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Southwest Airlines Name Change/Correction

By putting together procedures for a name change, Southwest Airlines makes traveling easier for customers. Customers can easily use these instructions to modify or correct their names.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy Guidelines

The following rules must be adhered to by all passengers in order to have their names corrected on Southwest Airlines tickets:

  • It is not possible for a traveller to transfer ticket ownership to another individual by changing their name. In this scenario, a passenger can transfer a ticket by canceling and rescheduling their Southwest reservation.
  • The traveler is unable to alter the name. As a result, just a small portion of your first, middle, and last name can be corrected.
  • Up to four characters may be corrected by a passenger in their name. For first, middle, and last names, a total of four characters are allowed.
  • Name changes are only permitted in certain legal situations, such as marriage or divorce.
  • The customer’s name must correspond to the identity cards provided by the government.
  • A passenger may only alter their name once. For a legal name change, the passenger must give the airline the required paperwork.
  • The Southwest flight segment’s request for a name change will be granted in the event of an interline or codeshare agreement.
  • The customer will have to choose their seats once more after the Southwest name change procedure is finished. From the previous to the new PNR, the client cannot switch seats.

Southwest Airlines Name Corrections on the Tickets

The basic requirement of Southwest Airlines is flying under the correct name. You can amend minor mistakes in your name in accordance with Southwest Airlines’ name change policy. The name correction policy includes making the appropriate corrections to your name.

According to Southwest Airlines’ name change policy, a person cannot modify their complete name. Additionally, a customer cannot add another person’s name to the ticket. Nonetheless, a person may alter their name as a result of being married or divorcing. After getting married, a person can only change their name on Southwest Airlines by submitting the necessary legal paperwork.

It is significant to remember that a passenger may only change their last name in the event of marriage or divorce. When correcting names on tickets, the following paperwork is required:

  • If a traveler marries, they must present their marriage license, prior identification, and current identification.
  • A passenger must provide court orders and documentation in favor of a legal name change in the event of a divorce.

What Type Of Name Change Requests Are Accepted By Southwest Airlines?

Requests to modify the flight name on Southwest Airlines are often accepted under the following conditions:

Fix Misspelled Name: Southwest Airlines permits adjustments to be made in the event that a customer makes a mistake when scheduling a flight.

Legal Name Change: If a customer’s name has changed legally—due to a marriage, divorce, or other court order—they can update it on their reservation with Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Misspelled Name On Boarding Pass? Does it Need to Match your Passport?

If a passenger’s name on their boarding pass is misspelled by Southwest, they are unable to travel. The rules and conditions of the Transportation Security Administration state that in order to avoid future difficulties, the name on your boarding pass must match the name on your official government identification. It is not a problem, though, if you have omitted your middle name.

Documents for Southwest Flight Name Change Situations

Generally speaking, airlines are not allowed to give passengers the option to completely change their name. However, if a person changes their name due to a marriage or divorce, there are legal requirements. The name change procedure for an incorrect name on an airline ticket would be easier to handle and more clear if the necessary legal documents was included.

Documents for Southwest Name Change due to Marriage 

  • Evidence of the passenger’s prior identity
  • Current identity documents

Documents for Southwest Name Change due to Divorce

  • Evidence of the passenger’s prior identity
  • Official divorce decrees from the court.

Ways of Name Correction on the Tickets of Southwest Airlines

Each traveler approaches fixing their misspelled tickets in a unique way. Southwest Airlines has offered specific methods for changing the name in this situation. Thus, a traveler has the following options for changing their name on their ticket:

Method 1 – Name Change by Calling the Airlines

Passengers are given contact information by all airlines, which they can utilize at any moment. The majority of clients utilize these details to change the ticket’s name. Following your call to the customer service line, take the following actions:

  • Your six-digit booking number is required.
  • When the representative requests it, turn in photocopies of your legal documents or any other proof of identity.
  • Your first, middle, and last name can only have a total of four characters added to it.
  • You have to pay any additional fees if there is one in addition to the fare difference.
  • You’ll receive a new confirmation after the boarding pass’s name is changed. You then have to finish the seat selection and check-in process once more.

Method 2 – Name Correction by Using Website

The name on the ticket can be changed by the user via the Southwest Airlines website. The following procedures must be followed if you wish to utilize this method to correct the name on Southwest Airlines:

  • Visit the airline’s official website first.
  • Next, select the “log in” icon.
  • Third, provide your last name and confirmation number.
  • Lastly, press the flying button.
  • Fifth, from the menu, choose “manage reservation.”
  • The sixth step is to proceed to the scheduled reservation table, where you will see the “Edit Name” option. Modify your name and add all the necessary details for the name change.
  • Seventh, if there is a fee, you will pay it.
  • Finally, store all the data and watch for the new ticket’s confirmation.

