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Charter Communications Headquarters 12405 Powerscourt Dr. St. Louis, MO 63131


42.3235, 74.0829

Charter Communications Phone Number

Charter Cable Ranks Among the Worst!
Charter now owned and Runs by Spectrum TV , hence you need to call Spectrum TV Phone Number to avail services .

Charter Cable ® started out in 1993 providing Americans with cable TV service. Through dedication and hard work as well as unparalleled customer service we have experienced exponential growth and now offer our customers a vast host of products and services. We provide all the latest & greatest communication and entertainment technologies at truly affordable prices along with superior customer support.

Charter Cable Phone Number

Charter Cable is an American Cable Telecommunication Company. It was founded in 1993 at St. Louis, Missouri, United States by Barry Babcock, Jerald Kent & Howard Wood. This company offers its services and business to its consumer under Charter Spectrum brand. On May 2016 Charter acquired Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. It is third largest pay television company in United States. It serves Broadband, Cable television, Digital Cable, Digital Telephone, HDTV, Home Security, Internet, VoIP Phone services etc. in United States.

When we first launched our small company in 1993, the only cable service we offered was analog video. Now almost 15 years later we are a Fortune 500 company, offering you the very best in digital entertainment & communications products and services for your home. We provide a full range of advanced, state-of-the-art broadband services to Americans, including superior quality cable television delivered by way of an advanced digital video program platform via Digital Cable and High-Speed Internet Services. We also provide B2B video, data and Internet protocol solutions through our Cable Business Division. Our Advertising sales & productions service are distributed under the Charter Media Brands.

Several Years ago, our Chairman envisioned a global-wide broadband network system that would interconnect every single home on the planet, facilitating the convergence of TV’s, PC’s, the World Wide Web and communications.

This vision stems from the affordability and ease of acquisition of personal computers, the phenomenal growth in broadband products & services, amazing advances in electronic/digital technologies including the explosion of the Internet.

Being cable is so easily able to transmit audio, video and electronic data at super fast speeds to any home or working environment, is quickly achieving the vision of it’s Chairman

The Benefits of Charter Cable Services

In the past several years, we have worked diligently toward rebuilding the cable networks that allows us to deliver advanced technologies to all Americans delivered by our broad band footprint. Now, the exact infrastructure that transmits Audio/video to your home now has the ability to transport massive amounts of Data to televisions, computers and phones at speeds far surpassing those of regular telephone lines. That’s because of the fact that we have updated our all of our cable lines to include the more stable combination of fiber optics and coaxial wiring.

We call this new system of delivering data “broadband” because the combination fiber optics and coax increases our network band width, or the huge frequency range the network is capable of carrying.

Our customers, now enjoy a expanded choice of Audio/Video programming, hi-speed-Internet , Digital Cable TV, Video on Demand, HDTV, Interactive Products and Services including telephone service, and whatever else future may offer.For more details check our terms and conditions

Customer Service Support Charter

Since our inception we’ve been focused on providing only the highest quality service, the most advanced technologies along a wide range of Audio/Video products & services all at a competitive price. Over a Decade later That same commitment to customer service and affordable pricing has never changed. Check full information here Charter Communications Customer Service Phone .

We believe in making our technology available to as many Americans as possible by offer truly affordable prices, which we further enhance when you Buy bundled packages that include Cable, Internet and Phone services.

We are so committed to customer care that we have recently added additional call centers that feature state-of-the-art equipment along with an intensive employee training program to keep our Customer Care Representatives abreast of the latest developments.

Our Success has always relied on local employees who live and work in the same neighborhoods as our customers. We employ more than 17,500 people working in over 4,000 locations across America, enabling us to respond to whatever requirements you may have.

If there is ever an outage of any kind, we have the manpower and expertise to get you up and running fast. If you ever require same day service, we have the ability to be there within hours

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