • The name on the ticket and the identity provided by the government should match.
  • They will not be able to request a name change through official representatives if the booking is not made on the official website.
  • It is not possible for a traveler to give another individual their ticket.
  • This implies that changing ownership is strictly forbidden. You have up to 30 hours before departure to make name changes with KLM Airlines.
  • The KLM name change fee will be deducted from the percentage of your ticket price if you decide to alter your inaccurate name after the risk-free time.
  • On the day of departure, name changes are not allowed. The name KLM changed on the ticket facility does not apply to reward tickets. Passengers can call KLM Airlines’ phone number, which is open 24/7, to obtain information in this regard.
  • A passenger using a different partner airline has up to 72 hours before to departure to seek a name change on their KLM ticket.
  • Ensure that your reservation was booked through appropriate channels in order to start the name change process with KLM.

KLM Change Ticket Name Due to Typographical Errors 

When a traveler makes mistakes because they spelled something incorrectly, KLM offers the opportunity to correct them. To correct your incorrect first name, middle name, or last name, you can only modify a few letters, as stated in the KLM change name on ticket instructions.

Documents Required For KLM Change Name On Ticket

Please submit the necessary documents for validation in order to request a change of name for KLM.

  • Passports and VISAs are examples of official identification
  • Fee receipt from a prior reservation.
  • Court orders pertaining to legal matters, divorce agreements, and marriage certificates.

Eligibility for KLM Ticket Name Change 

  • The name change policy on KLM airline tickets clarifies that passengers who purchased their tickets from sources other than authorized ones, such as independent brokers, are not permitted to make name changes via the official websites.
  • Our request to have the incorrect name on the ticket for KLM corrected will only be approved if the airline agrees.
  • You will need to renew your flight ticket with the necessary modifications if the airline denies your request for a name change or correction on your KLM ticket.

How To Change Name On KLM Ticket? 

Passengers have multiple options for changing their name. Passengers can access the official website both online and offline, as well as through customer care representatives and airport counters.

Method 1 – Correct Name on Ticket Via Official Website

Travelers with little technological expertise can utilize the following official internet approach to fix misspelled or incorrect names on tickets:

  • First: Open the official KLM website first.
  • Second: Enter your username and password to log in.
  • Third: To select the “Manage Booking” section.
  • Fourth: Type in your booking reference number and last name.
  • Fifth: Check your reservation and hit the “Continue” button.
  • Sixth: Press the edit button.
  • Seventh: Click on the name you wish to edit and adjust as needed.
  • Eighth: Provide corroborating documentation for approval.
  • NInth: Press the “continue” button to save all of your changes.
  • Tenth: You must pay the KLM name change fee.
  • Eleventh: Print the updated ticket with the updated name.

Method 2 – Modify Name via Customer Support Number

You can correct a misspelled name on an already-booked ticket by speaking with a person at KLM Airlines’ contact phone number, in addition to using the official website.

  • First: Call 1 (800) 618-0104, which is KLM Airlines’ contact number. Instead, you can call Get Help which has a shorter wait than the official number.
  • Second: After calling the official number, select your favorite language.
  • Third: Select the choice for a name change from the list of options.
  • Fourth: Explain your request to the agent as soon as you get through to them.
  • Fifth: Your ticket will have name changes made by the agent.
  • Sixth: To confirm correctness, ask the individual on the phone to spell the name that was entered.
  • Seventh: Accept the instruction and send in your answer.
  • Eighth: If necessary, pay the KLM name change fee.
  • Nineth: Your updated ticket will be mailed to your registered mail ID by the agent.

Method 3 – Change Name Via Airport Counter

Here are the steps to follow in order to modify the name on a KLM airline ticket at the airport counter.

  • First: Stop by the customer service booth at the airport.
  • Second: Complete the KLM form to modify the passenger’s name.
  • Third: Provide your name, booking reference number, and any additional information.
  • Fourth: Send the form and all necessary supporting documentation to be validated.
  • Fifth, if there is a KLM name change cost, the agent will process it and request payment from you.
  • Sixth: Your updated ticket will be sent to you with the name on your registered ID corrected.

If you request changes at least 30 hours before the scheduled departure time, there is no cost associated with changing your KLM name. You must pay the relevant fees in accordance with the change name KLM guidelines after this risk-free period expires.

If a person traveling on a partner airline wants to modify their name on their ticket, they must make the request at least 72 hours before departure. On the other hand, the price to modify your name on a KLM ticket is determined on the details of your ticket. Make sure you call KLM Airlines’ 24/7 number to get a full understanding of the name change fees.

What Is The KLM Airlines Phone Number 24/7?

1 (800) 618-0104 is the KLM Airlines phone number. If, on the other hand, you are pressed for time and cannot wait for the official executive to connect, you can reach independent travel service providers in a matter of minutes by calling Get Help It will help you avoid wasting time.

How To Talk To Live Agents Via The KLM Support Chat?

For changes to the name on their KLM ticket, travelers can use the KLM support chat feature. To learn the method, follow the steps listed below.

