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Tubi TV (Streaming Service) – Support Phone Number


San Francisco, California, United States


37.7790262, -122.419906

Tubi TV – Your Access to Free Oscar Winning Content
Tubi TV is a VoD (Video on Demand) company based in San Francisco, California. This TV was started back in 2014 and since then has made its way into millions of homes in the country. Tubi is much loved for its free content from top production houses like Lions gate, Paramount pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, etc (ad supported). When it started in 2014 the company had a content of 20,000 film and television videos and today it can boast of 50,000 titles, which is close to what Netflix has achieved so far. Also, Tubi adds new content every week to ensure that its customers always stay on top of the entertainment segment. Tubi TV can be watched on Android and iOS mobile devices and on all the OTT options like Apple TV, Roku, Cromcast, Xbox 360, Sony Play station, etc.
Top Features of Tubi TV

  1. Tubi TV is completely free with its top rated content and ad supported streaming. It provides access through various devices and is a best choice for individuals who love to watch Oscar winning content on their preferred devices.
  2. The movies on Tubi are licensed and so are the shows.
  3. The selection of movies is large and is updated on regular basis, making Tubi one of the richest collections of movies next to NetFlix.
  4. The ads on TV are short, usually ranging between 15-30 seconds. These ads are played before, in between and after a show. The ads also play every time you pause and play your show.
  5. Tubi is best for watching top quality movies, it won’t be that great for TV shows. It has a very limited number of TV shows that are good and much in demad.
  6. Tubi offers no original content and hence, no expenses and no fee. Because Tubi does not have to pay for purchasing any original content it can offer its library for free. It earns completely from the ads.

Tubi TV Phone Number – +1.479.408.1331
Tubi TV provides round the clock customer support on its support number 479.408 1331. Are you facing issues like sign in, device sync and streaming issues, then place a call on this number. If the connection is down in your area or you cannot understand why you are getting a blank screen once you login, this is the number you have to call on.
Tubi Tv Email Support –
The company provides excellent support to its customers on their support email id If you are facing problems with your login or you cannot sync your account with the device that you are using at the moment, compose a mail with details of your issue and send it to the above mentioned support email id of Tubi Tv.
Tubi TV Help Center –
Tubi TV has a Help Center Page which has links based on different devices. These links direct the users with instructions to install and troubleshot Tubi on those particular devices. Once you are on the page of a particular device the users can get detailed help like how to register using Roku and even how to turn on subtitles on Roku. There is also guidance available to use features like Parental Controls and Title Queues. So, if you need help with your Tubi TV, check out this page.
Tubi Tv Support Page –
Tubi TV has a support page, where it asks the customers to fill in a form with their issues and contact details. If you are facing any kind of problem with your connection like you are failing to use Chrome cast or you are getting “hang on a sec” message, click on the above link and reach the support page.
Tubi TV On Social Media
Twitter – @TubiTV
Tubi TV uses its twitter handle to provide information about its upcoming and scheduled movies and shows on the TV. Follow Tubi on Twitter to stay updated about what can be watched after work, while binging on a pizza. Use this handle to report issues like poor streaming quality or missing audio in a show.
Facebook –
You can also use facebook page of Tubi as a good source of information about the latest shows on the TV. It is also a good platform to stay updated about the news related to TubiTV and to find help from the company for your problems.
Tubi TV is not a paid service and hence you have to always ensure to look for help on every possible platform. If you fail to find a resolution from the company, you can always rely on a customer service directory like HowContact. This directory is dedicated towards providing customer service 24×7 and has a team of trained professionals who know how to take care of every customer issue.  HowContact is a credible service that provides contacts and other information about the business in concern and has a high first call resolution rate.

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