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Etihad Airways Flight Cancellation

How To Cancel Etihad Airways Flight Ticket?

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Etihad Airways is one of the most well-known names in the Airlines industry if we talk about luxury and comfort. They have an efficient and sophisticated fleet of aircraft that is the best in the world. You will witness amazing world-class cuisines, well-designed seats to offer more space and comfort and a wide range of entertainment.

Canceling Etihad Booked Flight Ticket

Etihad Airways policies and procedures
When you talk about cancellation it has a wide range of options depending upon the individual requirements and it could mean change in a number of people travelling, change in name of the person or persons, termination of trip and change of dates. You should always go for travel insurance as it protects you from the heavy change and cancellation fees that you need to pay in case of any change in schedule. Also Etihad Airways Flight Cancellation Policy is very fare & simple .

Step By Step To Cancel Etihad Ticket Online

  • The best for cancelling or making a change to your ticket is to do it online. You can go to the website of the airways and choose the option “Manage my booking” and it will guide you with the procedure of cancelling or modifying the schedule.
  • Please keep your personal details and the flight details handy as it will ask you all these particulars from time to time while cancelling the flight.
  • You can make change even up to two hours before the flight take off.
  • The changes that you can make may also include excess baggage, changing your seat, and any other special assistance.
  • Cancellation or refund once done cannot be changed or reversed to the original.
  • Any charges or fee is always dependent on the type of fare and ticket opted for at the time of booking the flight.
  • Refunds will be automatically transferred to the original form of payment made at the time of booking the flight.
  • All changes are subject to the availability of the options at the time of request for change is made.
  • You can also call the customer service of the Etihad Airways for the flight cancellation and they will guide you with the procedure and help you complete the same.
  • In case you have bought the ticket from the travel agency then you can also approach them and they will complete the procedure for you.

Points to remember while cancelling a flight

  • You must have bought the ticket five days before and a single credit card should have been used for booking then same.
  • You are also required to check if the ticket that you want to cancel has not been used and is refundable.
  • Banks may also charge the additional fees while crediting the refund to your account.
  • Etihad Refunds take 14 to 30 days to appear in your bank account or card statement.

Call Etihad Airways for Cancellation

If you are facing any issues while cancelling the Etihad Airways ticket then we have an expert team available who can sort out your issues in real quick time. Call Etihad Airways Booking to reach our cancellation desk.

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