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How To Cancel A China Southern Airlines Flight

Cancel China Southern Airlines Flight Ticket

Call 📞 844-815-0970 For Help To Cancel China Southern Flight Ticket
Cancel your Southern Airline Flight in 3 easy steps
China Southern Airlines is one of the top three airlines in China. The headquarters of China Southern is located in Guangzhou, China. CSA is also Asia’s largest airline when it comes to fleet size and ranks seventh in the world when it comes to the number of passengers carried.

Naturally, like every other airline which is operational, China Southern also receives numerous cancellations, refunds and exchange requests on a daily basis. To cater to such a huge number of customers, CSA has drafted many policies regarding the same. Let us take a brief look at them.

How to Make a China Southern Airlines Reservation?

There are several ways in which you can book a ticket with China Southern Airlines:

  1. Visit their official website and book the ticket directly with them.
  2. Contact any travel agency which is affiliated with China Southern. They would be able to book your ticket with the airlines. In some cases, travel agencies can offer attractive discounts and lower prices depending on their tie-up with the airline.
  3. Contact on China Southern Airlines phone number and their booking department might be able to reserve your flight over the phone (if available for your country).

Cancelling Online China Southern Airlines Flights

China Southern is one of the most flexible airlines when it comes to cancellations, refunds or exchange of flight tickets. All of us at some point of time fall prey to emergencies or schedule changes which forces us to cancel our reservations and flight plans. China Southern has a cancellation and refund policy in place to deal with such situations.

  1. A customer can choose to cancel his/her flight at any time before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  2. Cancellation can be requested by visiting the official website of China Southern Airlines or by contacting them over their customer service phone desk.
  3. Customers who made their reservations and flight bookings via a travel agency have to contact the agency only regarding cancellation of the ticket.

Note: The amount refunded will be on the basis of fare rules mentioned in the cancellation and refund policy as laid down by China Southern Airlines.

When Or When Not You Can Cancel China Southern Flight Ticket

You Should have to check first China Southern Airlines Cancellation Policy to get more details

  1. Passengers can cancel their flight within 24 hours of making the booking/reservation provided the flight was booked at least 7 days or more before the scheduled departure of the flight. If the above criterion is fulfilled, no cancellation fee is charged by the airline.
  2. Customers having travel insurance are also exempted from paying the cancellation fee.
  3. In all other cases, a cancellation fee or penalty is charged by the airlines to the customers. Amount deducted and refunded will solely depend on the fare rules which are being applied at that time. You can contact China Southern Airlines for fare rules and other charges.

Call China Southern Airlines for Flight Cancellation

For any doubts or queries regarding the cancellation and refund policy of the airlines, call Toll-Free Number 📞 844-815-0970 and you will be connected with Flight Cancellation Desk on the spot. China Southern trained and experienced staff is always eager to solve your issues and resolve your queries So connect now China Southern Phone Number .

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