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Ryanair Name Change Policy

Two hours prior to the planned departure, you can freely modify or change up to three characters at the airport. Let’s examine the Ryanair name correction policy, terms and circumstances, various procedures for name correction or change, fees associated with name changes, and much more.

What is the Ryanair Name Change Policy? 

Ryanair is aware that passengers’ itineraries can occasionally change. They comply with the need for flexibility regarding traveler information. If something comes up where you have to update or fix a name on the ticket. You can simplify the process with Ryanair’s name change policy.

This policy gives travelers the necessary steps to ensure that the travel information they are using is accurate and current.

Ryanair Name Change on Ticket: Terms and Conditions 

The alteration of name Travelers’ interests are taken into consideration while setting Ryanair’s criteria for name changes or corrections on flight tickets, which makes the process easier. In certain instances, it may be less expensive to purchase a new ticket and cancel the flight than to pay the name change fee. You may read the Ryanair cancellation policy for additional information:

Before starting the Ryanair flight name change, review the important points.

  • All reservations made on the official Ryanair website are subject to the request to amend or modify the name.
  • 48 hours prior to departure, you can make any necessary adjustments or modifications without having to pay the Ryanair name change cost.
  • By paying the Ryanair name change fee, travelers can transfer their reservation or ticket to another individual.
  • Your name on your ticket and the information on your travel passport must match.
  • Complete updates to personal information on tickets are not permitted by Ryanair.
  • Travelers have the option to request a complimentary name change during the 48-hour booking grace period.
  • After check-in, a Ryanair name change is possible. Speak with an airline representative to avoid being checked.

Types of Name Change Ryanair Accepts

Travelers may, for a variety of reasons, modify their name on a ticket under the Ryan Air name change policy. For instance, you might need to update your flight reservation to reflect your married name after using your maiden name initially.
The passenger’s edits or modifications are subject to the Ryanair name change policy guidelines.

Name Change Ryanair Gift Voucher 

If you made your reservation using a gift voucher, Ryanair does not permit you to transfer your reservation to another person. If you used the voucher to make your reservation, be sure the name on the ticket and your passport or other official government ID match.

Name Change Due to Marriage/Divorce 

If a passenger’s name changes from their maiden name to their married name (due to marriage) or vice versa (due to divorce), Ryanair may require them to present a copy of their marriage license or divorce decree as proof of the name change.

Minor Name Change

Each name may have up to three characters changed without incurring a Ryanair name change fee. However, the relevant fare differential can be applied.

Ryanair Name Change/Correction: Documents Required 

Get the necessary documents ready before starting the Ryanair name change on ticket process.

  • Application for Ryanair name correction/change.
  • The ticket bears the wrong name.
  • passports or other travel documents with a photo ID that has been authorized by the government.
  • Divorce agreements and marriage certificates are examples of legal paperwork.

Change Name Ryanair Flight Ticket: Methods

The airline makes sure that customers can use a variety of methods for name changes and corrections, including chatbots, airport counters, phone calls, and online methods. Travelers are free to choose the strategies that work best for them. Let’s examine these techniques in more detail.

Method 1: Passenger Name Alteration Via Website

The airline’s official website is one popular way to communicate with them. To start the procedure online, follow the steps listed below.

  • To begin with, go to the “Manage My Trip” link on the official Ryanair website at “”
  • After that, select the “Manage Trip” link after entering the reservation number and email address.
  • The passenger’s name can then be changed by selecting the “Change Name” option.
  • Accept the modification now, then click “Checkout.”
  • After that, select “Pay Now” and provide the details for your payment method.
  • Finally, Ryanair will email a confirmation with the most recent details.

Method 2: Name Modification Over the Phone

The easiest and most dependable way to start the Ryanair name change is through customer service. To request a name change over the phone, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to the Help Center section of the official Ryanair website.
  • See what possibilities are available, then select the one you want to change your name.
  • Click Contact Us after swiping down to the Additional Information box.
  • Give the customer service department a call and provide your details.
  • Ask the representative to amend your name.
  • You receive an email with the updated or correct name after the payment.

