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How To Get on The United Upgrade List? A Complete Guide!

Are you envisioning an amazing first-class experience on your next travel with United Airlines? Do you want to take advantage of the extra legroom and other features that come with booking a premium cabin flight? The first step towards fulfilling this desire is to get on the United upgrading list.

You will discover how to get on United’s upgrade list and raise your chances of enjoying the benefits of flying first class by reading this page in its entirety. In addition, you will discover how to obtain an upgraded seat on United Airlines.

How Does United Upgrade List Work

The United Airlines upgrade seat list is a ranked list that controls who can upgrade from their original ticket class—for example, economy to business or business to first class—to a higher class. As a result, the upgrade list is determined by a number of variables, such as elite status, ticket class, and the availability of upgrade seats on United Airlines.

1- Booking the right fare class

It is crucial to book a fare class that is eligible for upgrades if you want to improve your chances of being added to the United upgrade list. Certain fare classes might not be appropriate for upgrades, such as extremely cheap economy tickets. Passengers have a better chance of being evaluated for a United Airlines upgrade if they select a higher fare class, such as business or economy plus.

2- Loyalty programs & elite status

Milega Plus, the airline’s loyalty program, provides a number of advantages to its customers. By reaching specific qualification requirements and achieving elite status through frequent travel, passengers can access a variety of benefits, such as automatic upgrades. Your chances of being added to the United upgrading list increase with your elite status.

3- Upgrade instruments & certificates

To safeguard an upgrade, United Airlines provides a range of United upgrade instruments and certificates. These consist of the ability to upgrade on specific domestic and international flights, as well as regional and global premier upgrades. Gaining knowledge about how to obtain and use these tools and certifications can greatly improve your chances of being added to the United upgrade list.

Once you have a thorough understanding of United Airlines’ upgrade policies and procedures, you can submit an online request for one. The necessary steps are listed below, which you can take as appropriate.

  • Use your selected browser to access the official United Airlines website.
  • From the upper-right corner, tap the sign-in icon.
  • Enter your right account number and password to access your United Airlines Mileage Plus account.
  • Select “Get an upgrade” from the list of options.
  • To upgrade the seat, select the “Travel class” that you wish to use.
  • Proceed by selecting your favorite seat(s) from the provided seat map.
  • Include the number and the total miles that are available for the request.
  • Examine the pertinent information and create a waitlist.
  • You’ll receive an email from United Airlines as soon as the upgrade is available and the list is cleared.
  • After completing the aforementioned procedures, you can obtain a United upgrade list at the time of flight check-in for your destination.

In addition to interacting with the customer support representative via the online process, you can also obtain a list of United upgrades. To get started, simply call United Airlines customer service and follow the prompts. After speaking with specialists, place your reservation on the United upgrade list.

An Overview of United Upgrade with Miles?

With over 35 additional airlines across the globe, including United, one of the biggest airlines in the world, travelers have an abundance of options for their next trip. But upgrading your ticket might be the best option if you want a little extra luxury.

It can be expensive to level up to a higher fare class. You can thus save hundreds of dollars by learning how to use miles to buy a United Upgrade. Please review the details of United Airlines upgrades with miles work and fees below before seeking an upgrade.

About United Upgrade with Miles

All United Airlines members, regardless of status, are eligible for MileagePlus upgrade rewards, which can be earned with miles on United Airlines or Star Alliance flights.

These enhancements are accessible for both internal and foreign travel. When upgrading an economy ticket with miles, you can choose between a seat in the next higher cabin or a premium plus seat in the main cabin. Upgrades aren’t available, though, for flights booked using miles, in basic economy, or at drastically discounted prices.

Things To Consider Before You Request An Upgrade with Miles

If you want a better flying experience, you must have realistic expectations. Here are some crucial things to think about.

1- There’s no guarantee

In the event that your United upgrade is full, you can be placed on a waiting. Should this occur, all miles, taxes, and co-pay you paid at the time you made your United Airlines upgrade request would be refunded.

The waitlist’s primary considerations are the type of upgrade, your status, the fare class, the cost of the United Airlines upgrade, and the time of your request.

2- You may get less than what you ask for

It is conceivable that you will not receive a United upgrade on every part of your flight if you are traveling in multiple segments. In spite of this, if you receive the upgrade on just one segment, United will often consider your MileagePlus Upgrade Award to have been used. To put it another way, if your goal is to enhance the entire reserve, you can be let down.

