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How To Get Southwest Airlines Refund

Get Refund Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation

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Southwest Airlines is one of the most popular airlines as it has customer-friendly policies and procedures. It has the most generous cancellation and refund policy in the US. So it is very easy to get refunds from Southwest Airlines. Let us know – I’ll have a look at the conditions involved in the processing of refund.

Southwest Airlines Refund Policy

You can also check out full Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy for better understanding .

  • The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is refunds totally depend on the type of tickets that we have purchased. So if the tickets are not cancelled within 10 minutes of the flight or you perform a no show then no refund will be made in this case.
  • If you have purchased Wanna Get Away Fare and you have cancelled the ticket within the timelines then the refund amount will be transferred to Travel funds which can be utilized up to 12 months from the date of purchase of the original ticket.
  • If the Wanna Get Away fare has been purchased with Rapid Reward points then the same points will be transferred back to your Southwest account at the time of refund.
  • The refund policy for the premium tickets such as Business Select, Anytime, etc. is even more generous and the refund in such cases is made to the original form of payment, and it applies to the card, cash and Rapid Reward points. Even if you perform a no show you will be refunded and the purchase price will be transferred to the travel funds which can be utilized later on for booking flights.
  • The rules for refund of tickets purchased with the gift card are little different, and if you do not cancel the flight 24 hours before the take-off then you have to contact the Southwest Airlines Customer Service.
  • All the taxes paid while booking a Companion Pass are fully refundable to the source from which it was made.
  • Southwest airlines issue travel funds against the cancellation of all the non-refundable tickets. These funds can be used by the original tickets passenger only in the next 12 months from the date of booking of the original ticket. You should always keep a track of confirmation number of the original ticket as it will help you access these funds. Also there are more than One ways to Cancel Southwest Airlines Flight Ticket .
  • Flight reservation should be cancelled first before requesting for a refund. You can only make the request online if the flight has not departed, otherwise, you have to make the request through the following methods:
    • Calling Southwest Reservation department
    • Calling Customer Services department
    • Writing to the Refunds department
  • If you have purchased the paper ticket then the only option to have to request for the refund in writing to the Refunds department.

Refund/Cancellation due to Corona Virus/Covid19

Airlines have taken a toll on their business due to corona virus. Customers are getting in touch with the Airlines more for Cancellation/Refund as compared to new Booking/Reservation. Customer are only travelling for emergencies or if it utmost important and unavoidable circumstances.


Some Airlines are offering full refund on their cancellation or customers are offered redeemable vouchers for future travels. There are some those are giving the validity of one year and some are giving it for 6 months you may have to call the airlines to find out what best you can get and it is not important that you have to travel to same destination you can use the voucher to travel to other destinations to for this it is different for different airlines you may have to check with the customer care for the specific Airlines.


In case you face any issues in getting refunds or receive an incomplete refund then we have an expert team which can assist you in getting your issues resolved in real quick time. Please feel free to contact Southwest Airlines Phone Number via Toll-Free Number 📞 844-815-0970 and connect with our Refunds Desk on the spot.

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