Method 3: Change Name via ChatBot

Additionally, customers can use the ChatBot to change the name of Ryan Air. Follow the instructions below to use the Chatbot to alter your name.

  • Navigate to the Help tab on the Ryanair website.
  • Next, select the Help Center menu item.
  • After that, tap the Chat icon and enter your email address and name.
  • Write your request to alter your name in the provided box and start a conversation.
  • Proceed by following the instructions.

Method 4: Name Correction At The Airport

Up to two hours prior to departure, you can conveniently finish the Ryanair name change procedure at the check-in desk if you are unable to start it online or over the phone. Note: Depending on the type of name corrections or modifications you seek, you could have to pay the Ryanair name change cost.

  • Proceed to the nearest airport and submit your petition for Ryanair to alter its name.
  • Provide your information, including your last name, booking number, and ticket reference number.
  • Send in the necessary picture ID from the government.
  • Pay any applicable fee.

Ryanair Name Change Fee: Online/Agent

Ryanair ticket name changes are subject to a charge. Whether the passenger modifies their name online or through a live agent determines the different cost. The charge structure for changing the name of Ryanair is shown in the table below.


Online (website) Name Change (in Euro)

Name Change Through Travel Agent (in Euro)

Ryanair Name Change Price€/£115€/£160


If a passenger has to edit or update the personal information on the ticket, the airline may charge a Ryanair name change fee. You will be required to pay Ryanair’s name change fee if you decide to change your name after 48 hours of purchasing your ticket or if you want to modify more than three characters per name. To speak with an expert, you may also give Get Help a call.

Can I Make a Ryanair Name Change After Check-In?

It is feasible for Ryanair to change its name after check-in. To get your flight unchecked, get in touch with a Ryanair agent. After that, you can finish the name change process online by using the mobile app or the official website.

Select a Seat After Ryanair Name Change

Once the Ryan Air name change is complete, you have to select your seat and recheck in for the trip. You will be given the opportunity to select a new seat if the one you reserved isn’t available. The exact spot you reserved in the past may not be available. If the new seat is more expensive than the one you originally chose, you will be responsible for the difference.

Save Ryanair Name Change Fee On Ticket

Ryanair prohibits passengers from traveling with names that are spelled incorrectly. In order to avoid having your boarding privileges denied and avoid having to pay the Ryanair change name cost, you should alter your name as soon as you discover an error on your ticket. Here are some tips to help you avoid paying name change fees.

  • Using the official website, make the name change or adjustment during the 48-hour risk-free window for reservations.
  • Before purchasing the ticket, double-check the details.
  • Single-letter mistakes in a middle name, second name, or double-barreled surname should be uncorrected since they don’t require rectification.
  • Within 48 hours of purchasing a ticket, alter your first or last name.
  • To avoid paying a Ryanair name change fee, update your legal documents to reflect your marital status.

How to Contact a Live Agent for Ryanair Name Change on Ticket? 

By calling +44 113 868 4151, travelers can speak with a live agent about changing their name on Ryanair. Sometimes passengers are unable to communicate with the officials. Call a consolidator desk at Get Help in such a case for immediate assistance with changing the name on Ryanair.
Other ways to get in touch with customer care for a name change include using a chatbot, social media, or the postal service. At your leisure and comfort, you can choose the options of your choice.

Note: The purpose of Flying Rules is to inform travelers about airline regulations. As a result, everything of the material offered here is real and comes from reputable sources. Still, no matter the airline, we work hard to improve your travel experience as a service provider. Please be aware that Flying Rules is not responsible for, and will not be held accountable for, the acts of the recognized airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it possible to modify the name on a Ryanair ticket?

Sure, by following these instructions, you may easily execute a Ryanair name change on your ticket: Go to the Ryanair website and choose Manage Booking > My Booking > Change Name > Verify Price > Pay Now (if applicable).

Q2. Can a name change be made on a Ryanair ticket after 48 hours of booking?

Yes, without a doubt! If you made a mistake when entering the passenger information, you can amend the first and last names for free once for each traveler around 48 hours after making the reservation.

Q3. Is it possible to have a different name appear on a Ryanair plane ticket?

