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Allegiant Air Name Correction On Ticket , Fee

There are requirements and restrictions to follow in order to modify the name on the ticket, according to the Allegiant change name on ticket guidelines. Therefore, you should be aware of the boarding restrictions and circumstances before making a reservation, as well as the potential inconveniences associated with a misspelled name on your ticket or boarding permit.

What Is Allegiant Air Name Change Policy?

Passengers may correct spelling errors in their names up to four characters, per Allegiant’s name change policy. Please read the Allegiant modify passenger name rules carefully in case your request for a name change or correction exceeds four characters or if you need to change the name legally. Check your ticket or boarding card twice as well to reduce danger and maximize accommodations.

Allegiant Change Name On Ticket – Highlights

Allegiant Air’s name change policy includes a number of necessary guidelines designed to ensure hassle-free boarding. The most crucial things to think about before requesting a name change on an Allegiant airline ticket are listed below.

  • It is not possible for passengers to change who owns their ticket. This implies that they are unable to change the name on their ticket.
  • Following completion of the name change request, a re-issuance of your flight ticket will be delivered.
  • You are responsible for any Allegiant name change fees that may be related to your request for a name correction. Applicants for name corrections on Allegiant Air flights that are operated and promoted may submit an application.
  • The most stringent fare requirements will apply if there are several flight segments while executing an Allegiant Air name change on the ticket.
  • Following the airline’s approval of your request for a name change, you might have to select your seats or any other required travel items.
  • In the event that a traveler wishes to legally change the name on their ticket due to a marriage or divorce, they must provide the appropriate paperwork, such as passports.

Allegiant Air Name Change Types 

Name adjustments are not the only changes that can be made to flight tickets. Actually, because to legal issues, travelers are actually allowed to change their names under Allegiant’s name change policy.

1 – Change Name On Allegiant Airline Ticket (Due To Spelling Mistakes)

Passengers may change up to four characters in their first, middle, and last names as soon as they discover a spelling error on their airline ticket. You can complete this name modification request by going to the “My Trip” area of Allegiant Air’s official website. If necessary, you might be required to pay an Allegiant name change fee.

2 – Allegiant Name Change Policy (Due To Marriage/Divorce)

Allegiant Air’s name change policy permits passengers to easily change their name on reservations and board in the case of a legal name change brought on by marriage, divorce, or other personal circumstances. However, in accordance with Allegiant Air name change marriage requirements, valid identification and supporting documentation, such as court orders in divorce cases and a marriage certificate, may need to be supplied for validation.

3 – Add/Modify/Eliminate The Middle Name

You can easily add or change the middle name if it differs from the middle name on your airline ticket in your passport or any other government-approved document. To initiate a name change on Allegiant Air, simply contact the number provided and present the required identification when the changes are made.

4 – Adding Title/Prefix/Suffix To Passenger’s Name

You are allowed to add a title, prefix, and suffix to your first name in accordance with Allegiant Air’s modify passenger name criteria. The name change cost charged by Allegiant would be relevant to your particular ticket type. It’s possible that your new ticket will be issued in a higher service class. You will therefore be required to pay the fare difference.

Allegiant Name Change Policy For All Fare Classes

Allegiant offers three different fare classes: Allegiant Basic, Allegiant Bonus, and Allegiant Total. Trip Flex, which lets you amend your airline ticket without incurring additional fees, is a feature of all these classes. The Allegiant name change fee would not be applicable for tickets purchased through Trip Flex.

How To Change Name On Allegiant Air Boarding Pass?

Using a false name on your Allegiant Air boarding pass is not permitted. Make sure the name on your flight permit corresponds to the name on your official identity from the government.
To guarantee a happy journey, make sure to change your name as soon as you can if it appears wrong on your Allegiant boarding card. The easiest and most simple way to alter your name on your Allegiant boarding card is to call the representative directly at Get Help, even if you may also do this through the official website or by going to the airport desk.

Required Documents To Change Name On Allegiant Flight Ticket

Allegiant Air may want a copy of your marriage license if you wish to alter your name after getting married. You might be required to turn in court orders if you are divorcing someone. For validation, you must, however, submit a copy of your passport along with other forms of identification.

How To Change Passenger Name On Allegiant Flight Ticket?