Method 3 – Name Change on the Ticket Via Compliant Page

The distinctive aspect of Southwest Airlines’ name change policy is the compliance page. It can be used to make requests and notify the airline of complaints from passengers.

The steps to apply this method for name correction are as follows:

  • Go to the Contact Us section of the Southwest Airlines website first.
  • Secondly, make use of the page’s Email Us button.
  • Third, complete the form by entering all relevant information, such as flight information.
  • Fourth, submit the necessary files to support the name change.
  • Finally, watch for any response sent to your email address.

Tips to Avoid Southwest Cost to Change Name on Ticket

Minor name corrections are free of charge on Southwest. But we shouldn’t discount the chance that name problems could occur during the booking process because of unanticipated events.
Here are a few things to think about before purchasing your airline ticket to Southwest in order to modify the name on the ticket.

  • Make every effort to purchase your own airline ticket. When you complete the form on your own, name errors can be avoided.
  • Verify that the name you submit when making a reservation matches the name on your official identification.
  • Errors might happen even when you have complete confidence in the information you have put in. Check your information again, please.
  • Please double-check before entering your information.
  • Remember to check the email you received confirming your flight. If you discover any errors, you have 24 hours to make substantial, cost-free changes.

Any mode of name correction can occasionally get chaotic. You will need to reschedule and cancel your flight in the interim. Depending on the kind of fare, there are different Southwest change flight fees. To avoid the disruption caused by the name change and flight change procedures, contact Get Help for prompt support.

Southwest Airlines Transfer Ticket To Another Person

Southwest Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the US, has simple-to-understand cancellation, flight, and name regulations. However, when a consumer needs to transfer their ticket to another person, Southwest has tightened its requirements. Southwest Airlines prohibits ticket transfers to other individuals due to the possibility of fraud and fraudulent passengers boarding the aircraft.

Nonetheless, flyers are not the only option accessible. Cancelling your reservation and making a brand-new one under the name of a different passenger is among your greatest possibilities. These are the easy steps for canceling a ticket for someone else.

  • Go to the Southwest Airlines official website first.
  • Open your “Manage to book” account and log in.
  • Put your name and flight confirmation number here.
  • From the list of reservations, pick the flight you wish to cancel.
  • Click or tap the “Cancel” button.
  • If necessary, pay the ticket cancellation charge.
  • You will be prompted by the airline to choose the refund method.
  • Press the “Refund methods” button to make a refund request.
  • Finally, you can utilize your trip refund or fare cash refund amount toward future travel with Southwest.

The cost of a name change is contingent upon the circumstances surrounding the request’s initiation. There is no price to update a passenger’s name if they begin the process within 24 hours of submitting their ticket request.

However, you might have to pay between $80-$200 if you requested the name alteration after the first 24 hours of your reservation. The date of change and the amount of time left to board the aircraft are taken into account when calculating the fee amount.

Please correct all misspelled names so that the journey is enjoyable. But the aforementioned policy is useless if you want to change your entire name. You must cancel your current ticket and rebook it in accordance with Southwest’s change reservation policy when there is a full name change.

What is Southwest Name Change Phone Number?

You can call 1-800-435-9792 to speak with a member of the Southwest Airlines customer service staff for general inquiries and grievances. But still. To alter the spelling of Southwest Airlines on your boarding card, all you need to do is call Get Help, which is the official number for name corrections.

Other Ways to Get in Touch with Southwest Airlines to Change Your Name

There are other ways to get in touch with a Sauthwest professional directly, in addition to calling them to modify the name on your airline ticket.

  • Airlines Southwest Live conversation
  • Airlines Southwest Social networks
  • Airlines Southwest Send an email

Note: The purpose of Flying Rules is to enlighten travelers about airline regulations. As a result, everything of the material offered here is real and comes from reputable sources. Still, no matter the airline, we work hard to improve your travel experience as a service provider. Please be aware that Flying Rules is not responsible for, and will not be held accountable for, the acts of the recognized airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can the name on my Southwest ticket be changed?

The Southwest tickets can have their names changed in three different ways. By calling the airline, utilizing the official website, and visiting a compatible page, a traveler can correct the name.

Q2. Can I get my name changed on my ticket after getting married?

Indeed. Following marriage, a passenger may petition for a name change. You will need to present a legal document, like a marriage certificate, in order to have the name on the Southwest ticket changed.

