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Amazon Pay Contact Email , Phone Number

Why need customer support including issues and problems in Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is an option offered to Amazon consumers that allows them to enjoy the security and convenience of Amazon wherever they purchase. You can use Amazon Pay whenever you see it – whether it’s when you’re shopping online at your favorite retailers, or when you’re out and about. There are several aspects to consider while utilizing an online payment app. There are always network troubles while sending money to someone else. Whenever you make a payment, the app indicates that it has not been completed, despite the fact that the accounts on the bill show a negative balance. If you have any of these questions, you should usually contact customer service, who are able to assist you in resolving the problem. If you are looking for Amazon USA Contact details, you can also find some alternative ways to resolve issues related to the Amazon Pay wallet.

About Amazon Pay Company , Foundation , Head Office

About Company Foundation, Owner, HeadOffice, funding In Amazon Pay

Mahendra Nerurkar is the CEO and Managing Director of Amazon Pay India. Amazon Pay’s objective is to provide customers and businesses with the most trustworthy, simple, and gratifying payment experience possible. Through a collaboration with gift-card maker QwikCilver, the company debuted a prepaid wallet just on a shopping platform in 2016, primarily to prevent payment failures and offer reimbursements to consumers returning purchases. The head office is in Bangalore. Amazon Pay India, Amazon’s payments processing unit in India, had received Rs 1,000 crore in investment from its parent company, Amazon Corporate Holdings. According to a company statement by Amazon Pay India, Singapore-based Amazon Global Holdings has been allocated 100 crore Rs 10 shares.

HeadQuater Amazon Pay Country Wise
India : Amazon PAY (india) Private Limited 8TH FLOOR, BRIGADE GATEWAY 26/1 DR. RAJKUMAR ROAD BANGLORE KA 560055 IN
United States : Amazon Payments, Inc. 410 Terry Ave N. Seattle, Washington 98109-5210
United Kingdom : 1 Principal Place, Worship St, London, EC2A 2FA, United Kingdom

Also Amazon Pay Inc. Corporate offices available in following countries Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden.

About Service and Product AmazonPay

Amazon is not a retailer. It’s a service company. The cornerstone to Amazon’s services would be that Amazon is the company’s largest customer.

Below are the various Amazon’s services:

  1. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which is the company’s cloud computing branch. While attempting to develop its very own infrastructure, Amazon recognized it could also provide Facilities to other businesses, which has since become Amazon’s most successful industry.
  2. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service that allows small businesses to leverage Amazon’s storage capacity, order fulfillment processes, and customer support staff. FBA arose as a result of the expansion of Amazon Marketplace, the repaired online market that enabled third-party retailers to sell things on Amazon. Amazon’s takeover of the business enabled it to create a better consumer experience for customers while also resolving issues for retailers.
  3. Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime is a loyalty membership program that began with a flat cost for two-day shipping. Amazon has gradually expanded the program’s features, including video and music streaming, free e-book rentals, exclusive merchandise, and more. With the purchase of Whole Food, Prime will also become the supermarket chain’s loyalty program.
  4. Amazon Prime Video: The video-only version of Prime that is accessible in markets where Prime delivery is not offered, as well as in the United States. Get more information about Amazon Prime Video
  5. AmazonFresh: AmazonFresh is the online grocery online delivery service provided by Amazon. The service’s spread has been extremely sluggish, with only a few cities having received it in the decade after its first debut.
  6. Amazon Advertising: Amazon’s digital marketing platform for improving product sales, increasing web traffic, and/or app downloads. The network has quietly grown into one of the world’s top internet advertising enterprises.
  7. Amazon Pay: A system that enables other online businesses to verify consumers and then use the payment and shipping information stored on Amazon’s servers to expedite checkout.
  8. Amazon Kindle Shop: Amazon’s e-book store, which is embedded into all Kindle devices.
  9. Amazon Music and Amazon Video: Amazon’s digital content shops where you can download movies and music for devices like the Fire TV or Echo speakers. You can get information How To Cancel Amazon Music Subscription in simple steps .
  10. Amazon Music Unlimited is Amazon’s music subscription service. There is a low-cost Echo-only variant.
  11. Amazon Prime Air is an experimental delivery service in which Amazon is building a network of human and unmanned freight transports.

Website, APP download in AmazonPay?

The Playstore is the most convenient way for Android users to download the app, whereas the Appstore is the most convenient way for Apple users to get the app.

