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BharatPe App Contact Phone Number

Why need customer support including issues and problems in BharatPe?

BharatPe is a free payments software that allows you to accept UPI and debit cards from any app. It simplifies
payment acceptance by providing retailers with a single QR code that can pay directly from Google Pay, Paytm, BHIM, Amazon UPI, PhonePe and 150+
other banking applications. BharatSwipe can also take debit and credit card payments. BharatPe is used by almost 70
lakh retailers. You may invest your collections and earn up to 12% interest every year. Furthermore, you may obtain
a loan to help your business expand at a very cheap interest rate.

When using an online payment app, there are various variables to consider. When you send money to someone else,
there will always be network issues. When you make the payment, the app says that it’s not been processed, yet the
account on the bill displays a debit balance. If you do any of those questions, you should typically contact
customer support, who will be able to assist you in addressing the issue.

BharatPe Product And Services

About Service and Product in BharatPe?

BharatPe, which launched in late 2018, provides financial services to businesses. It began by providing UPI
compatible QR codes, UPI compensation merchant cash advances, and 0% MDR users of the financial services. For the
licensing, BharatPe has teamed with Centrum Financial Services. With its innovative business model, BharatPe
intended to fill this need by providing loans to merchants or small shops in order to generate money. BharatPe
commercially released its QR Code in August 2018, and six months later began offering loans.

BharatPe Foundation , Owner, Headquarter

About BharatPe Company Foundation, Owner, Head Office, funding  in BharatPe?

BharatPe is an Indian finance business that serves smaller merchants and kirana shop owners. The firm provides a
variety of fintech goods, including an interoperable Barcode for UPI payments, a POS system for card processing, and
small business funding. It enables small retailers to accept free UPI (National Payment Interface) payments using
BharatPe QR codes. It also provides commercial loans worth up to Rs. 7 lakhs for terms ranging from 3 to 12 months.
Other offerings include a peer-to-peer financing platform called 12 percent Club. In 2020, they debuted the Digital
Gold product, which lets customers trade for 24-karat gold with a purity of 99.5 percent. Ashneer Nair is the
Co-founder, he founded this company back in 2018. Later in 2020, Mr. Suhail Sameer was recruited as their group
president. Bharatpe headquarters is in New Delhi, Delhi, India. BharatPe has raised $700 million in total. They have
currently completed 12 rounds of fundraising. Aside from that, the corporation has taken on a 100-crore debt. Tiger
Global Management has agreed to support them in the amount of $370 million.

BharatPe Corporate Office & Location Address

  • Delhi [Head Office] : A-45, Corner Market, Malviya Nagar, Opp. Panchshila Rendezvous, New
    Delhi, Delhi 110017
  • Bangalore : 579/B, 2nd Floor, RT Square, Sector 6, HSR Layout Next to Bank of India, Bangalore
    – 560102.
  • Mumbai : 4B-20, 4th Floor Pheonix Paragon Plaza, Pheonix Market City L.B.S. Marg, Kurla (West)
    Mumbai – 400070
  • Hyderabad : 56th Floor, Dwaraka Center Plot no. 57, Hitech City Rd, VIP Hills, Jaihind Enclave,
    Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081
  • Pune : Office No 108, City Point Building, Dhole Patil Road Pune – 411001

BharatPe Funding and Financial Source

The following is a detailed description of BharatPe funding:


  • Preliminary Fundraising Round: On October 1, 2018, BharatPe announced its seed funding round.
    Six investors participated in the investment round, which raised $2 million. Beenext Capital and Venture Capital
    India were the major investors in this round of fundraising.
  • Preliminary A Funding Round: A Fund BharatPe’s financing round, announced on February 21, 2019,
    included four investors. Sequoia Investment India, Insight Partners, and Beenext Capital were the primary
    investors in the $14.5 million investment round.
  • Series B Investment Round: On June 4, 2019, BharatPe launched its Series B fundraising round.
    The investment round included 5 investors and raised $50 million. Ribbit Capital, Steadview Capital, Sequoia
    Capital India, Insight Partners, and Beenext Capital were among the Series B investors.
  • Series C Fundraising Round: On February 24, 2020, the Series C BharatPe financing round was
    announced. It brought in $75 million, with Coatue Capital serving as the principal investor. Ribbit Capital, Amplo
    VC, Insight Partners, and Steadview Capital also participated in this round of fundraising for BharatPe.
  • Debt Funding: On January 6, 2021, BharatPe launched its debt financing round, which raised $2.5
    billion from four investors. Altaria Capital, Innoven Capital, and Trifecta Capital Advisors were the lead
    investors in BharatPe’s debt fundraising round.
  • Series D Financing Round: BharatPe announced the Series D fundraising round on February 11,
    2021. Seven investors participated in the capital round, with Coatue Management serving as the lead investor. The
    fundraising round raised $108 million.
  • Debt Financing: BharatPe announced an additional round of debt financing on May 10, 2021.
    Northern Arch was the lone investor in this investment round, which raised $500 million.
  • Series E Investment Round: On August 4, 2021, BharatPe announced a Series E financing round
    that raised $350 million, propelling it to the list of Unicorn businesses. Tiger Global Management was the primary
    investor in the investment round, which included eight investors.
  • Second Market: On August 4, 2021, BharatPe also launched a private market investment of $20
    million. Website , APP download  in BharatPe?

