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How to Correct a Name on Ticket with Delta Name Change Policy?

Have you made a mistaken name reservation on a Delta flight? If so, don’t be alarmed. Under Delta Airlines’ name change policy, you can fix any mistakes you make. You must abide by Delta’s name change policy if you don’t want to get into difficulty using the incorrect name. Delta’s name correction policy can be of great assistance to you, regardless of the type of name adjustment you wish to file. A passenger needs to use the correct name when traveling. The name on the ticket and the ID card issued by the government must match.

To guarantee that every passenger travels under the correct name, Delta Airlines offers a number of avenues for name correction. The passenger is shielded from the penalties of traveling under the wrong name thanks to this arrangement.

What is Delta Airlines Name Change Policy?

In order to update the name on the ticket, there are a number of requirements outlined in Delta’s name correction policy. As a result, you have to fulfill every condition outlined in the name change policy. The specific guidelines and directives listed in the policy are as follows:

  • Seven days to twenty-four hours before the scheduled departure, a person may change their name.
  • In the event of a marriage, divorce, etc., a passenger may change their name on their ticket.
  • It is possible to change your middle name without changing your surname.
  • Simple name additions are allowed for passengers without changing the title in its whole.
  • If you can provide the appropriate legal documentation, you can change your name on your Delta ticket.
  • You can correct your name via the airport kiosk, representative number, or official website, in accordance with Delta’s name change policy.

Naming mistakes are a frequent occurrence. Frequently, when purchasing a ticket, passengers make mistakes. Nonetheless, the airline’s name change policy can assist the passenger in fixing these errors. In a similar vein, there are online and physical ways to correct your name if you wrote the incorrect initials on the Delta flight. The steps to take while changing the name online are as follows:

  • First: Use the internet browser to search for the official Delta Airlines website.
  • Secondly: Locate and select the “Manage My Travel” tab.
  • Third – You will be directed to the page where you must provide the required information, including the passenger’s last name and ticket number.
  • Fourth: Tap the reservation where the name has to be changed.
  • Fifth: Select Edit and make the required adjustments.
  • Sixth: Proceed with the “Save Changes” option.
  • Seventh: If necessary, pay the name change charge.
  • Finally, wait for Delta Airlines to email you to confirm the adjustments.

It is vital to remember that you might have to cancel the ticket if you don’t update the name on it within the allotted period. In such a case, you have to use Delta’s cancellation policy as assistance.

What is Delta Airlines Covid-19 Policy?

Covid-19 has presented significant challenges to all of us, but the aviation sector more so. But the airline sector has handled it quite well. Every airline has implemented a COVID-19 policy, which all passengers must abide with. Delta Airlines has a COVID-19 policy as well. It states that you can modify or cancel your ticket without incurring a change or cancellation fee if your COVID-19 health requirements prevent you from traveling. However, in the event of a flight change or cancellation, the passenger is required to pay the fare difference.

The passenger will receive eCredit, which they can utilize for future travel, in exchange for their flight change or cancellation reimbursement. The Basic Economy ticket cannot be changed by the passenger. If you’ve acquired a ticket directly from Delta Airlines, you can cancel the ticket within 24 hours without paying any fee.

Wrapping Up

By using Delta Airlines’ name change policy to change the name on the ticket, a traveler can avoid the last-minute difficulty. It provides three ways to change the name on the ticket: an offline option, an online option, and an airport kiosk. Passengers may make changes under Delta’s name change policy in the event of a marriage, divorce, or legal name change.
If a passenger notices that their first and last names are inverted on the Delta aircraft, they can change them. Additions to the name are possible without altering the full name. You can reach Flying Rules at Get Help if you run into trouble. One of the best travel websites, Flying Rules, tells travelers about various airline policies. Our trip advisors assist passengers in altering their names easily without any hassle.

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