3- You may be charged a co-pay

In addition to your miles, United might additionally demand a “Co-pay” if your initial fare was discounted. If you are a premier member, there are specific areas where there are a few exclusions.

How Do You Get A United Upgrade With Miles During The Reservation?

This is the ideal moment to request a United airline upgrade if you already know you will do so while making your reservation. First, make sure you are signed into your MileagePlus account. Next, choose “Advanced search”.

Next, fill in the itinerary details and choose “MileagePlus Upgrade Award” as your United Airlines upgrade option. After that, you may compare your alternatives and see the cost in miles and co-pay under the United fare price. Your request will be promptly confirmed if there are seats available at the time of reservation; if not, you will be added to a waitlist.

How Do You Get A United Upgrade With Miles After Booking?

if you’ve already booked your ticket but later want to upgrade. To request one, there are three methods available.

  • Make an online upgrade request via your Mileage Plus account.
  • If you have prime status, call your designated premier line or a United Airlines reservation number.
  • Speak with a United Airlines person at the airport gate or check-in desk. Remember that this is only effective if you do it no later than 24 hours before your intended departure time.

Wrapping up!

Everything regarding United Airlines’ upgrade policy, including the online and offline methods for requesting an upgrade and being added to the list, is covered in the information above. It also shows all the relevant information on United States.

Even so, you can give the expert a call at their official helpline number to find out more about United’s upgrading policy. They will assist you in resolving your issues. If they aren’t able to reach you, you can reach them at Get Help, where you can get prompt answers to all of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the price of using miles to upgrade to a United flight?

The cost of an upgrade on United Airlines using miles is determined by a number of variables, including availability, fare class, seat type, and travel location. These variables also affect the cost of the miles. Upgrades typically begin at 5,000 miles, but they might cost significantly more for long-haul or premium cabins.

Q2. Is it possible to upgrade seats using United Miles?

Travelers on United Airlines are able to utilize their miles to purchase better seats. This can be accomplished by purchasing a ticket in a higher class and then requesting a United upgrade with miles.

Q3. Are my United Basic Economy tickets upgradeable?

Since Basic Economy rates are intended to be non-upgradable, United Airlines typically does not permit upgrades from these fares using miles or other methods. Additionally, upgrading to a higher class on United Airlines cannot be paid for.

Q4. Can I use my points to upgrade a United flight?

On United Airlines flights, you can use United MileagePlus miles—points from the airline’s reward program—to upgrade your seat.

Q5. Is it possible to upgrade to Economy Plus using United Miles?

On United Airlines flights, you can use your United MileagePlus points to upgrade to Economy Plus. The MileagePlus program’s elite status, the route, and the number of miles needed for this upgrade are only a few of the variables that could affect availability and the amount of miles needed.

Q6. How do I qualify for an upgrade on United?

There are a few different ways to qualify for an upgrade on United Airlines. By earning qualifying miles and segments, you can advance to elite status in United Airlines’ MileagePlus loyalty program. If availability and tariff regulations permit, you may also use MileagePlus miles to upgrade your current reservation or buy a ticket in a higher fare class.

Q7. Is it possible to enhance the United Award ticket?

With miles, a United Airlines award ticket can be upgraded; usually, this is done through MileagePlus. You can spend extra miles to request an upgrade to a higher cabin class for some award tickets, but availability and particular regulations may differ, so contact United for more information.

Q8. on what basis are United Airlines upgrades made?

The distance, ticket class, seat type, and premier status all affect how many miles are needed to qualify for a mileage plus upgrade award. You will not be required to pay a co-pay if you reserved a ticket in the O, Y, or B class; however, co-pays are required for other price classes.

Q9. How can I contact United Airlines to request an upgrade?

You can access your reservation by logging into your MileagePlus account and requesting an upgrade on United Airlines. You can also give United Reservations a call at your assigned elite service line or at their official phone.

Q10. What kinds of United Airlines flight upgrades are available?

Upgrades on United Airlines come in many forms, and they can be obtained either before or after a flight ticket is purchased. Use the airline representative mode to see whether there are any seats available for your preferred upgrade before requesting a United upgrade with miles. MileagePlus reward for upgrading Free improvements Upgrades to PlusPoints Star Alliance upgrades granted Quick improvements

Q11. How can I find out if there is a chance to upgrade my seat on United Airlines?

Use the United Airlines mobile app or website to see if seat upgrades are offered. Navigate to your MileagePlus account and choose your preferred search settings. Next, locate and save the expert mode option to make it active. You may check the available fare class in the expert mode, which shows you how many seats are available for upgrades in that fare class.


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