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Curiosity Stream Phone Number
Curiosity stream is a video on demand service that is available on ad free subscription basis. This service is a favorite when it comes to exclusive content on nonfiction documentaries and exclusive series on nature, history, science and technology. It offers its customers more than 1500 licensed and original titles and close to 600 hours of nonfiction media.
Curiosity was launched by Discovery Channel’s founder John S. Hendricks. It was launched internationally in on 29th of 2015.  Since December of 2015, CuriosityStreaming is offered as a part of add on subscription known as Amazon-CuriosityStream. Since then, Curiosity has collaborated with VRV streaming and Sling TV.
Features of Curiosity Stream Phone Number

  • Curiosity provides content from the top documentary studios like NHK, BBC, ZED, TerraNova and many more good brands. They also create their variety of their original content at curiosity studios.
  • Streams more than 1,500 documentaries that can be watched anytime, anywhere.
  • All the content can be watched nonstop without commercial interruptions.
  • There is no compulsory annual contract but if you get one you can get good discounts.
  • Curiosity can be watched on multiple devices and is available on Chromecast, Roku, Android, iOS, XboxOne and amazon fireTV.

Curiosity Stream Phone Number – 1-844-778-8999
Curiosity Stream customer service phone number is a limited hour service. Call this number if you want to reset your account password, change your payment method, cancel your subscription or report issues with your streaming. You can also call this number if you are getting an error message instead of your show or if you want to understand your billing history. This phone number is a good way to resolve problems related to Curiosity stream within minutes.
Ask a question related to your account; write to Curiosity Stream Email Support –
Send an email to Curiosity if you need help with your account. You can ask questions related to taxes on your account, the breakdown of your plan and if you want to understand how to activate or use the kids mode. Shoot a mail if you want to understand your subscription better and would like to learn more about the international subscription pricing.
Get answers to all your questions on CuriosityStream’s Help Page –
If you are DIY a person, head to the help page of Curiosity. Here you will find a complete list of FAQ’s that will help you resolve any kind of issue that you might be having with your subscription. Visit this page if you are want to learn how to bookmark your videos or you are facing a flickering issue with your Roku. Also check out this page for subscription and payment related issues. If you do not find your problems on the page, post your own question and customer service team will get back to you with their solution.
Add Cusriosity Stream Twitter page- @curiositystream for latest news, upcoming programs and updates
CusriosityStream’s Twitter page is a good place to find the latest updates from the company and also for issues. Visit this page to know the schedule of your favorite shows and to learn about all the upcoming shows by the channel. Follow this twitter handle to always stay updated and to also find solutions to problems of all sizes related to the brand. The company responds to the problems tagged to this handle asap.
If all the above mentioned help resources fail for you, you can always visit a customer care directory like . This directory is made up of a team of customer experts and professionals who are dedicated towards providing quick and effective resolutions to the customer. They provide the contacts of the individuals in the right department and help you reach out to officials who can solve your problem. This is one of the best toll free search directory and has a very high rate of first call resolution.

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