Apple users: Amazon Pay APP Store PhonePe APP Download Amazon Paye From Apple Store
Android users: Amazon Pay APP Google Play Store Download Amazon Pay From Google Play Store

Business and Revenue model in Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is an e-commerce payment system that allows customers to pay for items or services while leaving the site, creating an account, or manually entering billing and shipping information. Charitable groups can also use Amazon Pay for its websites in order to facilitate donations. Customers must have a current Amazon account in order for Amazon Pay to function on a website. This is due to the fact that the system automatically accesses client shipping and payment details stored on Amazon. A payment system is a software program that allows a business’s customer’s credit card information to be securely exchanged with its payment gateway. PayPal and are two more prominent payment gateway providers to e-commerce businesses. Net, as well as other providers like Paypal and Square, are easy payment processing solutions that include payment gates.

Amazon Pay is an eCommerce model, but it has purchased and diversified throughout the years to establish a range of business strategies and income streams.

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Amazon Pay recently partnered with Paypal, a transaction firm with a market capitalization of further than $40 billion. It not only dramatically expanded Amazon Pay’s reach, but it also provided foreign dealers with the same benefit.
Amazon Pay offers two different types of business accounts. Using the “Amazon Check-out option,” a customer may check out and manage one-time and recurring payments and fees, integrate promotional and special deals, and track shipment. Amazon’s chargeback controls, risk management, and fraud detection are all available to the user. Customers of a certain individual are likely familiar with the standard Amazon checkout experience and like having access to your Amazon account, which speeds up the checkout process.

How To Contact support in Amazon Pay Company ?

If you have any problems, go to the Amazon Pay app & log in to your account. In the ‘contact us’ area, you may explain your problem to a customer service representative. They will resolve the issue in their own manner.

Grievance information in Amazon Pay?

Amazon aspires to be the world’s most customer-centric organization, thus we believe in giving the finest experience possible to our consumers. However, if you believe we can enhance our service for Amazon Pay balance: Currency, please contact us at the contact information provided below, and we will gladly assist you.

  1. You may reach our customer support staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at, which enables online response to your issues/complaints via many methods, including chat. You may also request a call back for your inquiry, and we will gladly contact you. The staff will respond to your complaint or question within responsible business days of receipt.
  2. If your concern/question is not resolved within the timeframe given, or if you are unsatisfied with the solution from Level 1, please contact our escalation desk through email. You can contact us at, and we will react within 5 business days of receiving your email.
  3. If your question is still unanswered, you can escalate it to our Grievance Officer. You can email the details of your engagement with the Grievance Officer to Mr. Suresh John at They will answer within three business days of receiving your email.
  4. If despite escalation to our Grievance Officer, your problem remains unresolved to your satisfaction, you can contact our Nodal Officer – Mahavir Jindal through email at We will answer within three business days of receiving your email.

FAQs: – Amazon Pay Wallet Account Login, Password, Payments

What If You Forget A Password In Amazon Pay ?

To reset your password you have to follow the steps given down below:

  1. Navigate to Password help.
  2. Email address or cell phone number linked with the Amazon account when requested, and then click Continue. To confirm your request, we’ll send an email or text (based on the verification option you’ve selected) with a One Time Password (OTP).
  3. Input the OTP you got and press the Continue button.
  4. Make a new password for yourself.
  5. The new password is activated as quickly as you generate it. Your new password applies to all Amazon accounts connected with the same email address.

How To Delete An Account In Amazon Pay ?

Here are the steps below to delete an account in Amazon Pay

  1. Go to the Amazon Account Closure page.
  2. Log in to the account you want to deactivate.
  3. Examine the items and services linked to your account.
  4. If you still want to proceed, choose a reason from the drop-down menu and check the box next to it.

What Should You Do If Your Amazon Pay Account Has Been Hacked ?

Follow the below steps when your account has been hacked:

  1. Update your Amazon password
  2. The next step is to Examine your account details.
  3. Now, Review all orders.
  4. Turn on two-step verification.
  5. Remove any previously saved payment information.

What To Do When Your Account Got Blocked In Amazon Pay ?

There are different ways to access your blocked amazon pay account:

  1. Send an email to Amazon. When your account is locked, the very first thing you need to do is check to see whether you have gotten any emails from Amazon.
  2. Make a phone call to Amazon.
  3. Contact Customer Service via Live Chat.
  4. Upload Documents to Amazon Directly.

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