Using the internet, phoning the agent, or going to the airport, travelers can request an Allegiant Air name change on their tickets. Read over the detailed instructions below for each option in detail.

Method 1 – Allegiant Air Name Change On Ticket Via Website

To complete your change of name on Allegiant flight ticket request, go to the official website and follow the step-by-step instructions.

  • First, go to Allegiant Air’s official website.
  • Second, look for the “My Trip” menu item.
  • Third: To access your booking, enter your last name and the six-digit booking confirmation code.
  • Fourth: Choose the name that you wish to change.
  • Fifth: Fill in the designated field with the correct name.
  • Sixth – To verify your modifications, you will need to send a copy of your passport along with any other documents that have been authorized by the government.
  • Seventh: If your reservation isn’t qualified for a free name change, pay the Allegiant name change cost.
  • Eighth: Wait until you receive an Allegiant name change confirmation from the airline once your request has been handled.

Method 2 – Allegiant Change Passenger Name Via Phone

In order to speak with professionals regarding Allegiant’s name change on tickets, travelers can call (702) 505-8888, which is the official phone number for Allegiant Air name change. On the other hand, contacting agents using the official number can occasionally be difficult and stressful. Thus, Get Help is another conveniently located Allegiant Air name change customer service number.
After phoning the number, take the actions listed below:

  • First, be patient and wait for the representative to join the call.
  • Secondly, once they’re linked, let them know about the name modifications you’d like to make.
  • Third: The executive will request your last name and the code from your booking confirmation.
  • Fourth – If appropriate, they may ask you to cover the Allegiant Air name correction fee while processing your request.
  • Sixth – Give them the court records that bear your true name.
  • Seventh: Eventually, they take your request and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Eighth: Hold off until your ticket confirmation from Allegiant Air has been corrected with your name.

Method 3 – Allegiant Air Change Name On Ticket At The Airport

Finding the wrong name on an Allegiant Air ticket just before takeoff is a scary experience. According to Allegiant Air’s name change policy, you have up to three hours before the scheduled departure to submit an application for an Allegiant name change or correction. If you have already checked in, you should have at least three hours to update your inaccurate name on the ticket at the airport.

Allegiant Transfer Ticket To Another Person

It is not permitted for travelers to transfer their tickets to another person under Allegiant’s name change policy. If you are unable to use your airline ticket, you can cancel it online by visiting the manage travel website.

Additionally, Allegiant prohibited you from changing your name completely on the ticket as, in certain cases, travelers can immediately resale their tickets or initiate the Allegiant Transfer Ticket To Another Person procedure. They never let you modify the full name on the Allegiant ticket in order to stop it. Furthermore, you can only make small adjustments at the airline by paying a fee.

There is no Allegiant Air name change cost for a small name change to the first or last name. However, depending on your fare type, eligibility, and the time you are seeking it, a significant name correction that ultimately results in reissuing your ticket may entail some specific name change charges.
You must pay 225 USD plus the difference in fee for an Allegiant name change on a ticket with up to 4 characters as well as for altering your middle name. The Allegiant Name change policy may charge you an additional 175 USD for the title, suffix, or prefix in addition to the fee difference.

What Is The Allegiant Air Name Change Phone Number? 

The phone number (702) 505-8888 is the official Allegiant Air name change number. If you would need your ticket’s name corrected, you can speak with agents directly. However, it can be challenging to get through to the official helpline number due to the weekend demand and poor connectivity. Call the easily accessible Allegiant Air name change customer care number, Get Help, in that scenario. The agents can handle your name change appeals and board with ease because they have knowledge with it.

Note: The purpose of Flying Rules is to inform travelers about airline regulations. As a result, everything of the material offered here is real and comes from reputable sources. Still, no matter the airline, we work hard to improve your travel experience as a service provider. Please be aware that Flying Rules is not responsible for the actions of the official airlines and will not be held accountable for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the policy for Allegiant Air name changes?

Passengers may amend their name on their tickets in accordance with Allegiant Air’s name change policy. Additionally, the cost of an Allegiant Air name correction varies based on the kind of price and the time of your request.

Q2. How can I call Allegiant to update my name on a flight?

