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Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

Hawaiian Airlines offers a name change policy to assist travelers with specific adjustments, much like any other airline.

As a result, you are able to amend a name on a ticket in the event of a marriage, divorce, adoption, or typographical error. The Hawaiian Airlines name change policy seeks to point travelers in the direction of name changes. As a result, visitors from Hawaii need to be aware of the name change regulation and other rules.

You must fully comprehend the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy before using it. A flyer may alter or add to their last name, modify their legal name, or change their first and middle names in accordance with this policy. For each kind of alteration, there is a distinct procedure that you must follow in order to make name corrections on the reservation. The airlines will take into account the nature of the adjustment before offering you reasonable solutions.

Hawaiian Airlines still places restrictions on a passenger even though it allows for many name adjustments. Therefore, in order to benefit from the name change policy, you must adhere to these requirements.

  • You must purchase the ticket you wish to change directly from Hawaiian Airlines.
  • The code on every passenger’s ticket must consist of 13 numbers.
  • The ticket’s first three digits have to begin with 173.
  • You will need to get in touch with the airline if that isn’t the case for you.
  • A passenger may alter their name as a result of adoption, divorce, or marriage.
  • Depending on the goal, changes to the middle name are feasible. If travelers fulfill the requirements, they are permitted to go from using a nickname to their full name.
  • A name error of up to three characters is regarded as a minor adjustment under the Hawaiian name change policy. If a character is misspelled more than three times, it will be seen as a name change.

Documents Required for Name Change

While booking a flight to Hawaii is simple, changing the name on a ticket is more difficult. Certain name changes require the traveler to submit the required paperwork. These court documents serve as evidence of your name change or modification. When it came to marriage, divorce, or a formal change of name in the government, these records were crucial.

The list of paperwork you need to bring with you when Hawaiian Airlines changes the flight name is as follows:

  • If a passenger is married, they will need to present their marriage license.
  • Should a divorce occur, the divorce decree needs to be turned in on a flyer.
  • If you wish to change your first or middle name, you must present a passport that was granted by the government.
  • You need to present a legitimate form of identification if you wish the spelling mistakes to be fixed.
  • Should your legal name change, you will need to present the court orders.

How to Correct Name on Hawaiian Airlines Ticket?

It is possible that you spelled your name incorrectly or neglected to include your last name when making your reservation. Modifications are required in these situations. Hawaiian Airlines offers name adjustments to its clients through its reservation systems.

There are two methods available to passengers for changing the incorrect name on their Hawaiian ticket:

1. Traveler Name Change Via Customer Care

In the event of a small error, Hawaiian Airlines provides customer care with a name change service. By calling the customer service number, you can communicate with airline representatives. They will walk you through fixing your problem step-by-step on the ticket.

You have to tell the person why you are calling as soon as you are connected. Inform them that you would like the name on the airline ticket changed. Next, address the reason for the modification, such as typos, etc. It is not required to present legal documentation in the event of a typo. Nevertheless, before making the necessary adjustments, the agent will verify your passport or another kind of official identity.

The ticket’s name alteration procedure will come to an end once you submit the required paperwork. You can ask for a fresh boarding pass with the proper name later on to make sure they’ve made the necessary modifications.

2. Passenger Name Change Via Online Mode

One way to modify the name on the ticket is through online name correction. Hawaiian Airlines’ website will assist you with this technique of name correction. To apply this approach, take these steps:

  • Visit Hawaiian Airlines’ official website.
  • On the main page, locate and select the “Manage Flights” tab. This will present you with four alternatives, one of which must be “My Trips.”
  • You will be prompted to enter the flight details, which include the passenger’s last name, e-ticket number, and confirmation code, when you get to the next page.
  • By selecting the “Forgot Number” option on the screen, you can get your ticket number back if you’ve forgotten it. You can see your reservation by selecting the “View My Trip” option.
  • Select the reservation that needs to have changes made now. To make the changes, select the “Hawaiian Airlines Change Passenger Name” option.
  • To complete changing the flight name, keep following the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • If there is a name change fee, pay it.
  • Finally, take the updated boarding pass that has the right details.

If you have been requested to submit the legal documents supporting your request for a name change, you can mail them. Additionally, you are free to use the web portal’s document upload feature if it is available.

To expedite the rectification procedure, call us at +1-Get Help if you are experiencing problems utilizing these techniques.

On the other hand, should you require a new ticket since you first booked it under the incorrect name. Because the name change policy only permits the alteration of a misspelled name or a few letters, this type of issue is not covered by it. It could be necessary to ask for a flight cancellation. To find out how Hawaiian Airlines gives you a complete refund without charging you for cancellations, see their 24-hour cancellation policy.

Hawaiian Airlines Legal Name Changes

One kind of name change covered by Hawaiian Airlines’ name change policy is a legal name change. This kind of name change involves changing the middle name, reversed name, or important portion of your name. A legal name change may be the result of an adoption, divorce, or marriage. The most common changes are the additions or deletions of last names.

You must verify that the information on your boarding pass corresponds with the certifications that the government has provided. Prior to the departure of your flight, you must make name revisions on the ticket if the names don’t match. You must be wondering now how to legally alter your name on the reservation. For modifications to the law, you should take the help of offline mode.

To seek formal name changes, give Hawaiian Airlines’ customer service department a call. The above-mentioned procedure will apply to legal name changes made offline.

Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Fee

There is no set price for name correction. The type of correction, the style of flight, and other variables all play a role. A name change will likely cost you $25 if you purchased the ticket from a third-party source. However, depending on the fare type and location, the flight name change cost might vary from $75 to $250. You might be able to lower the cost if you ask for a name change prior to the departure date.

Should your ticket not meet Hawaiian Airlines’ requirements for a name change, you might have to postpone or alter your trip and purchase a new ticket. Read Hawaiian Airlines’ change flight policy to understand all the terms and restrictions.

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