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What is United Airlines Infant Policy

While taking a baby on a flight is no joke, it might be considerably easier if you choose the proper airline. United Airlines has created a comprehensive infant policy to ensure that parents and their children have a safe and comfortable travel experience. The airline is aware of the demands of families traveling with minors.

Let’s examine the key elements of United Airlines’ infant policy, including its guidelines, costs, and how to make reservations for travel with an infant.

Rules to Follow for United Airlines Traveling with Infant 

United Airlines has created a flexible infant policy in recognition of the specific needs of children under the age of two. Children are permitted to fly on an adult’s lap or in a child restraint device (CRS) that has been approved by the FAA. United Airlines provides a free safety belt for lap children to increase their level of security when flying. See the section below for more information.

  • For domestic flights, the airline allows children under two to travel on an adult’s lap without requiring a separate flight ticket.
  • When traveling abroad, parents can choose to reserve a different seat at a lower price.
  • When booking an infant’s seat separately from an adult, the booking charge is typically less.
  • There can only be one baby per adult on the aircraft. You will need to arrange an additional seat for an infant if you intend to travel with more than one baby.
  • If the traveler is to be the guardian of a minor, they must be at least eighteen years old.
  • Families seeking additional space can opt for the airline’s bassinets, which give a dedicated space for young passengers to relax during flights on a few specific planes.
  • In order to give parents more time to adjust, the airline lets newborn customers board the trip early.
  • According to United Airlines’ travel standards for newborns, lap infants do not need a separate ticket, but it is important that the minor has appropriate identification, such as a birth certificate or other IDs.

How United Airlines Stroller Policy Beneficial When Traveling With an Infant?

When traveling with a baby, customers may bring additional things on board in addition to the standard United carry-on allowance.

  • Car seat authorized by the FAA.
  • milk or a breast pump.
  • bags for diapers.
  • A small folding stroller that fits under the usual carry-on luggage restrictions.

Travelers can use standard strollers, foldable car seats, and wagons at the airport to get to the gate and check in for free. Recall that you can check for aircraft with changing tables in restrooms prior to booking a flight, in accordance with United Airlines’ stroller policy. The aircraft that have the option of changing tables are as follows:

  • The Boeing 757-300
  • A Boeing 767
  • Airbus 777
  • Select Boeing 757-200 with Boeing 787

Advantages of the United Airlines Traveling with Infant 

In order to give parents and children a smooth travel experience, United Airlines has created a flexible infant policy, taking into account the unique needs of passengers flying with young children

  • Seating arrangements: Children under two years old do not need to purchase a separate plane ticket in order to ride on an adult’s lap.
  • Families that need an additional seat for their young children can take advantage of the airline’s cheap baby prices.
  • In-flight Amenities: The airline gives parents a kit including essentials for babies, such as diapers, moisturizer, and wipes. Additionally, the airlines cater to the dietary requirements of the young passengers by offering special infant meals.
  • Pre-boarding Facilities: In order to give their children more time to calm down, travelers with minors are eligible for pre-boarding.
  • Safety Considerations: In order to ensure that babies travel securely, stroller policy permits passengers to utilize CRDs, such as car seats and CARES harnesses.
  • Flexibility in Changing Flight Reservations: If necessary, parents can modify their travel schedules or dates, airlines allow for this flexibility.
  • Benefits of MileagePlus: Travelers who are traveling with minors can collect MileagePlus miles, which can be used toward rewards and future travel. MileagePlus Premier account holders are eligible for additional privileges such as priority boarding and increased luggage allowances.

How to Book a Ticket for United Airlines Travel with Infant? 

It is easy to make a reservation for a flight with United Airlines when you are traveling with a baby. The flight can be booked offline or online. Simply adhere to the guidelines given in the sections below.

Approach 1: Booking a Flight Online 

  • First, visit the Booking area of the official United Airlines website or use the mobile app.
  • Next, give specific details about the child as well as the adult. Keep in mind the baby’s specifics, such as name and birthdate, along with the identity documents.
  • Decide on the dates and location of your trip. With the airline’s flexible reservation system, parents may arrange their travels around their interests and timetables.
  • Choose the Infant of Lap option located in the seat choosing section.
  • You have to ask for a bassinet when you book the ticket, and availability is a requirement for using one.
  • To finish the process, review the information and choose the preferred payment method.

Approach 2: Booking a Flight Offline 

Call 1-800-UNITED-1 to reach United Airlines customer service if you need to request a bassinet. In addition, you can reach a consolidation desk by calling Get Help
. Once you’re connected to the airline, you have to follow the instructions on the IVR menu. Make sure to submit your request as soon as you can. Once the baby’s bassinet is reserved, you will receive a confirmation.

How Much Does United Airlines Charge for Infants’ Seat?

According to United Airlines’ travel policy, parents who can hold a child under two on their lap during flight do not need to reserve a seat for them. But there are a few instances where you might have to reserve a seat for the baby.

  • Your child turns two before the return flight, so you buy a round-trip ticket.
  • You cannot hold two children on your lap while you are traveling with two children under the age of two, thus you should reserve at least one seat.
  • In relation to tickets bought using United MileagePlus miles, travelers may be required to pay 10% of the entire ticket price. If the adults are purchasing expensive business-class tickets, the lap infant fee is about $250.

Final Words 

When traveling domestically, passengers do not need to purchase a ticket for a lap infant, but when traveling internationally, they do. Thankfully, it won’t be as expensive as the whole fare specified by the newborn policy of United Airlines. Call 1-800-UNITED-1, United Airlines’ official customer support number, for additional information. Additionally, you can reach independent help at Get Help for prompt advice and direction.

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