Sure, but you have to pay the name change fee for Ryanair. Also, once the aircraft has taken off, you might not be able to amend or modify your name.

Q4. Is a middle name required on a Ryanair ticket?

No, second or double-barrelled surnames or the Ryanair middle name are not required for tickets. The names on the flight ticket and other travel documents, such as the passport, should match for safety reasons.

Q5. What is the cost of a Ryanair name change?

It won’t cost anything if the traveler just modifies their name by three characters or alters their maiden name using legal documentation. However, there are Ryanair change fees for significant name changes or name changes made after 48 hours of booking.

Q6: How much does it cost to modify the name on a Ryanair vacation reservation?

The cost of a Ryanair name change is determined by the necessary modifications, the kind of ticket you have bought, and the time of your request. To find out more about Ryanair’s name change policy, visit their website.

Q7: How much is it to change your name in two days on a Ryanair flight?

If you have purchased your ticket directly from the Ryanair website, you are able to change your first or last name within 48 hours of making the purchase, therefore there is no price to change your name within two days of booking.

Q8. On a Ryanair airline ticket, how many letters can be changed in a name?

Up to three character corrections on a misspelled name are free of charge for travelers once, approximately 48 hours prior to departure.

Q9. Is it possible to use the website to modify the name on my Ryanair flight?

Yes, changing Ryanair’s name is a simple process. Go to My Trip > Manage Booking > Change a Name > Check the Price> Pay Now on the Ryanair website. Finally, Ryanair will send you an email with the modified name.

Q10. What is the price of changing the Ryanair name?

There are fines associated with major Ryanair name revisions and changes made after 48 hours of booking. Within 48 hours of buying a ticket, small name adjustments (up to three characters) are free. Give +44-800-051-3721, the Ryanair name change fee, a call to acquire the most recent information.

Q11. Does your boarding pass require the Ryanair middle name?

No, because as long as the name on your official photo ID matches the name on your boarding card, Ryanair doesn’t require you to add your middle name or another last name. You might need to present identification while requesting a name change.

Q12. A travel agent spelled my first name incorrectly when I bought my Ryanair ticket. Now what can I do?

Contact an agent at +44-800-051-3721 to start the Ryanair name change process. Give them the information about your reservation and the rationale behind the name change. Next, watch for the email or message confirming the Ryanair name correction or change.

Q13: I got married. Can I alter my name on my Ryanair ticket?

If you seek the name change with a copy of your legally binding marriage certificate, you can change your name to Ryanair for free. To update the name on your flight ticket, all you need to do is call the main Ryanair customer support number or this supplementary number: +44-800-051-3721.

Q14: What is the cost of a minor name correction on Ryanair?

Ryanair charges nothing for name corrections or small name changes that involve changing one or two characters per name.

Q15: Can Ryanair alter its name after a passenger has checked in?

It is feasible to change the name on a Ryanair airline ticket. You ought to ask Ryanair to let you off the plane without checking in. After that, you can start the name change process at the airport or online.

Q16: What is the phone number for Ryanair’s name change?

By going to its website, you can obtain the official Ryanair customer service number. However, if you are unable to reach customer support, you can resolve your issue by calling +44-800-051-3721.

Q17: Is it possible to ask Ryanair to change its name on social media?

Yes, you can use Ryanair’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to request a name change for your ticket. The social media enhances the traveler’s experience and verifies easy access to solutions for issues such as policy, name correction, and change.

Q18: How can I get in touch with a live representative to start the Ryanair name change process?

A live agent can be reached in two typical ways: The first option is to search for the customer support number on the Ryanair website. A second dependable way is to contact +44-800-051-3721, which will provide you with prompt assistance.

Q19: Can a passenger name change on Ryanair be started offline?

Yes, without a doubt! Contact Ryanair customer support to update or correct a passenger’s name. Alternately, you can call +44-800-051-3721 to resolve your name correction concerns and successfully finish the name change procedure.

Q20. How long is it possible to amend a name on a ticket in accordance with Ryanair’s name change policy?

You have up to two hours before the scheduled departure to modify the name on your flight ticket, per Ryanair’s name change policy. You might have to pay the Ryanair name change fee, though.


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