The Playstore is the most convenient method for Android users to obtain the app, while the Appstore is the most
easy way for Apple users to get the app.
Apple users: Download
BharatPe From Apple Store

Android users: Download BharatPe From Google Play Store

Business And Revenue Model BharatPe?

BharatPe has a highly unusual business concept, and as a result, it has developed rapidly. During the epidemic,
BharatPe had rapid expansion. They discovered a clever strategy of expansion during this time. They used UPI to
facilitate completely free transactions. BharatPe was offering this at a time whenever its competitors were
collecting costs of less than 1.5 percent. This is why many suppliers began to migrate to BharatPe.

The elimination of transaction fees encouraged more users to utilize the site. It also served as an indirect
marketing channel for BharatPe. When the vendors arrived on this website, they immediately began studying it
thoroughly. The platform was created to be a one-stop shop for all types of payments. They have created a variety of
items to meet the needs of the people.

How To Contact Support in BharatPe?

Below are the ways to contact support for BharatPe are as follows:

+91-7281041111, 7281042222 or you can write down your problem and mail them on
this Email ID .

Also you can raise you’r voice on Social Media Contact BharatPe

  • Linkedin :
  • Facebook :
  • Instagram :
  • Twitter :
  • Grievance Information BharatPe?

    BharatPe has developed a template to ensure that your concerns are addressed and handled by the proper team.
    Customers are encouraged to read and understand the organization chart below to guarantee that their issue is
    resolved as quickly as feasible. BharatPe recommends that consumers extensively read their help sections, which
    provide self-help to customers.

    If you have any queries or encounter any difficulties that are not addressed on the support pages, please contact
    the customer service team through phone, email, or the BharatPe App. The vast majority of customer issues may be
    resolved through the in-app assistance channel. In any exceptional case where You desire to elevate the issue to
    next level, You must first ensure that You will have explored the previous level(s) and The matter remains
    unresolved or unaddressed to Your satisfaction.

    FAQs : BharatPe Login, Account, Password, Payments

    What If A Customer Forgets The Password In BharatPe ?

    If a customer forgets the password to reset it password from the app login screen, follow the steps below:

    1. Choose Forgot Password.
    2. Enter your registered cell phone number.
    3. Enter the 5-digit restoration code/OTP sent to the connected cell phone number. If you do have SMS
      access enabled, the OTP will be automatically retrieved.
    4. Make a new four-digit app passcode.

    You may also log in if you already logged in.

    1. Select your profile photo from the PhonePe app’s main screen.
    2. Change Password is available under the Security section.
    3. Type in your existing password.
    4. Note: Select Forgot password? if you have forgotten your current password.
    5. Enter your new password.
    6. Press and hold the Confirm button.

    How To Delete The Account In BharatPe ?

    Below Are the different ways to delete account in BharatPe:

    1. Remove a bank account
    2. Follow the procedures below to delete a checking account that you’ve used to receive merchant payments
      from Google:
    3. Enter your Play Console username and password.
    4. Select Settings.
    5. Then click on Payment Settings.
    6. Choose the Payment Method from the drop-down menu under “How you get paid.”
    7. Click Remove next to the account you want to remove.
    8. Click Delete on the screen that appears to simply eliminate that payment method off your payments

    How To Keep Your Account Safe If It Is Hacked On Skype ?

    You can set the two side verification on skype, you can get your email id and phone number registered with
    skype. It will help to keep your account protected and free from hackers. Don’t ever share your OTP with any
    random person and skype doesn’t ask or call to know about the code.

    How To Keep Your Account Safe If It Is Hacked In BharatPe

    Below are the ways to keep your account safe if it is hacked In BharatPe:

    1. First step is to Add security information to your profile to make it simpler to recover if it is
    2. It’s critical to maintain this information up to date since it can help maintain your account secure.
    3. On the Security fundamentals page, you may add or change your security information.
    4. Alternatively, you may discover more about Security details & passcodes and obtain actions to help
      safeguard your account right away.

    What To Do When An Account Is Blocked In BharatPe ?

    If your account is blocked in BharatPe you can contact the customer care and tell them your problem. They will
    look at the concern and will sort it out for sure.

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