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Air Canada Baggage Allowance: Essential Guide To Worry-Free Travel

You might want to familiarize yourself with Air Canada’s baggage policy and allowance if you intend to travel with them. This policy could be confusing, though, as there are a lot of limits to go over.

To make things easier, this piece will provide you with all the information you require regarding airline carry-on and checked baggage policies. Learn how much luggage you can bring on Air Canada and how to avoid paying baggage fees. We will also go over the maximum weight and size for your checked baggage as well as the costs involved in going over these restrictions.

What is Air Canada Baggage Policy?

It’s important to know what to expect when it comes to baggage when flying with Air Canada, one of the top airlines in Canada. Look at the details provided below.

  • Carry-on Baggage: Travellers on Air Canada are only permitted to bring one bag. The bag also satisfies every airline’s size criteria. The bag must weigh no more than 22 pounds and have a maximum size of 9 x 15.5 x 21.5 inches.
  • Personal items: Air Canada Airlines, like another US-based airline, allows personal check-in and does not consider your item to be carry-on luggage.
  • Additionally, personal things like laptop bags must be no heavier than 22 pounds and no bigger than 6 by 13 by 7 inches.
  • Domestic checked baggage: Depending on your destination and type of ticket, Air Canada has different policies for the size of your checked baggage.
  • International checked baggage: Air Canada, like many other airlines, has a different policy when it comes to international checked baggage.

Air Canada Basic Economy Baggage Policy & Allowance

It’s among the cheapest tickets the airlines have to offer. You are allowed to check two pieces of luggage using this, but there is a cost for each. $75 for the first bag and $100 for the second.

Regarding Air Canada’s basic economy baggage allowance policy, travelers are still permitted to check a bag. Still, the price will change depending on where you go. For flights to Europe, a checked bag costs $70 per trip; for trips to Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean, it costs roughly $30 per way.

Air Canada Business Class Baggage Allowance & Policy

Business class travelers are able to check in two-pound baggage for free. Additionally, priority baggage services are included with Business class tickets, streamlining the process of checking in and retrieving luggage. Air Canada business class and eligible Air Canada elite members will be the first to see priority luggage on the carousel since it is distinguished by special markings.

Depending on the itinerary of your journey, the Air Canada business class baggage allowance may change. Passengers in business class are allowed to check two bags, each no more than 32 kilograms in weight.

Air Canada Baggage Allowance or Fee for Checked Bags

When using Air Canada, the price of checked baggage varies according on your destination, the kind of ticket you bought, the departure location, and your frequent flyer status. Let’s review the summary of checked bag fees charged by Air Canada:

  • According to Air Canada’s basic economy and standard economy baggage policies, the first, second, and third bags can be as cheap as $30, $50, and $100 each way, respectively.
  • First checked baggage are free for flights to countries other than Mexico, the Caribbean, or the United States. Additionally, passengers can check a second bag for no more than $100, with the exception of flights between Europe and Canada, where the first bag will cost $70 in economy basic ticket.
  • Air Canada’s basic economy baggage allowance for international flights is $30 for the first bag, $50 for the second, and up to $225 for the third.
  • There is often a complimentary checked baggage allowance for business, rough class, premium economy, Air Canada Express, and various economy rates. Nevertheless, you can potentially be exempt from the Air Canada luggage cost if you hold an Altitude or Star Alliance membership.

Air Canada Extra Baggage Price for Oversized & Overweight Bags

Overweight bags weigh between fifty and seventy pounds (23 and thirty-two kilometers), while big bags have measurements between sixty-three and one hundred and fifty-five centimeters (160 and 292 cm).

For overweight or oversized suitcases as well as any additional bags beyond your allotted baggage, you will be responsible for the following Air Canada extra baggage cost.

Flight RouteOverweight and Oversized BagsAdditional Bag
Within Canada$105 to $115$105 to $115
Between Canada and the United States$105 to $1115$105 to $115
Between Canada and Mexico, the Caribbean, or Costa Rica$100 to $118$225 to $265.50
Other international travel$100 to $118$225 to $265.50

How Much Weight Can We Carry in An International Air Canada Ticket?

When flying internationally on Air Canada, the regulations governing baggage may differ depending on the class you are traveling in and the maximum weight that can be carried. Additionally, there are a few circumstances that may require you to pay the Air Canada excess luggage tax, which are detailed below:

  • Economy Class: Each bag in this class may weigh up to 23 kg. If it weighs more than that, it may weigh between 23 and 32 kg, however an additional $105 may be charged.
  • In premium economy class, each passenger’s permitted luggage weight is limited to 23 kilograms. Yet, if it is surpassed, the cost of additional baggage on Air Canada may come to almost $105 dollars.
  • Premium Rogue Class: Passengers in this class are allowed up to 32 kg of luggage per person, with the option to check in for a further 32 kg for a fee.
  • One of the airline’s premium classes, business class allows customers to bring 32 kilograms of approved luggage. The most weight you can add to your flight by paying Air Canada is 32 kilos.

How to Avoid Air Canada Baggage Fees?

Now that you are aware of Air Canada’s baggage allowance and the potential costs associated with these charges, let’s examine strategies to reduce them.

1- Only pack a Carry-On

Don’t check any bags—this is a tried-and-true method of avoiding Air Canada baggage fees. With Air Canada’s usual carry-on restriction, you can bring along a small luggage for your trip. You save money and time by doing this.

2- Join the Loyalty Program

Air Canada Miles is a particularly special rewards program offered by Air Canada. Members of this reward program earn miles for their purchases through partnerships. Easy redemption options include using the airline booking website, where you receive additional credits for miles, or redeeming the miles for Air Canada flights and fees. If you purchase your ticket on the airline website, you can also use these points to cover the baggage cost charged by Air Canada.

3- Buy a Premium Ticket.

Air Canada offers a range of ticket categories, including business class, latitude, premium economy, comfort, flex, basic, and standard. The basic economy and standard economy baggage allowances for Air Canada tickets do not apply to checked bags. But since this isn’t a flight, it’s preferable to estimate expenses using the Air Canada official website’s checked luggage calculator.

4- Bring Your Military Program

You can check up to three bags for free if you are a current or former member of the armed forces in the United States or Canada, but each bag cannot weigh more than 70 pounds. To receive this perk, provide a valid military ID to an airport customer service agent. This could be a temporary military ID, discharge documents, and a current photo ID.

5- Use a Travel Card

Paying for checked baggage can be avoided by using a travel credit card. You can use the annual travel credit that some of the best credit cards give to cover the additional luggage fee on Air Canada. Transferring credit card points to partner reward programs, like frequent flyer miles, is another feature of many travel cards.

Wrapping Up!

By looking at the information on Air Canada baggage allowance and fees mentioned above, we hope that all of your questions will be answered. However, if you still have questions or need more information, kindly contact the airline’s customer service.

You are invited to ask the customer care team any additional questions you may have on the cancellation policy, flight change policy, and Air Canada name change policy in addition to information regarding luggage. In the event that their official number is unreachable, contact a travel expert right away by calling Get Help

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