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DANA APPS Contact Email , Phone Number

Why do we need customer support including issues and problems in Dana Apps?

DANA has a user base of 30 million people. It’s an e-wallet from Indonesia. Paying online, in-store, and making mobile top-ups and bill payments are all feasible with DANA Apps. All of this can be done with one app, which allows users to make secure cashless and cardless payments in everyday situations. To do cashless transactions DANA works like magic.The transactions can be done like magic anywhere at any time. It enables you to easily do all sorts of cashless and card-less transactions. From buying mobile recharge credits / data package, payments at various DANA merchants, to bill payments (electricity, water, BPJS, insurance, and installments).

There are a few situations that may cause the load issue in mobile apps. If the audio/video loading problem with DANA App is not updating properly in the phone or app notifications are not working properly, you can deposit money into DANA. But don’t see it added to your balance. Then we need customer support including issues and problems in DANA.

DANA APPS Company Foundation , Head Office

About Company Foundation, Owner, Head Office, funding in DANA Apps?

DANA is an Indonesian technology financial company that performs as a solution for digital payment 4.0 to replace conventional wallet.

Vincent Iswara is the CEO & founders of the company. The head office of the company is in Asia-Pacific (APAC), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and Southeast Asia. It was founded on date Jul 2017

Online and In-Store Shopping By DANA APPS

About Service and Product in DANA Apps?

DANA is a digital wallet developed in Indonesia. DANA users create a 6-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) by enrolling using their cell phone number (PIN). They may fund their DANA account by transferring funds from their bank account or making a cash deposit at a participating retailer after registering.

How to pay with DANA

  1. Scan Dana QR code faster and safer payment
  2. Send and request money as easy as chatting
  3. Save bank cards for more convenient payments
  4. Try split bill non fussy way for all to pay

The redirect page is valid for five minutes by default when a shopper is diverted to DANA. The pages will time out after five minutes. Payments to DANA must be at least 300 IDR. DANA will not display as a payment option for transactions under 300 IDR. Send money, buy pulsa, pay bills, and make e-commerce transactions with ease.

DANA has world class security technology that provides 24 hours protection for all network systems. DANA ensures 100% secured protection with a money back guarantee.

After shoppers select to pay with DANA:

  1. Shoppers are redirected to the DANA website where they are prompted to log in with their mobile number.
  2. Shoppers authenticate the payment by entering their 6-digit PIN.
  3. Shoppers are prompted to confirm the payment.
  4. The payment result is displayed to the shopper on the DANA site.
  5. Shoppers are redirected back to your website or mobile app.

Website, APP downloads in DANA APPS?

From the Google play store you can get DANA apps. The website name is

Apple users: Dana APP Store PhonePe APP Download Dana From Apple Store

Android users: Dana APP Google Play Store Download Dana From Google Play Store

Business and Revenue Model DANA APPS

Business and Revenue model in DANA Apps?

The recent success of DANA’s new “battle format” teams exemplifies the company’s enhanced organisational unity and alignment around product development with Product board. These cross-divisional teams, formed to deliver on specified important business objectives, meet weekly and use Product board to track and update progress.

The company is now broadening its target demographic to include additional small and medium-sized enterprises that might benefit from digital payment processing. DANA’s development process continues to evolve with the support of regular check-ins with Product board’s customer success team as the demands of this new audience demand increasingly complicated solutions.

How To Contact Support in DANA Apps?

You can reach out by given contact email- and phone number -1500445

You can send these details via e-mail to

  • Social Media Contact
    • Twitter :
    • FaceBook :
    • Instagram :

Grievance information in DANA Apps?

Equipped with the most sophisticated and reliable security system for risk-free transactions. Terms and conditions of Dana Apps

FAQs : Dana Apps In-Store or Online Purchase Issue , Problem , Refund

What if a customer forgets the password in Dana Apps?

If you forget your DANA PIN, follow the “Change PIN” guide or follow the steps below:

· Open your DANA app.
· When the PIN request appears on the Login page, tap “Forgot PIN”.
· To verify your account, enter the 4 digits code sent to your mobile number.
· If you have activated the “Security Question”, please enter your NIK (KTP number) or answer the 3 Security Questions in the DANA app.
· If you enter the right answer, you will be asked to enter your new DANA PIN.
· If you enter the wrong answer 3 times in a row, you will be directed to contact DANA Customer Service.
· However, if you haven’t activated the “Security Question”, you can proceed immediately to enter your new DANA PIN.
· Next, re-enter your new DANA PIN.
· You have successfully changed your DANA PIN!

How to delete the account in Dana Apps?

Submit the User’s official request to EDIK through the DANA Application, by entering the “me” menu on the DANA Account, selecting the “Deactivate Account” menu, entering the User’s email address and selecting “Deactivate”.

How to keep your Account safe if it is hacked In Dana Apps?

1. Try to restart the LWB+ machine. Also advise customers to exit the DANA application and do a refresh first because these problems can occur due to poor network.
2. When this is done, try to make the transaction again.
3. Pressing FN+0+ENTER keys on the keypad.
4. If it doesn’t work, please unplug/restart LWB+.
5. If conditions are normal, please retry the transaction.
6. If it doesn’t work, you can contact Merchant Services at 0804 1500 445 .

What are the different payments In Dana Apps?

1. Please wait until there is a response from the customer DANA application.
2. If the payment fails, try to restart the LWB+ machine.
3. Also advise customers to exit the DANA application and do a refresh first because these problems can occur due to poor network.
4. After this is done, try to make the transaction again.
5. Please continue to provide the product if from the customer’s point of view it has been successful.
6. Please check the last transaction on the keypad by pressing the “FN”, “0” and “ENTER” buttons, if there is none, please note the customer’s DANA number and TXN ID (can be checked from the customer’s payment history, there is a description of Merchant Order ID / see below Barcode there is a GP code take the last 5 digits) and confirm to the DANA team to make sure the payment is successful or failed.

What to do when an Account is blocked in Dana Apps

If the DANA account is blocked because you have entered an incorrect password (PIN) up to 3 times in a row, please wait for 1 hour and your account will automatically be re-activated.

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