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How To Get InterJet Airlines Refund

Get Refund InterJet Airlines Flight Cancellation

Call 📞 844-815-0970 For InterJet Airlines Refund Request
InterJet helps millions of people in connecting with each other across the world in about 50 destinations. It offers world-class comfort, luxury and ambience to its flyers. It is based out of Mexico. It has a wide range of additional services such as pick-up and drops to the airport, access to the world-class lounges, hotel bookings and many online services.

It also offers different fare classes which give to benefits like priority check-ins, choice of your favourite seats, extra baggage at low prices and unlimited changes and refunds to your flight booking up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. You get a whole lot of other benefits like free snack and drinks, comfortable seats, amazing hospitality and great comfort.

Therefore it is always advised that you need to select the flight ticket very wisely depending upon the needs and purpose of your flight as it has a direct influence on the policies and procedures applicable on your flight. You can confirm all these conditions from the customer service while booking the flight or can view them on the confirmation email that you receive at the time of booking the flight.

InterJet Airlines Refund Policy

  • As discussed above the refund policy is always dependent on the type of ticket purchased and fare conditions that apply on it.
  • You may cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking the same and the full amount of fare will be refunded to you.
  • In order to avail this benefit you also need to make sure that the ticket is cancelled 7 days prior to the date of scheduled departure.
  • As per the Interjet Cancellation Policy , you are allowed to change your name, destination, time and date of your travel even 4 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • In case you miss the flight or forget to inform the airline about your inability to take the flight than in that case you will not receive any refund.
  • If the trip is a round trip or a complete package and it has already started and you cancel your ticket then you will not receive full refund and refund will be issued only for the unused part of it.

InterJet Airlines Refund Process

  • You can go to the website of InterJet airlines to request for refund by cancelling the ticket using the “My Trips” option and entering your credentials and flight details. Once the ticket is cancelled refund will be issued.
  • You can also place the request for refund by calling the customer service of the InterJet Airlines or ticketing office.
  • In case of ticket booked by travel agency refund will be processed through them and they will complete the process for you.

Interjet Airlines Refund due to Corona Virus

Corona virus/Covid19 has changed the way travel used to work and majority of hit is on the Airline industry where there is lot change happening more than book Booking Airlines are focusing on cancellation and refund.You will get different options with the airlines you may get E-voucher which you can avail with in a year or full refund you will have to get touch with the team and you can expect slow response due to Covid19 not many are working full time from office.


Call the InterJet Airlines for Refund

In case you are facing problems in requesting for a refund from InterJet airlines or the refund received by you is not correct then we have a team who can get the refund issued quickly. Call us on our Toll-Free Number 📞 844-815-0970 to reach our refund desk.

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