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Lufthansa Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Flight Cancellation Policy Lufthansa Airlines

Call đź“ž 844-815-0970 To Cancel Lufthansa Confirmed Booked Ticket

In today’s dynamic times, nothing is constant and travel plans are one of them. You reach your destination without any hassle is our sole motto and we ensure that while doing so you receive the best support and services. In case of any query or clarification, you can always call Lufthansa airline reservation.

According to Lufthansa Airline Ticket Refund Policy, you can cancel Lufthansa Airlines ticket and get a refund using online services up to 24 hours before the start of your trip. Cancellation and refund of the booked ticket are always dependent on the type of ticket that you have booked. The procedure for doing so is pretty simple.

Terms To Cancel Ticket Lufthansa

There is an option of “My bookings” on the Lufthansa homepage, you can click on it and it will help you log in to your Lufthansa account by entering your surname and booking code. All the flights that can be cancelled are displayed here. Once you are logged in then all the refundable bookings will have a “Cancellation button” and you just need to click on the same button next to the flight you want to cancel. Once you confirm that your decision on the next page, you will receive an email confirming that your ticket has been cancelled and the amount will be refunded to the account or to the credit card from which the purchase was made.

Most of the refunds are made in 2 to 3 days while in some cases where a lot of manual processing is involved then it might take more time and it also depends on the time taken by your bank for final settlement. In the case where the tickets are booked in a group then a single ticket cannot be cancelled online and you need to contact the service centre for such requests.

When Lufthansa Will Refund Or Not Refund Money on Canceling Ticket

Apart from this, there are some situations where you may not find the “Cancellation button”, these are explained below:

  1. The ticket has been refunded.
  2. You need to contact Lufthansa Airline Customer Service if the next pending flight is displayed on the same day.
  3. It is not a normal Lufthansa Airline ticket but an award ticket.

Lufthansa Airline ticket Refund Policy is very customer-oriented and always strives towards providing the best assistance possible. The refund is made in the same currency in which the flight is booked. If the currency is other than Euro then might take some more time to process the refund. If there are any additional charges involved such as rebooking, unaccompanied children, excess baggage, etc then these cannot be refunded online and you have to contact the Customer Service or ticket booking Centre for the same.

Call Lufthansa Airlines for Flight Cancellation

In case you face any trouble or have difficulty in understanding any part of the cancellation procedure, we have an amazing team to help you through your worries. Just Call Lufthansa Airlines Toll-Free Number đź“ž844-815-0970 and connect with the Flight Cancellation Desk and we will do our best to resolve your issue.

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