Dial Get Helptoll-free Allegiant Air phone number change > Inform the representative of the modifications you wish to make to your name. Give them your last name and the ticket confirmation number. If necessary, pay the Allegiant name change cost. You will receive your updated ticket with the requested adjustments in a couple of minutes.

Q3. Can a passenger’s name be changed on Allegiant Air?

Yes, customers have the option to modify or amend their misspelled or incorrect name on their airline ticket thanks to Allegiant Air’s name modification policy.

Q4. How can my Allegiant flight ticket passenger name be changed?

By using the “manage reservation” option on the Allegiant Airline website or by calling Get Help and speaking with a representative, you can modify the name on your ticket.

Q5. How much does it cost to amend your name on an Allegiant Air reservation?

For Allegiant name changes on tickets with up to four characters, as well as for changing or adding middle names, you must pay 225 USD plus the applicable price difference. In addition to the fare difference, you will have to pay $175 USD to add the title, suffix, or prefix.

Q6. How can the name on an Allegiant boarding pass be changed?

To modify the name on your Allegiant boarding pass, you must give the official representatives with proof of your legal documents, such as your passport and driver’s license.

Q7. Can I modify the name on my Allegiant airline ticket?

No, passengers cannot transfer their ticket to another person or fully change their name on it with Allegiant Air. Spelling errors in names may only be corrected slightly.

Q8. What is the name change charge for Allegiant?

For small name corrections, there is no Allegiant name change cost. However, passengers are required to cover the expense of name revisions for significant or legal name changes.

Q9. What is the simplest way to alter your Allegiant name?

The easiest way to update the name or modify the ticket is to call Get Help and speak with an Allegiant Air person directly.

Q10. How far in advance can my Allegiant airline ticket name be changed?

As soon as you notice a spelling problem on your ticket, you have 24 hours to notify the airline in accordance with Allegiant’s name change policy.

Q11. What is the duration required for a name change on an Allegiant flight?

To modify the name on an Allegiant airline ticket, the airline typically needs at least 24 hours.

Q12. If I request a change of passenger name within 24 hours of making a reservation, how much will Allegiant Air charge?

If you request an Allegiant Air name change within 24 hours of making a reservation, there are no fees.

Q13. Is it possible for Allegiant to modify their name on their ticket?

You can change your name if you get married or divorced and your legal name changes. Allegiant change passenger name policy allows you to do that. But appropriate records can be needed as proof.

Q14. What paperwork is needed to update the name on a ticket issued by Allegiant Air?

Allegiant Air may require additional documentation, such as a passport or driver’s license, in addition to a marriage certificate (due to divorce), court orders, and other records in order to change the name on the ticket.

Q15. Does Allegiant’s passenger name policy not function when it changes?

If you plan to modify or transfer your ticket to someone else, Allegiant Air’s name change policy is useless.

Q16. How can I modify my name on an Allegiant airline ticket online?

Go to the official Allegiant Air website. Go to the “My Trip” section. Put your last name and 6-digit booking reference code here. Choose the name you wish to modify > Fill in the required field with the correct name. Send in your paperwork for verification > Cover the booking-related Allegiant name change charge > Hold off until you receive the ticket confirmation with the new name, Allegiant.

Q17. What phone number does Allegiant Air use to change its name?

To update the name on an Allegiant flight ticket, passengers can call (702) 505-8888. If, however, you are unable to get in contact with representatives, give Get Help a call for fast assistance (24/7 Allegiant Air name change customer service).

Q18. How can I get in touch with customer service to update my passenger name on Allegiant?

Press (702) 505-8888 to speak with an Allegiant representative. It may take you several minutes or even longer to get through to them. Therefore, call Get Help to get help right away.

Q19. Where can I get the most recent information about Allegiant Air’s ticket name change?

The website that has all the details about Allegiant Air’s name change is Flying Rules. You can contact the Allegiant Air name change customer service line at Get Help, which is open 24/7, for additional information.

Q20: Is it possible to modify the name on an Allegiant plane ticket?

According to Allegiant Air’s name change policies, every passenger embarking on the airline may request a name change or correction to their travel ticket.

Q21. Are Allegiant airline tickets transferable to another person?

Note that travelers are not allowed to transfer an Allegiant transfer ticket to another individual in accordance with the Allegiant name change policy. Consequently, you must cancel your airline ticket before to the scheduled departure if you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to utilize it.

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