Q3. When can I apply to have my name changed on my Southwest Airlines boarding pass?

If you have made any spelling mistakes when purchasing your ticket with Southwest Airlines, you have the option to have your name changed to your initials.

Q4. According to Southwest Airlines’ name change policy, what are the fees for changing one’s name?

There are no fees if you ask for name adjustment within a day of making a reservation. However, you would have to pay between $80-$200 if you file for a name change after the 24-hour period.

Q5. How can the name on a plane ticket be changed online?

For name correction, you can use the assistance of a website. Through account login, you can make a request for name adjustment.

Q6. If I get divorced, can I have a new name on the ticket?

Indeed. After a divorce, you can modify your name on your Southwest Airlines ticket. You have to provide the divorce decree as proof of support for the name change.

Q7. How will the change in the ticket name on Southwest Airlines affect me?

A traveler cannot travel under the incorrect name. Flying under the wrong name is prohibited and illegal according to Southwest’s name change policy.

Q8. What happens if my name is misspelled on my Southwest Airlines boarding pass?

A customer service person from Southwest Airlines is always available to help you if the name on your boarding pass is inaccurate. The official website’s Contact Us page lists the helpline number. Should the official number not be operational at this time, kindly utilize Get Help.

Q9. Is it possible for me to correct the spelling error on my Southwest Airlines boarding pass?

Yes, you are able to easily correct spelling errors on the boarding pass. Customers may make minor name corrections in accordance with Southwest’s name change policy. You can discuss this with an airline representative and follow their advice.

Q10. What should I do if my last name appears misspelled on my Southwest airline ticket?

Your passport should match your first and last name. Correcting last name typos is also essential to avoiding obstacles when traveling. To have Southwest’s incorrect last name on an airline ticket corrected, get in touch with them through their official website and provide them supporting evidence.

Q11. How much does it cost to amend the name on a Southwest Airlines ticket?

When it comes to fixing minor name issues on tickets—basically, typos or simple spelling errors—Southwest does not charge a fee for name changes. A name change that is necessary for legal purposes or that involves significant changes may be handled like a ticket transfer or rebooking. So, changing one’s name on a ticket could have a fee.

Q12. Is it possible to change the name on a Southwest Airlines ticket?

Absolutely, small name typos on tickets can be corrected thanks to Southwest’s name correction flexibilities for passengers. Complete name changes, however, could come with hefty costs.

Q13. Is it possible to change the name on a Southwest ticket?

According to Southwest’s change passenger name policy, passengers are not permitted to directly replace or transfer the name on a ticket to another person. Rather, you will typically need to cancel the current ticket and book a new reservation in the name of the additional passenger with Southwest Airlines.

Q14. Is it possible to give a Southwest ticket to someone else?

You are not permitted to transfer a ticket to another person, according to Southwest Airlines’ transfer ticket to another person regulation. There is, however, another way to handle this problem. Travelers have the option to reschedule their flight for a different person.

Q15. How may a name error in a Southwest Airlines airline ticket be handled?

You must call the Southwest Airline name change helpline number to speak with a representative about a name error on a flight ticket. To confirm the correct name on the ticket, enter your booking information now and adhere to their instructions.

Q16. I want to change my name on Southwest, but how can I avoid paying fees?

Verifying the facts again ought to be mandatory. On the other hand, you should get in touch with Southwest Airlines customer support right once to get any name errors on your ticket corrected.

Q17. I have a Southwest airline ticket; is it possible to change my middle name?

Southwest Airlines permits travelers to make small corrections to their plane tickets, such as correcting typos or misspellings of their middle name, as long as they follow their criteria.

Q18. If my name is spelled incorrectly on my Southwest Airlines ticket, can I still travel?

Without a doubt not. The passenger’s name on the boarding pass must match their government-issued ID or passport in accordance with TSA regulations and Southwest’s name change policy.

Q19. How can I fix a misspelled name on a Southwest international flight ticket?

To correct the Southwest name error on your flight ticket, just complete these easy steps: Launch the Southwest app on your phone. Select Look Up Reservations using the hamburger menu on the upper left corner. Enter your information, including your first and last name and confirmation number. Select “Retrieve reservation” Passengers who meet the requirements to change their name will see an edit pencil symbol next to it. Select the pencil icon to make changes to your name. Save the modifications.

Q20. What occurs if my plane ticket has my last name spelled incorrectly?

If your airline ticket has the incorrect name on it, you won’t be allowed to board a Southwest flight. In this case, you could try to dial on the official Southwest name change phone number to get quick assistance.

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