  • First: Go to the Contact Us page on the KLM website by opening it.
  • Second: Go to the page for customer service.
  • Third: Locate and select the live chat option.
  • Fourth: You can type the message in the chat window that opens.
  • Fifth: Select the message box’s most comparable question.
  • Sixth: Type “live agent” if none of the options appeal to you.
  • Seventh: Respond to a few prompts on your screen.
  • Eighth: The live agent will shortly be available to you.

How To Request Name Change Via Klm Customer Support Email?

Travelers can contact one of the following KLM support email addresses with questions regarding the airline’s name correction policy: or These two email addresses are real KLM accounts that are used primarily for communication.

Note: The purpose of Flying Rules is to inform travelers about airline regulations. As a result, everything of the material offered here is real and comes from reputable sources. Still, no matter the airline, we work hard to improve your travel experience as a service provider. Please be aware that Flying Rules is not responsible for, and will not be held accountable for, the acts of the recognized airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is KLM’s policy regarding name corrections?

Modify name According to KLM regulation, passengers may make small spelling modifications on tickets that have already been purchased. Passengers must, however, abide by the guidelines outlined in the KLM policy regarding name changes.

Q2. How can I modify my name on an online KLM ticket?

Visit KLM’s official website > Enter your user ID and password to log in. select Manage Booking by clicking on it. Put your booking reference code and last name here. After choosing your trip, select Edit >. perform all of the necessary name modifications. Provide legitimate documentation as evidence.

Q3. If we request a name change from KLM within 24 hours of booking, what is the cost?

There won’t be a KLM name change cost if you request a name change for your airline ticket within 24 hours of purchase. But after the 24-hour risk-free period expires, you have to pay the relevant fees.

Q4. I have a ticket that says KLM, can I still board?

Until you request a KLM flight name change or correction, you are not allowed to board the aircraft. Because if your name on your passport is misspelled, it could pose problems for you when you board.

Q5. What paperwork is needed to modify a passenger’s name to KLM?

In order to modify your name on a ticket for legal reasons (such as marriage, divorce, or adoption), you will need to provide documentation such as court orders and/or copies of your marriage certificate.

Q6: How many characters can be changed while correcting the KLM name?

Only three to four letters may be changed for your first, middle, and last name when submitting a KLM ticket name modification or correction, per the airline’s name correction policy.

Q7. Can I alter my passenger name on KLM?

It is not permitted for KLM to alter a passenger’s name on a flight ticket. Travelers may, however, alter their name in the event of a marriage or divorce or fix typographical problems.

Q8: How may a married person modify their name on a KLM airline ticket?

Due to marriage, passengers may use the website, consolidation desk, or customer service counter to modify their name on their KLM tickets. It is required to provide supporting documentation, such as a marriage certificate.

Q9. What happens if, when checking in, I discover that KLM has written the incorrect name on my ticket?

To reduce boarding complications, as soon as you discover an incorrect name on your airline ticket, call KLM Airlines at their 24/7 hotline. If you make your request at least 30 hours prior to the flight departure time, you might not be required to pay any fees.

Q10. What email address does KLM use for customer support?

The email addresses and belong to KLM customer support. Any of the aforementioned addresses is where passengers can submit their name change requests.

Q11. What is the chat method for contacting KLM?

Via the chat feature, travelers can communicate with a real KLM representative. Additionally, customers must locate the live chat feature on the customer care page of the official website by navigating to it.

Q12. Is it possible for KLM to modify a passenger’s name?

KLM will only enable a passenger’s name to be changed if it is required by law and you can provide supporting documentation and court judgments.

Q13: How quickly can we modify our name on a KLM ticket?

To avoid fees, it is advised that you make your request for a KLM passenger name change or correction at least thirty hours prior to the planned departure.

Q14: How can I contact a live agent at KLM to change the name of my flight?

Travelers can speak with official agents and change their passenger name by calling 1800 419 3044 for KLM. To save time, however, call Get Help and speak with an independent flight attendant; they will offer comprehensive information that will facilitate a smooth boarding process.

Q15: What are the restrictions on KLM’s policy for name correction?

The KLM name correction policy states that you are not allowed to change your name entirely. Alternatively, you can change your first, middle, and last names by up to three characters.

Q16: Can I give my KLM ticket to someone else?

Transferring your ticket to someone else is not permitted, according to the change passenger name KLM. The only legal grounds to change your name are those resulting from marriage.

Q17. What happens if I unintentionally purchase a ticket on a KLM aircraft ticket under the incorrect name?

As long as you booked your ticket under the incorrect name, you can replace up to three characters according to KLM’s name change policy. Simple name corrections could be provided for free. Legal name changes, however, could come with a fee.

Q18: Where can I receive the most recent information regarding the ticketed KLM name change?

You merely need to call the independent consolidation desk at Get Help to speak with the knowledgeable travel professionals and get all the information regarding the KLM name change on your ticket.

Q19. How long does it take KLM to modify the name on a ticket?

It could take up to 24 hours for KLM to process your name change and issue a new ticket with the updated name. Thus, be sure to submit your request at least 30 hours prior to the departure time that is set forth.

Q20. Is there a document needed for KLM to amend the ticket name or make a little error correction?

The passenger’s passport must be presented during the name modification procedure. Additionally, confirm that the name on the passport and the amended name on the ticket match.

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